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  1. I have never seen hoppers on the tutu and have not seen the black mould . I have seen it on other plants in my garden , along with the hoppers .
  2. Isnt tutin the sap that causes the problem . So I was looking for signs of the sap .
  3. I have never seen so many vine hoppers as this yr . I check the tutin regularly but have not seem them or bees on it .
  4. ever home should have one ,so many uses.
  5. if the hive has no laying queen and brood to feed it will full up with honey. you may need to feed your other hives. i could say you could give the honey to the other hives, but i would be shot down in flames for encouraging disease spreading bad practice
  6. Opposite for us . Beatuiful weather inlet either like glass for kayaking or a gentle breeze perfect for sailing .
  7. Is he acting as entertainment and moral lesson for your kids .
  8. How could you spend the money , there are no shops open . Our money will probably still be sitting there in 12 weeks time .
  9. My husband is hopeless at killing things . But he will help me butcher it once its on the hook . it takes quite a bit of strength to pull the skin off a sheep on a hook . He is very good a sharpening knives. Really sharp knives make such a difference .
  10. I saw a white rata with a few flowers still, but really mostly finished weeks ago . I think we will have a cold winter now . Probably lots of clear nights and frosts. Without all the jet exhaust the climate must change
  11. Are the red flowers a sort of marigold ?
  12. If don restarts the building job he had to stop when curfew is lifted do you know how much he has to pay back . Or does it all get sorted at end of tax yr .
  13. Govt just put money in our account . So thank you all the people who encouraged me to believe in magical thinking . 😍😱😙 Do you get a pension and a payment ?
  14. Bacon is up there with coffee. Can any of your family grab a sheep , sit it on its bum , then slit its throat hang it up and skin it .? 16 months !!!! Hubby and I are already walking on different ends of the beach .
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