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  1. kaihoka

    February 2019 diary

    By this stage you will have dropped all your standards and give thanks every day to the inventors of TVs , playstations and whatever time consuming addictive devices that kids like .
  2. My hives are not strapped and my sheep actively avoid the hives .
  3. I started off with hives on slopes and out of the way of sheep . They are all on the flat now and the sheep have access to them and never bother them . I used blocks to level them because i Have top feeders .
  4. kaihoka

    February 2019 diary

    I thought all those old wooden windows were being replaced with aluminium windows .
  5. kaihoka

    Agressive bees

    I wonder how many hives were lost in the fires in the leatherwoods in tasmania. They had probably just finished flowering
  6. kaihoka

    More by-kill

    We had some germans here who wanted to kill all the insects in the living areas. Not catch them and put them outside , But squash them .
  7. kaihoka

    February 2019 diary

    I think its the same for fish .
  8. kaihoka

    More by-kill

    Have you met the women . Does she have a phobia .?
  9. kaihoka

    Agressive bees

    Went over the hill today . Looks like australia now .
  10. kaihoka

    February 2019 diary

    @cBank I think 4 is a good number. It covers you for loses. Gives you a hive that you can make summer queens from . And you may not get that much honey every year .
  11. kaihoka

    Tasman Fires

    We had a big bush fire on our place 1990. Doc blew up some trees . One to get a guys chainsaw blade that was stuck . The guys had a great time . A lot were ex forest service . I think they missed all the action now it was DOC.
  12. kaihoka

    Tasman Fires

    The milnethorp reserve in collingwood is closed to the public now . There are lots of gums .
  13. kaihoka

    More by-kill

    I have never heard of putting flea killer in jam . Ant killer maybe .
  14. kaihoka

    Tasman Fires

    @frazzledfozzle the computer models have got the cyclone going over the north island now . Just as long as we get some rain , preferably without wind . It could still come to nelson
  15. kaihoka

    Tasman Fires

    Interesting times for nelson if this is an accurate path .