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  1. kaihoka

    Oxalic and glycerine

    What will you do with it .
  2. kaihoka

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    That is such a pain. Of course that situation wont last When he looks at his honey yeilds , but there will be collarteral damage , ie you. I wonder how long it will take for lower honey prices to work through into lower bee hive numbers. Of course for you in the middle of manuka and kanuka The pressure may increase.
  3. kaihoka


    Do you know the numbers for calibrating with olive oil .
  4. kaihoka

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    @nikki watts is there a flow on at yours now , like pohutukawa.? Has a big flow just finished.? I was expecting robbing when the migrant beeks arrived 2 weeks ago. But there must be something in the bush even though the kamahi is finished because there has been none . We have lots of manuka and kanuka flowering and mahoe maybe thats enough for the bees.
  5. kaihoka

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Its a good job you do not have a rambling wild bush block . It would completely crush your spirIit. It would never be under control .
  6. kaihoka

    Re-using Queen cell cups when grafting

    I make wax wraps in the kitchen and its hard to contain the wax , and real tedious trying to remove all the drops. I wax up cloth for my friends . I told them there is no point in everyones kitchen being a mess. Some of my friends have nice kitchens .
  7. kaihoka

    Honey Price Collapse

    Is that what you think of the rata i Left you .
  8. kaihoka

    Honey Price Collapse

    does it have some medicinal properties. theres lots in our area and its flowering well and i wondered why the local beeks were excited about that.
  9. kaihoka

    What are bees foraging on at present

    @Trevor Gillbanks is all your section as organized as what we see in the photo. ?
  10. kaihoka

    Honey Price Collapse

    is kanuka worth more than other bush honeys. ?
  11. kaihoka

    Laying Worker

    A week after I put the eggs in my laying worker hive they have made no cells . But the production of drone eggs has slowed down noticeably . I got another frame of eggs from a queen right hive . I also looked tbrough an adjacent hive and saw that the superseded queen had vanished and her daughter had mated. .there was a frame in that hive with two uncapped queen cells. So much for my non swarming queen line. Rather than destroy the cells I put the frame in the nuc with the frame of eggs and sprayed air freshner around. I took the nuc to the laying worker nuc . Swapped positions and added more frames to new nuc from LW nuc and shook LW bees out the front .. . sprayed more freshner around . I will.wait a week and see what they do with all that .
  12. kaihoka

    Honey Price Collapse

    It does best in loose rich soil. I do not mix seed with sand . It is reasonably big seed . Not like poppy seed . Maybe like mustard . Easy to throw widely .
  13. kaihoka

    Honey Price Collapse

    Do you think he will go quietly ?
  14. kaihoka

    Honey Co-ops

    @jamesc I think a lot of our onerous current regulations are driven by the demands of our international customers . And not necessarily by the inclinations of our governments.
  15. kaihoka

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Theres a pretty heavy flowering around takaka . I am hoping it is going to move across the bay . I can see buds on my kanuka .