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  1. I grew up on an orchard and I remember dad getting hives in to pollinate in the 60s and being very careful about spraying
  2. Heading down past me , our coast . There are only two migrant opps out here. Both decent and experienced . They must be pleased they have somewhere to go . One lot brought part of a farm .
  3. My neighbour saw two trucks of hives heading down the coast recently which I thought was very early . Then I heard that there is such a bad AFB outbreak in their home area that they are moving their bees away early .
  4. Its a hungry time for bees here. I have stuff in the garden , but nothing really happening in the bush . Had the hakea over winter. There is lots in Golden bay and it flowered well. Local beeks find it a very usefull winter flow . I read it was wild all over northland . Is it still around. Kamahi is next big flow. Thank god it is so reliable . If it failed we would all be in big trouble .
  5. i did think his bee suit looked particularly clean .
  6. When we get the westerly winds it is often dead calm until about 10.30 and drops off when the sun gets low in the evening sky .
  7. It was a mild winter with drones around and not much wind. But no days were over 18 degrees . Maybe queens can mate at lower temps than is thought possible .
  8. When I looked in my hives a month ago one had two queens in it. Both laying . I am sure that was not the case in autumn. I split the hive into two , because the queen did well last yr . Today I looked at the hives and the queens are laying slabs of brood. I can not work out when the second queen could have mated . On the forum it has been discussed how queens can mate in autumn but not lay till spring .
  9. Having a real weather nasty today . First one of the winter . 85klm wind gusts . . Hortizontal rain . Scattering of hail . Repetive house shaking thunder .
  10. is all of nature 3 weeks early or just the hives. ? it will be difficult for the bees if their forage sources do not come on early too.
  11. has all the publicity about honey being a cure for colds increased honey sales
  12. Do you want some rain , we have had plenty . Feel free to redirect the weather systems any time you want .
  13. Its been drier and colder here. Lots of easterlies .
  14. Glyphosate will kill most anything , even jasmine and wandering jew if it is used in the middle of summer during a hot dry spell. No penetrate is needed .
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