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  1. The kanuka is flowering here , that is really early . I think rata will on its normal shedual .
  2. This nov is heading to be the wettest month since we got our weather station in 2014 . Glad the tue/wed system is going north , really need some more sun not more rain. Plenty of stuff flowering but not enough decent weather to collect . Local beeks are feeding too .
  3. i think you are right. the virgin must be coming up to 2 weeks old . there is not much chance of her mating in the next few days , not till the migrants arrive. they are due any day. but the tracks are so wet it will be a big ask to drive up them. if she turns into a drone layer i will just have to find and dispatch her .
  4. it has been a very difficult yr for mating queens so i have hives with unmated virgins. and the weather does not look promising, i have two hives about 10 ft apart. one has an older laying queen in a fairly weak hive another is a stronger hive with a virgin. if i want a honey crop i need a stronger hive with a laying queen. i thought i could swap them over so the foragers all flew back to the laying queen hive. when should i do this, i thought on a day the foragers were all busy and would fly back to their old spot. but what if the virgin went for a flight
  5. I think the pollination guys that move their hives here will be happy about that . They do not have to rely on selling their honey . Last season was a big manuka yr and the hives were full of manuka honey even though the rata flowered . Which was a surprise
  6. we always start first and flowering moves down the coast
  7. the big northern rata are covered in buds the trees without any or very few buds are southern rata i think southern rata never seems to flower well here
  8. I know all the guys pretty well and this was really just a big personal telling off .
  9. I have been told some hives are on DOC land which surprised me cause I thought only one outfit out here had all the DOC concessions. I shall have to go into the local DOC office and gives them all a bit of a talk too .
  10. I heard today that manuka health has moved in to our area and causeing problems for local beeks. They are overcrowding the area with hives and its been a very wet spring and all the hives are weak in west of golden bay . 400mls rain in 4 weeks and no flying weather . Despite everything flowering well .
  11. local wisdom is if kanuka scrub is growing on an area it can be cleared and something else will grow there. but if manuka is growing there chances are only manuka will ever grow there.
  12. Has anyone who has spent time travelling australia ever heard tea tree called manuka before about 10 yrs ago when there was money in the name. NZ did all the work to create value in the name .
  13. The hive had superseded the queen . If I remember rightly they were co existing the week before . I am sure that the new queen attacking was mated .
  14. I opened a hive and saw two bees together and could not make sense of it until I realised that one of the bees was the new queen wrapped around and trying to smother , sting the old queen
  15. ive noticed that the karaka tree i planted down at the beech is dropping seedlings everywhere. luckily it flowers when the spring winds happen and the kamahi flowers. the bees have lots of kamahi flowering very close to their hives in wind sheltered spots.
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