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  1. If mixing up all the treatments is the best method how would that work . Would you use synethtics in Autumn for an effective knock down after summer brood mite build up then OA in spring through summer . Or the otherway round . Or alternate yrs . ???
  2. Today I checked my hive in the hakea . It is at least 6 weeks since I looked. In the bottom box there were 5 staples and they had pretty much demolised them . There are slabs of brood under where the staples have been . I could not see that the placement of staples had any effect on the brood . There were 5 staples in the box . The top box had 9 frames of capped honey . They had not touched these staples . This was my weakest hive before I moved it . The site is quite sunny and dry with a good flow all winter . My current weakest hive is in a spot which did fine last yr with a strong hive , but I took two late summer nucs from it this yr and reduced the nos of bees too much . I really think warm and dry is critical for wintering bees over . A big empty space is a killer for them .
  3. That must be very disheartning and confusing . I have no explaination . I only have 3 hives . They are mixed in strength . I have no idea how much varroa I have . I really should sort out sugar shaking .
  4. why do you think that is. ? we have had a lot of nasty wet west/souwest lately. i thought that meant dry sunny weather for your area on NZ.
  5. It does look hot . Did you know we have no snakes in NZ ?
  6. My macadamias are covered in buds . I am thinking , please sulk and don't open till the weather comes nice . We have had 670mls of our average 1400ml yr . Catching up fast , too fast .😁
  7. Yep . about 6, weeks ago the weather turned nasty. We have nice days , but not often 3 or 4 in a row .
  8. The bit about people who suffer from asthma and eczema being more susceptible to severe reaction was interesting .. I do not react very strongly to stings and neither do my bloodline . There is no ezcema or asthma or other auto immune diseases in our family .
  9. Theres a lot of humans in the world now who have opted for the third option . Can't say I blame them .
  10. Hoping for enough for a hearing aid , a few fillings and a decent pair of glasses.
  11. As long as major looses are always associated with PPB and not ever uncontrollable forces driven by the natural world , why would anyone speak up .
  12. . Have you thought about farm rego . I do not see how traveling between apiaries is any different than traveling between farm blocks.
  13. Do you think it could go the way of solid energy ?
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