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    Hi everyone. I opened up the hives today and things are ticking along ok. But I noticed there is quite a bit of mould on the quieter frames, appears to be old pollen stores. I'm assuming due to all the rain we've had? Is the mould a problem I should do something about or will the bees clean this up when things get busier in the spring?
  2. Bavoral (sp?) mate. The hive is 2 brood boxes deep. There would not have been enough bees to fully cover 1 frame roughly. However, as mentioned, I did add two frames of brood and nurse bees today.
  3. Currently, the hive is full of honey. Should I leave that in the hive? Will it keep fine if I wrap the hive in cling wrap?
  4. Hey folks, A few weeks ago I applied my varoa treatments to 3 hives. In recent weeks I've noticed one of the hives has been very quiet so I opened it up today. I found an almost empty hive, no queen and no brood. I do not believe there was any chance of me squishing the queen when I placed the treatment in the hives. And my observations today were that there were no signs indicating disease. So I'm baffled. I have placed two frames of brood from donor hives into it today on the off chance I may be able to find a mated queen to place in there; but this is probably unlikely. Am I better off to let the hive fail. Wrap it up for the winter and start all over again in spring with some some donor frames? Or does anybody else have any other possible solutions?
  5. I've kept hives for 3 seasons now and love the fact that every time you open them is a new learning experience waiting for you. I just wanted to acknowledge @Judy K and @Stalker for giving up their time to provide experience and advice when its needed. Awesome that there are people out there like yourselves that happily help. Thanks.
  6. Ok. Cheers for the advice. I'll hold back.
  7. Cheers Matt. I thought they mated within the first few days of emerging?
  8. Hi everyone. 12 days ago a queen emerged from a cell in a queenless hive. I checked the hive 3 days ago and there was no sign of her. So I placed a donor frame in there. I checked today to see if the bees had created emergency cells but they had not. Then I spotted the queen, so I know she's in there. How long should I wait for her to lay, before I squish her and let the bees raise another?
  9. Could not agree more. I'm just going n my third season and each season I'm surprised by how little I know due to new happenings. Most interesting and rewarding hobby I have ever had.
  10. Thank you. This is helpful. I will check in a week. I was just worried that the hive was preparing to swarm with all the QC's appearing so was checking regularly to squish them. But hives don't swarm without a queen, so I guess I should relax.
  11. Okay, thanks. Before today I checked on Friday and Monday. So if the queens emerged on Tuesday-ish, the new cells I noted must have been sealed after Tuesday? The 2 cells I didn't squish were on the same frame for that reason. Easily locatable for the first Q. Do the queens tear the cell walls down or the workers? It doesn't make sense to me, but this is only my third season.
  12. So one of my hives is queenless. They created a number of replacement queen cells and I squashed all but 2. Today I went in and saw both cells open ended suggesting both queens emerged. By my reckoning the queens emerged yesterday (Tuesday). I noted a couple of other cells had their walls torn down suggesting a queen has terminated the other cells. But I also noted about 6 other sealed intact cells. When a queen emerges does she do a full recon of the hive and kill all the other cells, or just those on nearby frames? Does she leave the hive straight away to mate, and if so, do the bees keep making queens in her absence? Because, as I said it looked like 2 emerged and if one or both were still in their, surely they would have destroyed all the other cells. Nothing suggested the hive had swarmed. Numbers are strong. Any advice friends?
  13. What does a lot of drone brood look like? I mean, is there a percentage of a frame that is acceptable/unacceptable?
  14. Thanks mate. I think I squashed a queen last season so I will be careful. I live in an urban setting and the bees seem able to access natural sources. Should I feed them to help draw out the frame or continue to make them get natural sources? I worry if feeding them will encourage a population explosion... Yes. Thanks.
  15. Last season my two hives failed. One swarmed and never recovered in time. The other lost a queen somehow and there were issues creating a replacement. No surplus honey for us. This year both hives appear well. They are queen right and in a good position to do well, if I manage them. Both hives have good populations in the bottom brood box. The top brood box in both hives has good honey stores and some frames of wax sheet that will need drawing out. I'm just wondering, do I need to be worried that the top box has no room for brood due to honey and undrawn frames especially coming into spring? Any general tips to ensure colonies don't outgrow the hive or to prevent swarming? Thanks folks.
  16. Have since checked the hive, Dave. Queen seems happy enough and is still laying well. Cheers.
  17. Thanks mate. All my practice dots were clean blobs. Hope she's fine. That hive has had a rough season as it is. Thanks. Not sure I did anything too much different to what your vid explained. Just a case of the paint being a bit more runny despite the previous practice dots.
  18. So today I purchased a pen with the intention of marking my queen. I got an Artline Paint Marker. I got the queen and as I marked her on the right spot (her thorax) the paint dot was a bit runnier than I expected to be (unlike my previous trials on paper). Instead of coming out cleanly it dribbled a little down the sides and a wee bit got on the spine(?) of one of her wings. None got on her head. Should I be worried? When I placed her back in the hive it appeared her workers tried to clean the paint off her.
  19. So during the flow last summer, when I stripped the frames, they were fat with honey. I have looked in the honey super over the weekend and although all the frames contain honey, they are not as fat as they were when I last stripped them in Feb. My question is, if the frames already have honey on them, and I don't strip them before the next flow, will the bees uncap the cells and extend the wax to store more honey in them?
  20. Ok then. I may as well make some syrup up this weekend and put it in the feeder while I am checking the hive.
  21. Thanks for the tips, Dave. I was prepared to add another frame of eggs this weekend. I''m interested in your statement that honey is not a substitute. How come? Because there is a signifficant amount of honey in that hive. Lucky for me, Judy K is stopping by this weekend to assist with a DECA inspection so I will lean on her advice also of the situation. Whereabouts could I locate a protected Q cell, and how much do they cost?
  22. Checked the hive in the weekend. The frame of eggs that I transplanted had no sign of any of the eggs being turned into queen cells. This suggests there is a queen in there somewhere and that she is probably unmated as yet. Will continue to monitor.
  23. T Thats just it, I won't know if there is a virgin in there until I open the hive up again in about 1 week.
  24. Quite a few suggestions. Thanks for everyones input. I will wait and see what becomes of the new frame and eggs. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing with the hives a new issue comes up to remind me that I'm still a bit clueless.
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