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  1. Remember studying India in social studies at school. various people are born into various roles or classes. eg Beekeeper, Tradey, Professional, Technician
  2. All ingredients are available from Clarke products Niven street Napier
  3. They went in March/ April Every August /December/ March (Give or take) for 3 yrs this one got 20 at a time. From a single it went to 5 boxes and stayed there except for the box I took off this past winter because it was too tall and feared it would fall over, ruining my valuable experiment. God has watched over this hive. Mid winter the Bulls tipped most hives in the site over but left this one. It was then that it was lowered and strapped. Lets not forget nutrition $3 /kg bush has probably done the Honey be a great service. There have been opinions in the past that Bees do just as well on 50/50 syrup Id doubt that. Maybe what the industry needs is high price Manuka and Clover, low price Bush. Let the Bees have the bush and stop feeding overwinter sugar. Hives like mine are a process and nutrition is a big part of that process
  4. Last Autumn in a n organised trial one site was much closer to a certain large outfit than the rest. Its initial mite loads at day 1 were 6- 10 times that of the Sites further away. Its got nothing to do with luck. These hives are in a 2.4m pa rainfall area and this season has been very wet Ive been at this a while now and have cracked it What you see is how I roll
  5. Whats your explanation of the above photos?
  6. I spoke with a money person a few days ago who simply could not get their head around the idea that the average farmer would struggle to manage their own permanent pollination hives
  7. Ive just been out and about It was great to see my big Oh Deed hive and do a mite count on it. Almost 3 yrs of 3 Oh Deeds per year of 20 paper laminates each time. Basically the Hive has swum in the stuff, possibly for longer than any hive in recorded history. One might expect a basket case This summer Honey and wax samples will be sent to a lab in Germany for residue tests. As it happens I removed a box mid winter when I strapped the hive up as stock were threatening it. Here are some pics. The photo of the brood is from another hive. I dont sift through photos looking for a good one. These two hives were the only two I opened today. In the photo with the Brood I was very disappointed to find 1 mite in 350 bees It ruined my perfect score so for this season
  8. Good on you Mad dog Southlander. You have a few challenges ahead and one day you will look back and ask yourself why you even considered non standard gear. Your challenges are going to be so confronting that you will be glad you haven't added to them unnecessarily. 3/4 frames are probably the answer for you. A swarm is one way but on the other hand good hives arnt expensive and the person that sells you a hive is probably liable to be your first point of contact should you require some help in the future. Are you from Edendale? Lol Mad dog, Ive just had an email from a notorious banned member who says, "Tell him to turn back while he still can" Lol
  9. Lol I have a particular hive that Ive O deed continuously in the extreme for almost 3 yrs now. For two winters in a row it has wintered as 5 boxes. In the next month it will get O deed in the extreme again and then around Christmas it will get the same, One day I might get lucky and actually ..... get it into 2 boxes.
  10. Maybe, but not a lot if the volume went from say 100 tonne to say 150 tonne, Also important is any trending info
  11. I know a Beek who is negotiating with Japaneses interests for the sale of value added Honey products However , the phrase "Risen Hugely" doesn't actually mean a lot without some more information.
  12. Matt has touched on an important aspect of Beekeeping and one of the secrets to success. The best Beekeepers, the ones who get through each season with the best results and see those results roll into the next season are those who spend the most time each month at their sites. Those who expect a lot from their Bees also put the most back into their Bees. There are no short cuts One of the highlights of being Philbee has been that Ive developed solid relationships with some world class beekeepers and Beekeeping outfits They know who they are
  13. Today was the first day of what Im hoping is spring. The weather here has been rubbish and will likely set some rainfall records. So today I went out to do some mite counts and set up for a spring trial The purpose of the Spring trial is to assess the ability of the staple to withstand chewing by the Bees and this data will help us to put together a set of specific instructions relating to the effective life span of the staple in Spring time. Its all part of the data sets required for Registration. So today while out and about I did 10 washes, just as Ive done every spring for a few years now. Nothing appears to have changed, the more washes I do in spring the more frustrated I become. Today I killed around 3000 useful young bees for zero Mites. Thank goodness Im not doing efficacy trials in the Spring as they would be severely lacking in data.
  14. Its crazy, however NZ is a peasant country and we will likely cave to the corporate pressure. Consider also that we are only one rung up the ladder from the likes of the Solomon Islands who have just swapped Taiwan for China.
  15. A ring maybe, or headfirst into a gumboot
  16. Fact is some agro Hive swill be very good and some Nice hives will be very poor both in diverse regards. That's the nature of genetics and thank goodness for that.
  17. Dont do it, the north is plotting the demise of cats and the likes Beware the South will follow I believe the Chathams are nice
  18. Every Spring its probably really important to remind beginners of the perils ahead. It wasn't that long ago that I was a beginner myself and one who possibly like many others didn't easily heed the advice of others. After all, how hard could it be? The mistake I made was to live for the day and not realize that while the Hives appeared to be really healthy and expanding through the early summer months, so were the varroa. We now know that the expansion of the hive mirrors the expansion of the Varroa Mite in the untreated Hive. So when things look very good and the Hive appears indestructible, immediately start to plan your Varroa treatments. It doesn't matter whether its Bayvarol , Apivar or an organic acid, the important thing is to accept that something has to be done to counter the Mites that will otherwise kill your hive in the late Autumn.
  19. yep and thats where these come in handy
  20. I cycle out out old comb whenever I i see something that doesnt look good. However I dont have a set regime
  21. And its also possible that sick wax plays a part in the matrix as well.
  22. Here is a question for the scientist. Do viraly afflicted Bees recover to participate constructively to the Hive once the Mites are removed? I suspect that they do not, rather they can contribute to the ultimate demise of the Hive .
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