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  1. Painting hiveware comercially

    From memory 3:1 turps =3
  2. Grey Bees

    Carnis are gray striped with a Black Queen
  3. Painting hiveware comercially

    I dip my boxes in Copper Nap then 2 weeks later stack them 7 or 8 high exactly flush then paint them with a roller. leave the bottom box only half way done to the ground so the roller doesn't get dirty. I dont paint the edges as the copper gets that. Very fast way Handles go on last and are copper Naped but not painted (soaked in copper nap for weeks in 20l buckets)
  4. polystyrene nucs

    Its a proverbial stroke of a pen. Its definitely something Ive been looking at. My frames are 33mm x6 =198mm +say 16mm =214mm Inside measurement =294mm overal box width
  5. polystyrene nucs

    Im working on a telescopic lid. The mat would need to be a sheet of canvas or Hardboard
  6. Breeder queens

    Ive been thinking about this john as its not the first time you have mentioned it. A pallet group of 4 hives will I assume have one entrance to per pallet side. This is bound to reduce drift. Could this actually be a very good way to keep Bees?
  7. A rmp for storage is one of the simplest. Ive spoken with Roper about it and it isnt a biggy
  8. polystyrene nucs

    Lol its an extra word to type
  9. Updates on Manuka - Standard

    If a judge makes some sort of indiscretion or a cop does something dodgy you will find that the relevant organisation goes to significant lengths to minimize the public scrutiny. This isnt because those organisations are corrupt but more to do with maintaining public confidence. These offenders are dealt with seriously but as discretely as is possible within the framework of a democratic legal system. In the case of Manuka there were those who "I suspect" acted more out of self interest than out of industry interest. There were almost certainly ways to approach the Manuka indiscretions that didn't involve laying the industry bare for all our markets to see. We are now significantly on the back foot when we needn't be
  10. polystyrene nucs

  11. Updates on Manuka - Standard

    The first thing for the industry to do is project a cohesive image. MPI themselves have subtly alluded to this. It is self defeating to make posts on public forums like this one and in the open media that undermine the credibility of the industry. There are two people out there that come to mind who have actively undermined this industry with regard to Manuka Honey. Public forums are not the place to air the industries dirty laundry. We probably appear to be a bunch of bickering seagulls.
  12. polystyrene nucs

    CNC machines are accurate to within a tenth of a mm or there abouts, they work at the highest speed that is possible for the cutting means which in this case is very fast , I have been told. These people make the foam so the only significant shipping costs are for shipping the flat packs. It is possible to just order strips of foam and cut up your own components but the saving doesn't stack up. For the nuc I have outlined BUT without the interlocking corners I have a quote for $9.40 +gst each plus frieght for a run of 10 nucs. As the number of nucs goes up the price each comes down
  13. polystyrene nucs

    Both Queens have gone up and products have gone down.
  14. polystyrene nucs

    Yes hot wire about .25mm (10 thou) I think. Bloke who I spoke to was guessing but said it was very thin
  15. polystyrene nucs

    Ive not seen FD boxes with feeders but the design so far is 180mm wide inside so would easily take 4 frames and a frame feeder