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  1. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    The stats wont show who the worst offenders are, just the worst compliant ones.
  2. Hastings and area AFB outbreak

    Kaihoka, that is crazy. Technology can easily mitigate the effects of old age. Testing honey in the drum and tracing back might work
  3. Clover season

    A pessimist would be cashing up and getting out. Racing people swing between realism and optimism Fools stumble on blindly Years of designing things has taught me never to design myself into a corner, in other words always leave room to maneuver in ways that minimize loss of current resources.
  4. Clover season

    Nucs are usually clean, Its not a bad way to start a season. Im currently still splitting nucs off hives, gambling that the clover will carry through to late Jan . If the world markets go pear shaped Id rather have 600 hives that owe me very little than 15 tonne of Honey in drums that owe me heaps
  5. Clover season

    We are pumping Had 6mm rain last night and more on the rain radar
  6. Hippo Head - Diagnosis

    Does formic kill wax moth?
  7. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Supered over 100 mating Nucs today. One minute they are plodding along with a new Queen just starting out, Nek minit Honey bound. Crazy
  8. Normal Bearding?

    What concerns me is that while the bees are bearding they are not going about their business inside feeding etc Open a bearding hive and it is often empty
  9. Normal Bearding?

    I Make them, it isnt difficult and probably about the same cost, give or take
  10. Normal Bearding?

    Im replacing all my tin lids with ply ones The Tin offers very little protection from the direct sunlight. So far just the lid changes has reduced bearding Also double skin hive mats may help and allow the use of tin lids. Since Im down to my last 50 mats I may seriously consider making more double skin mats to use with the 300 odd spare tin lids. Another option might be to put a square of 12mm ply in each lid.
  11. Just as I suspected, The secret is in what is not being said
  12. The scrub was good but the weather poor The Kamahi is good as usual but Im not too optimistic about the Rewa. There is no way anyone could get a Manuka Crop near Taupo with the possible exception of Turangi swamps because it is such a strong Clover and Kamahi area and they both flower at the same time. A big Asian block has just been planted in Manuka across the road from my house and right now it is white with Clover.
  13. A long way north but Taupo is white with Manuka flowers and so far I have not seen a single Honey Bee on it
  14. Queen quality, is bigger = better?

    I like big strong Queens because I believe they are stronger fliers and will therefore have a better chance of good matings