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  1. This is a big issue and one that takes up a lot of my thoughts. Why dont you and your capable team come up with a new ingredient to put in the Staple. Problem solved. Alternatively you could lobby Govt to subsidize the mainstream alternatives. One really serious reality out there is that there are beeks with lots of Hives and zero funds Varroa is bad enough but now they need to buy sugar.
  2. Lol Its also one of the big issues facing the planet, bordering on existential Its a difficult calculation with staples because the staple is being continuously removed by the bees during spring at least. Its possible that only a small part of the overall content of the staple actually gets spread about the hive and a lot ends up on the floor or out the door.
  3. This is a very interesting point and common in my outfit also, however it relates directly with what Dennis was saying a day or two ago. What is the prudent course of action in this situation, treat or not treat? The answer will probably differ from site to site depending on neighbors hives as the Mite free hive today might be invaded tomorrow, but probably not so much in the spring. Some Farmers and most Vets will say treat only on symptoms but that might not work so well in the Bee world
  4. Lol Ive never used them so dont know. My logic was that if wide ones killed x amount of Brood then one half as wide would kill half as much Brood or maybe less.
  5. Stoney's way is the result of lots of trials and will likely become the standard. The way I do it is the same way you have done it and has worked very well for me but has always split the Brood over winter. This has never concerned me but I now realize that most Beeks are much more fussy than I and.
  6. In such a case, where does the problem lay, With the Glycerin or with the test for fermentation? I have a hive that has been continuously and substantially overdosed with glycerin for coming up 3 years this summer. The answer to this issue is in that hive
  7. Taupo Five finger flower is getting smashed by this weather. As for Mites their is a common theme that Beeks are seeing. This mild winter has helped Mites multiply in operations that just do one post Harvest treatment. However there are probably more outfits out there than most realize that treat at least 3 times a season
  8. You may have a lot of experience Bighands but one thing that experience has taught me is that without mite washes the Beekeeper is all but blind
  9. Id say that a fresh staple has a 9volt battery type sting to the tip of the tongue. A used one is like a flat 9 volt battery. Also, I found a bunch of 1 cups of Bees in a pile dead about 1m out in front of a home hive about 6 weeks ago. Thought it was odd I came from a position of just being grateful for having healthy Hive so was prepared to overlook what seemed relatively minor effects on Brood etc. Its been great to see the team take this system and tweak it to advantage.
  10. Lol I reckon one of those old (or new) single ring electric hot plates sitting on a firm table would be ideal and an 8L stainless steel preserving pots with two good handles.
  11. Report back in a month or 2. Once those hives start to crank they'll tear them to bits Ive seen the bees remove those ones in 10 days
  12. I have a dwindler at home. It arrived mid last season as a swarm and was never really a great Hive It went into winter as a box of bees and a box of Honey Its now a tightly clusterd grapefruit size. Mite count of 2 back in April. My other Home hive is good. There are probably 15 sites within 2 kms of my house
  13. Ive turned around 80s and 100s but I think it also depends on the viral load.
  14. On the matter of placement. Ive always put mine in a straight line and killed the Mites but Ive also always had a split Brood as a result That is the Spring Hive has Brood at one end and stores at the other with the row of staples as the boundary. It never bothered me because at least the Hive was healthy and that really what my goal was. Recently Ive realised that the square pattern layout in the central part of the Box is probably a step up. I might try it this season.
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