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  1. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    Ive always been curious about the workings of Raw I feed in Autumn and have fed Raw in large ziplock bags up top. Ive never understood how the Bees process the dry sugar and now I know that they dont although the fine detail of how they eat it still isnt clear to me Does the moisture of the hive dissolve the surface of the crystals or do the Bees excrete a fluid onto the crystals like a fly does. Im interested in these details
  2. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    A comment was made to me a while back that if you cant keep Bees alive in Taupo then you may as well give up and I can see now where this guy was coming from. Even although Taupo isnt a high overall producing area there are a enough flows to ensure the Bees generally have stores on all through spring and early summer like now and these patchy periods are no threat to their survival.
  3. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    Say a strong 2 box brood, how much dry sugar would it get for a week of poor weather
  4. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    Very good question and topic Pink Cat There could be all sorts of decisions to be made in this Vein
  5. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    James when you pour Raw Sugar in do the Bees store it as a liquid or is it used as instant sustenance , hand to mouth type feed?
  6. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Well Puriti and Toyota are taken and I dont fancy Nissan
  7. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Well said James. The easiest way to promote it would be to put it on the label In many cases the relevant wording would see the Pottle quickly placed in the shopping trolley
  8. Philbee

    The purpose of feeding Raw Sugar

    Starved because the sick bees cant forage?
  9. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Im of the view that all NZ Beeks could add value to their Honey whatever the flavor by embracing real provable organic principles and there are a few of these principles. All thats required is for these principles to be listed and controlled. For example the criteria could be set to cover Forage range, Hive Ware which would cover Timber, paint, wax and frames, treatments. Within all those criteria exists the potential to make significant valuable legitimate claims. As for Puriti which has been positioned at the top of the range, it possibly should by default contain all of the bells and whistles found in the cheaper models, plus its value added upgrades. Like buying a car. This is just a constructive suggestion to Adam and also a general idea for adding value across the board. One of my large clients is already pressuring his Manuka buyers to consider his new treatment regime as having added value.
  10. Philbee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Two days ago i found two tall hives that had fallen over unstrapped. They had been like that all through the rainy period and no robbing at all. Well brought up I suppose
  11. Philbee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Im straining Honey on the Deck in the sun, saw one bee today
  12. Philbee

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    Man we arnt at that stage yet, not by a long shot. Nice Bucket
  13. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Does this mean that they are only processing and selling their own, Interesting indeed. Ive heard the same of Revolutionary, with regard one supplier at least
  14. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    @Adam Boot I deal with a few Beeks who are focusing on this supply line QA. One of them is going so far as to use organic thread in his Staples
  15. Philbee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Lol Simple answer is that you cant really answer the question because there is no way you can know. The question was a bit of fun thats all. Fact is its highly unlikely that you have this base covered and its a question you will be asked with more and more.