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  1. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    I should amend this statement and include the phrase "These type of guys" I haven't dealt with Watson and Son but my wife has and she found them very good.
  2. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    It is if you run a large OD
  3. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Zero is a wonderful concept
  4. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    Exsickerly James These Guys make things happen and create jobs. Good on them and good luck to them
  5. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    We lost a Queen once and gave up looking for her. We drove 100 meters and parked the truck. She must have hitched a ride on the truck because as we walked to the house she flew past and my Son snatched her out of the air. One in a Million I reckon
  6. Watson & Son - Bad News - NBR

    http://www.jonasmaxwell.com/pages/index.cfm?pg=142&cat=5 This story sums your point up well. Its the reason Socialist societies tend to self destruct just as easily as Capitalist ones Socialist societies still have greedy elites only they are far more entrenched which makes their position almost god like, total unobtainable for the average peasant.
  7. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Lol So its you
  8. Queen cells - Kapiti

    There are a lot of desperate people currently looking for Queens. One lady called me and was very surprised that she could buy cells (40) instead of Mated queens. I gave her a listing number for a cell carrier from Chris and she was very happy.
  9. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    A bit like the commercial who lists themselves as a beginner.
  10. Single box Starter/ Finisher/Grub Castle

    My single box starter finishers are in full swing now and I prefer then two a double box Cloake system because.. They are light and easily accessible and they seem very forgiving if thats possible. One gave a extraordinary result today. The Queenless side contained 2 frames of Honey/ Pollen and a cell frame holding 20 cell cups. All 3 frames were well covered with nurse bees. ( 3 frames in a 5 frame space) Before the cells went in the Queenless side it was divided for 24 hours and the division remained in place until the cell were capped. The bees capped 16 of the 20 and they were genuinely large cells. Its possible I may convert over to all these 10 frame units and maintain doubles for the sole purpose of donating young bees off frames of open Brood and general top ups and downs.
  11. Lets just explore this concept in a practical way. Take a pair of 5 frame nucs and place them side by side, hard against each other. Put one chemical in one and another in the other. Drill some small holes through the adjacent box sides then block them up, then unblock them and again open them up etc etc. Have the two nucs alternated between being properly treated and poorly treated?? There are two strips in each box of course. This analogy is at the root of this discussion
  12. Exposure = Breeding cycles, which equal throws of the dice. If you throw a dice or dices often enough you will eventually get whatever combination of numbers you want or seek.
  13. Within the confines of one season it makes no theoretical difference whether you use one chemical for the first half of the season and another chemical for the second half or dual chemicals In practice though, if a dual chemical was used for the first half of the season there is a much lower chance of a mite that resistant to either chemical surviving long enough to breed. If a mite that is resistant to one chemical gets the chance to breed between treatments it is more likely to spread its genetics beyond its original hive. This is basic but again Im not advocating one way or the other.
  14. I didnt say it was better or worse Mathematically its the same