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  1. beehive price tracking

    I remember phoning the club secretary who had promised all the new Beeks a free swarm and saying, Hey whats with all the trademe Nucs selling at $200? She told me that whatever I do, dont pay $200 for a Nuc. Deciding to go against her advice I bought a few at $200 and even pushed the boat out and grabbed some at $225 On a roll I then paid a record price of $800 each for about eight double box hives. I got a real grilling from her and this other experienced Beek at a club meeting She accused me of being a AFB risk and the experience Beek suggested that I may never be able to pass the AFB course. I never went back to that lot and never will. What did I learn from all this? The price you pay for a Hive is irrelevant The best hives Ive ever seen and followed through the seasons were from that high priced group of 8 They have now mingled in with the rest but my cousin still has one with a direct line to the original Queen and its been a great Hive. Choose your mentors carefully
  2. beehive price tracking

    Yes A one Kg packet of dry bees, Queen included, $200 Six pack salted Queens (mated) $100, Virgins cost extra. Drones for lead in pencil, special deal $2000Kg
  3. Looking for a friendly beekeeper...

    Hive for a home you mean
  4. beehive price tracking

    The future is a fickle thing and its tricky to make predictions based on current thinking. In five years we could all be roasted or we could be riding the largest Beekeeping wave in history. That wave may not even be based on Honey as a food, it may be Pharmaceutical, who knows?
  5. beehive price tracking

    Im keen to see Comvita's share price in May. One of my concerns going forward is the weather Ive been around Taupo and involved in weather related/ dependent activities for long enough to have noted the cyclic or at least changing weather patterns.
  6. beehive price tracking

    The point here is that the value of a hive is not governed by the willingness of the consumer to pay. It is more likely that the new buyers cannot afford to own hives $600 is a reasonable price for a two box hive considering that if well treated etc it will become two hives in spring. I gave up selling hives mid season. Im curious about the future of Propolis as James is talking about. The next Manuka type boom might well be the expansion of the international Properlis trade Propolis from treatment free hives might go well and it will be high yielding Propolis sites that are sort after.
  7. beehive price tracking

    To test the viability of this price, try filling an order of 50-100 hives Suddenly you will find that the challenges are so great that the cost per hive skyrockets
  8. honey storage shed

    As far as storage goes you can call anyone from the inspector list I spoke with Roper and got all the info required Storage is one of the simplest to comply with Sounds like there could be a few Beeks looking at this
  9. Oxalic and glycerine

    Bit like bottled water I suppose First step is to test ,test,test Late Autumn will tell a lot then spring buildup
  10. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Out today treating and I found some young hives in the back country that are getting low. Hives that started as 3 frames of Bees in a 10 frame box with a 10 day cell 30-11-18 There is the odd one thats got a full box on but most are a good box of Bees and Brood but not much else
  11. Oxalic and glycerine

    I hear that Randy Oliver is looking at the issue of just how the various delivery methods of the OA work and how much if any is ingested by the bees
  12. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    That might be ok Ive been concerned that it might stay warm like this for months to come and we end up feeding 20L per hive just for winter
  13. The Elusive Golden Beekeeper

    Ignore me you seem like a good bunch and Im just taking some time out of a hard day for some humor.
  14. Oxalic and glycerine

    Well james there is no Question that the strips hold 20g GL/oa in whatever ratio you want That is the easy part Ive just about finished treating my hives and have loaded them to the hilt with these treatments 4 staples(8 legs) in the bottom box and 3 staples (6 legs) in the top box, no splits done yet but will let them settle and treat for winter at splitting time This will give me the chance to look at mite levels post this round of treatments. There is no doubt that the hives I deliberately over dosed 6 weeks ago lot very good now. But to answer your question "I dont Know" Im a risk taker and will run with my system this winter but cannot/will not suggest you follow
  15. Oxalic and glycerine

    Single line of stitch up center for now Cut to length and soak later