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  1. Philbee


    Grab one of those wasp guard devices from Sean Monica Even if your current Hive dies use it on the next one. One Hint If a hive is sick from Varroa etc the wasps will get it no matter what you do
  2. Exactly I would be very disappointed if there was a locked gate because now is not the time to pursue that type of business model.
  3. Are the Venue grounds and outside exhibits open to non registered people?
  4. Mine has done 465000km so the pump has probably worn all its going to Its running sweet with 25% petrol still in it
  5. Why I only own Toyotas Yesterday pm I needed off to Auckland from Taupo At Tokaroa I had 1/4 tank of gas so filled up with (51L) So thats 25L in the tank and a 51L top up About 20km up the road I noticed that there was a slight miss in the engine while coasting along at 100kmh and thought there must be water in the diesel Id just purchased. Then I had a thought, the cost of the 51L was $135 and that seemed like a lot. I wondered if Id filled up with petrol instead of Diesel Surely not, that much petrol and the truck wouldn't run. Checking the receipt confirmed my suspicion The Diesel Prado was cruising along at 100kmh on 33% diesel- 66% petrol and running reasonably ok. As the fuel was used I just kept topping up with Diesel and by the time Id done 550kms the tank was sitting at 25% Petrol 75% Diesel and there was no noticeable difference in performance. Its a 2004 truck that Ive had since new, being reluctant to part with it as its resale value doesnt really reflect its real value. I also have a new one which I consider a much lesser vehicle than the old one
  6. I think it depends on ones perspective. Personally I see a Co-Op or Co-Ops as a likely way forward from the bottom of the trough, as the dust settles and Beeks pick themselves up and dust themselves off Many will likely be asking, "well what now" and there will likely be a natural inclination to Herd up. It will likely be a matter of "safety in numbers" a concept that is as old as nature itself. For a start it may not be a matter of getting a better price but rather a matter of survival in an environment that could be described with words like "Predatory, Hawkish, Opportunistic, difficult".
  7. @Thomas Clow Why are you speaking on Bruce's behalf Thomas I know for a fact that Bruce can speak up for himself in public. Isn't it about time he fronted up himself?
  8. Do you really need to be a business expert to sell something?
  9. My impartial advice on that Pink Cat Not a good idea because the OA/GL picks up lots of water which creates a damp environment and dilutes the OA. The onl;y place in the hive that OA/GL can work properly over the full length of the treatment is within the Cluster where the moisture is controlled
  10. How do other Co-ops start? IMO there will be a Co-op and there are people out there that can easily put up 100k each so thats one of your questions answered
  11. Yes Ive had a look back and my comments relate to OA/GL treatments in the context of paper tape staples. I know very little about the death strips other than they are probably a single row stitch triple laminate of gib tape. I saw an ingredient list and they had a large number of ingredients in them and a claim that 2 would treat a box. Its probably worth noting that the Staple has completed a trial via a Provisional Registration and the results of that trial are now in the hands of a Consultant being assembled into one of a number of data volumes. Application is being made to extend the scope of the trial to include Spring application as its spring time when these devices are most aggressively chewed. However the real test of effectiveness has been through this past late Summer into Autumn when the Hives were experiencing significant re invasion pressure.
  12. Hmm.. Not sure how my comments with regard Staples can be quoted in a topic about Death strips? Are these death strips exactly the same as staples?
  13. Not sure but 2k would likely be the least amount
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