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  1. Good nutrition and hygiene will carry a Breeder a long way. Same applies to all livestock Breeding.
  2. I take it that what you are suggesting is a resource that is available to advise once a specific problem has been identified. This task is likely the domain of preferred contractors such as xxxx or whoever, and would come to the fore in the more serious cases. This would be separate from the board for a number of reasons , the obvious being that these guys could be too busy to ever get to a board meeting Another reason why Governance and Operations are separate is because they are different animals and the secret is to have some people in Governance that at least dig the garden in the weekend
  3. Im not sure if this is how it ought to be. Im about 1/2 the Beekeeper of most yet get very high mating % . My guess would be that its all about site location
  4. Cant say its something that ever bothered me. Cell in, 3 weeks later no eggs, good look and then another cell. I cant imagine breeding Queen on the flat country. For me my Breeding site was in a large sheltered valley with sites spread along both sides of that valley. My spring matings would be in the 90%'s.
  5. Funny you should mention him. IMO he's a bloke who never realized his full potential, fell a long way short IMHO. An Apiculture portfolio might be just what he needs to redeem himself and retire having earned his pension. Winston is our Morgan Freeman. I know for a fact the Alan duff's first pick was for Jake the mus was Whinny. I know what you mean, However, imagine spending 30k treating your Hives, then finding that you immediately need to do it again because subsequent to your treatment program the Mites invade again. 30K ! That's the reality that the periphery just done see. Its like paying your rent for the year then getting another bill for the same again
  6. Lol Maybe there should be a portfolio for Apiculture. After all there is one for racing.
  7. Thin GL from farmlands is for Dairy farms in cold climates, so Ive been told. Clarks products stock food grade heavy GL made from Palm Kernel. Its probably $4 per kg in a 25kg drum.
  8. Im thinking one level above PMP Its the Minister who needs to be involved here because he has the Money. This sort of thinking is way outside what is natural to me. I spend a fortune of my own money on stuff and will likely fund the OA honey residue test development in NZ however sometimes the buck needs to end with the Tax payer because that might be the only way it can work
  9. Im basically describing how the next 18 months could pan out in Beekeeping with regard AFB and Varroa Thing is that the policy makers are mostly removed or insulated from the realities of Beekeeping. These policy makers have recent historical data that in most circumstances would be relevant, only in our case right now it probably isnt. On the face of it its simple. Market down turn = Less honey produced overall from fewer Hives belonging to fewer Beekeepers. Simple Business reality. Get over it, move on. However the king hit will come from the blind side and thats the effects of thousands of redundant Hives sitting in paddocks untreated and un checked. My parallel example with regard geopolitics fill the history books Its not the serious problem you face square on that will hurt you, its the strike from the Blind side that can do the most damage with the least effort The context of this relates to budgets Im saying spend the money even if they dont have it because the problem will only get worse as the industry shrinks "They" is not the Beekeepers because they have no money Or means to raise money
  10. Yes fair comment. However in life, love and war it most often isnt the problem at hand that floors you. One example is the current geopolitical environment. There are lots of really serious issues happening but none are existential and thats because they for the most part are apparent and confronting, there are huge forces focusing on containment and deescalation. Its the attack from the blind side that will take you out, the unexpected. My overall point is that given the current economic climate and the way it's trending, things can and probably will change at an unprecedented rate. Its those changes that have the potential to completely overwhelm the already critically stretched systems currently in place. This principle can be applied to the AFB and also the Varroa issues we currently have
  11. Appeasement of gear suppliers is not a consideration. The relevant question is whether any of the natural forward courses that the industry as a whole is likely to take will lead to a result that is different to the current one, The current situation has instigated this thread. IMO its a sure bet that nothing will improve and another sure bet that the situation will get worse if left. So if the current situation is to remain then maybe we should be talking about what the real effects of that will be. Maybe its not that serious after all?? I know it doesn't affect me, the AFB map clearly demonstrates that.
  12. Dont speak too soon, this summer could see Mites get wildly out of control and as a good Beek commented recently, Spring starts in Feb so when the mites get away on us this Summer it will affect the next Spring build up and also the financial viability of the outfits who have done a good job of fighting the Mites to that date. Having spent thousands of dollars on Mite control, the collapsing hives will simply reinfect the clean Hives by April/May. Those 30 inspectors dont have a hope of holding back the AFB effects of a collapsing industry. Its too late now as the Enemy is literally at the door IMO With regard Buy downs These sort of deals would have conditions and would ideally be tied into Hive caps and Quotas Not popular subjects I know. What the Bean counters also need to factor in is the ongoing effects of AFB Swarms setting up camp in the wild. One of the effects of abandoned or Idling Hives will be Swarms This expands the AFB problem. So for anyone just thinking that the problems will be solved by natural attrition, they may not be.
  13. Money, Money, Money, the public must pay and until the Minister can sort that nothing will improve. Unless of course the coming global slow down is so severe that we reduce to 450000 Hives. However that will mean the abandonment of so many Hives its frightening to think about. So either way, logic dictates that the problem will get significantly worse before it gets better IMO
  14. You are making the assumption that 40% is a given and it may not be? Other than that your simple calc is great.
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