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  1. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Thats a relief, mine wanted me to stop drinking
  2. Good luck with that Winston The average Aussi doesn't give a Hoot what the New Zealand Government does or says. It probably follows that the Aussi business community and Govt is the same. They just laugh and go back to business. The answer to this issue is probably about heading the Aussi's off at the consumer level rather trying to take them on directly.
  3. Philbee


    Yes, in his opinion what is the lowest effective concentration of OA in GL Ive been in contact with him and know that this is one of his own questions so an update would be great I have also described the Paper Tape system to him so any feedback on that would also be interesting.
  4. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Mate skip them unless you feel your eyes may be diseased Go straight to a $2 shop or similar That info comes straight from my doctor
  5. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    You must be drunk on Meths
  6. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

  7. Philbee

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    The first job is to see if it will hold in GL in Paper Tape Then put it in a Hive thats had a sticky board or similar in for a few days as a control then look at the Mite drop associated with the treatment
  8. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Interesting, A practical experiment and one which Ive often pondered because of another similar event is, I have two sites sharing one area of forage They are 700m apart One season the smaller site of 12 beat the larger site of 20 and the next year it was the other way around Now if I made one site of 32 at the midway point would the results change? I wondered if somehow one site becomes territorially dominant
  9. Philbee

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Another measure is of course the location of a device in the Hive There is a very good reason why all Synthetic treatments, all having been the result of extensive testing, are placed between the frames in the Brood Seams. Being able to achieve this type of placement is largely a factor of rigidity of the device
  10. Philbee

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    Ah CHCH I haven't forgotten your Staples etc The differences relate two longevity and dose consistency The two are connected IMO An example is Randy Olivers original approach as I understood it One of his measures of the apparent efficacy of the shop towel system was the observed amount of interaction or removal of the towel More removal = more interaction and therefore more efficacy. The Gib Paper tape system makes the assumption that if it can be established that the devise (staple) will continually and consistently exude ingredient then the longer the device can persist in the Hive then the higher the efficacy overall. It is clear that Paper Tape is very persistent in the Hive
  11. Philbee

    June 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    That's good However we have just finished talking about the Hives out there that just want to breed Varroa no matter what. Has anyone tried dissolving Citric, lactic or absorbic acids in GL Its possible that the organic acids that have proved inferior to Oxalic acid may be worth a look at in paper tape. Citric acid is so inexpensive its laughable
  12. Philbee

    Secondhand Boxes

    If I were to look at buying second hand gear Id buy the tin lids and good mats Clean and Paint the mats, burn or dip the boxes Boxes arnt that expensive and if the cost of a the boxes is a deal breaker then you cant afford to be in this game.
  13. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Apparently Black Bees are atracked there
  14. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    Ive given this issue with this individual a lot of thought. Is it possible that he has been inclined to devote so much time and effort to helping others that his own issues have overwhelmed him. And if so what has been offered in the way of help, after all its evident that he isnt short of friends???
  15. Philbee

    Blame Thy Neighbor

    There was no grudge held on my part. The Bees that came through were very good and I more than made up for the loses