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  1. At the DocEdge festival (too late for Auckland, showing in Wellington 16 & 18 June): " Nestled in an isolated mountain region deep within the Balkans, Hatidze and her mother live in a village without roads, electricity or running water. They’re the last in a long line of Macedonian wild beekeepers, eking out a living farming honey in small batches to be sold in the closest city – a mere four hours’ walk away. " https://docedge.nz/film/honeyland/
  2. Do they mate in flight like apis mellifera?
  3. An acquaintance took this photo today and thought that it was a queen bee & drone that had fallen to earth. It certainly looks like mating but is it apis mellifera?
  4. Thanks. . . minimum order on Ecroyd comb-jointers is 10, unfortunately!
  5. Do you know any NZ makers of boxes that use finger/comb jointing?
  6. Thanks, will keep you in mind for next year. Best of luck!
  7. Just wondering whether there are any packages available in NZ. The two main suppliers seem to be export-only (bah!)
  8. Found my hive dead: plenty of stores, a few bees on the frames, and about a cupful of mouldy bees on the baseboard. I've attached a photo of two of the frames. Now what to do about the stores. They are sealed but there's a light covering of mold, which I think would make it dodgy for human consumption (even with a careful uncapping there would be too many spores floating round). My plan is to cook up the honey and wax to around boiling point to kill off the mould, then put it aside for the bees. Thoughts?
  9. Anaesthesia, jet lag and bees are three concepts that do not usually go together. However research done by Dr Guy Warman and his team at The University of Auckland, with the support of a Marsden grant, has highlighted the links between them, and what we can learn from honeybees about recovering from the effects of general anaesthesia. This work has recently been published in the highly prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. More info: http://www.royalsociety.org.nz/2012/04/18/warman/
  10. Not in Eckroyds catalogue.
  11. I've been asked by another beekeeper whether anyone stocks any of the gear for making old-style comb honey (box, frames, container), or alternatively the Ross Rounds stuff. Yes, I know about cut comb. . .
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