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  1. How does everyone store there honey supers and wet frames?
  2. Thank for the responses. So far stings have only been on legs and arms/hands. I had one sting the previous day on upper left arm above elbow, small amount of swelling and itchy but was gone within a day. The one on my right arm was on the bottom of my wrist (hole in gloves!!) which swelled all of lower arm. So I believe it's just localised large swelling. The stings don't hurt at the time much. It did take me a while to get the stinger out this time so proberbly didn't help!! All I worry about is how this could affect throat if stung on neck!
  3. I was recently stung on the wrist, this would have to be my 15th - 20th sting since starting beekeeping 3years ago. Every time I've had a little local swelling, but this time my lower arm swelled up, was very hot and itchy. Has lasted 2 days and is staring to go down now. Always take anti histamine for hay fever but doesn't seem to make much difference. Is this something I should be worried about? All I'm thinking is what if this was my throat?
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