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  1. 3 frame extractors

    I'm thinking of buying a 3 frame honey extractor as they are a good buy new at the moment. I have in the pass used a friends 4 frame extractor which works well spinning 2 or 4 frames. My question is can you spin less then 3 frames in a 3 frame extractor without it being out of balance i.e can you spin two successfully. As you all can appreciate I am not always going to have multiplies of 3 frames to extract. thanks
  2. As usual this year I removed honey supers and added bayvarol on 3/3. After this I had a hive fail (whole other story), so merged split with my strongest hive. Now this hive has ended up with way more honey then it needs to get thru winter. My question, is it ok to harvest honey after treatment goes in. The strips are not in the box the honey I would like to remove is in. I run with 1 fd brood box and generally leave close to 1 full fd box to get them thru winter. If no I will probably still remove but will use for emergence feeding for swarms etc thanks
  3. Looking for bees for my hive. Unfortunately my last hive got robbed out. I am registered.Already on swarm list but so far none have come my way:( thanks