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  1. That is looking good, how long will you get out of the batteries ? or are they charged by the truck,?
  2. hi not that it makes any difference to whats happened, but do you remove the brood, also were the hives in your section, if so have you any unusual or different types of plants, it may be some thing that you have become immune to and your visitors are not, but i'am with frazz with this. will be interesting to see what the results are.
  3. we harvest 3/4 times in a good year, this keeps the bees working as all frames taken out are replaced with wets, this really gets them motivated.
  4. gee's yesbut you an't got nothing to worry about, out of thirty of my sites i have had 24 AFB notices, it sure makes you wonder what the heck is going on or are we about to have a afb explosion, on the plus side i have not found any yet.
  5. hi jamesc try above number or gardenbees@hotmail.co.nz
  6. longest has been two weeks no problem if weather is good.
  7. it is still liquid i take it
  8. any chance of sending 4-5 kg bucket up this way as a sample, will pay post etc, may look at a few drums if it works out ok
  9. what is going on, just looked at my api web site, 23 of my sites out of 30 have AFB alerts on them
  10. some of those lovely big new clovers don't seem to produce much nectar
  11. ok then not powder for, honey baths/soak, 500grm honey into a bath full of hot/warm water - got to be good for the skin soaking in honey, need not put too much in as it then becomes to sticky, right going back to powdered honey i have made some inquires as to cost etc etc from our local dryer, will report back later when i know more.
  12. great web site, I believe they have just put in a bigger dryer as well
  13. I like the idea of powdered honey, easy to use, easy to transport, easy to package, But the cost to powder could be quite high it would need to be cheap enough to sit on the supermarket shelf beside the sugars.
  14. to sell you will also need to have it tutin tested and passed,
  15. I have a hive like this, it has lost a lot of bees this season, last year it had the same problem and seemed to came right by its self, all autumn and winter it was good, but soon as spring build up started it was back again, I had three hives last year with this the other are all good,
  16. Had this happen many years ago when I caught my first swarm, what happed was I had no box etc to put swarm in, so took shirt off and tied the ends then dropped all the bees into shirt, was not a lot of room, any way the only place I had to put the bees was on the back of my wee truck, this was a hot day and black deck, any way when I got home there was this big mess of honey pouring out of the shirt, on driving home which was about 3/4 of an hours drive the bees had been swishing or rolling from one side of the truck to the other so there was quite a mess all over the deck, tipped the bees and there honey into a f/d box - by this stage the swarm was just a big ball of honey and bees, a lot did die but the swarm survived and the queen, and that swarm is what got me started into bee keeping
  17. do you have to use GL, can we not use some thing like light olive oil or liquid paraffin oil for the carrier ?
  18. yer got my first on Wednesday 4/10/17 last week, a bout the size of half a 10 litre bucket, it was a real sod a split swarm one half caught ok the other took off and came back latter as things got colder, no queen with this half, got two other calls but these were hives with bees just enjoying getting out of the hive.
  19. a lot of our hive visits we time to make when people are not home, mainly for the fact it takes to long and they all want to talk, the swarming is a biggey with in town hives and hives at schools people seem to get very upset when they see a swarm coming at them,, and so yes i agree as some one said on here the best control is to take a couple of frames each visit, this is also where you catch up on a little money making, we dont hand out buckets of honey, they get a pot every 2nd visit, used to give out bucket fulls but alot of people didnt know what to do with alot of honey once it cystallized, we don't deal with any ticket clippers
  20. yes we are still running a " hire a hive" just around the Blenheim area, we don't charge a lot to people wanting a hive, it is more of a service, they get a little honey though out the year and a bit of pollination, but i think the biggest plus is they talk to there friends about having a bee hive and how wonder full it is to go out and watch there hive, as well as doing there bit to save the bees, the down side to hive rental is the cost of running around for servicing only one to two hives in one spot
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