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  1. all our frames are made from pallet timber, if you can get the real long ones all the better, and pipe surrounds are great, not many nails
  2. we have had 3 case's this year, all different sites, a bit of a worry as we have had some thing like 23 AFB notifications,
  3. couple of cans of fish oil would be just as good
  4. i think cancelling the DECA wont do much, just put you in a negitive mode, i think they would be better working along side the person that has the problem help sort things out,
  5. you need to get yourself a hive then, Derek, we miss your posts
  6. @Pollen Id what do you need for a sample ?
  7. bit more funding in this area would be great, there seems to be a big increase in AFB, every one i talk too has it or know sone one who has, every 2nd day theres another txt with 3/4 afb alerts on it, this year i have already burned 3 hives, thats a first,
  8. frames will be the next to mark, has any one used or know any one using the small mico chips bored into a hole in the suppers ?
  9. $2.52 per hive is about $1.50 too much as well
  10. sounds like gum mixed with cats ear.
  11. heres another, good spot to stop for a coffee break
  12. nuc;s get one stone if theres a queen, two if eggs or brood, all hives recorded this time of year, all box numbers recorded, state of hive, stores, etc, all in a little note book, would like some thing like a chip or bar code that can be scaned when boxes taken off, frames removed, any movements made,
  13. you sure about that, i know they made gelatine from hoofs, skins etc never heard of GL
  14. is the GL you use made from rape seed oil, ?
  15. do you buy the thick or the runny glycerine or does it make no difference ?
  16. going to call my truck Gladus, please as punch it passed its last warrant needing nothing done to it, since I brought it, it has cost between $400.00 too $1200.00 for warrants, this was taking it to Toyota for the free warrants while I have the truck, so took it to the testing station this time - passed thank you, but I see the rego has run out, this was expired when I took it for its warrant and none of us picked it up, I didn't think you could get a warrant with a expired rego
  17. this ones just down the road a little,
  18. great that's just made my day, the box that arrived yesterday has the same batch number as yours, not used any yet been to wet.
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