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  1. the turbo is a TURBODYN HI-TORUE Tubo seems Australian made as it has a stamp of Australia on it
  2. how gutless would it be just to take the turbo off, i often think the turbo dosn't do much, hard to tell,
  3. Took the 1999 Hilux in for warrant yesterday, it has a 501 motor and has a turbo, have owned this for some thing like 3-4 years, person before me owned it a lot longer, any way it failed seems like it has to have a cert for the turbo, Toyota has given this truck several warrants as well as the testing that failed it yesterday, any one know if this is correct, Blenheim Toyota is looking into it, have'nt heard back yet.
  4. Agree. some produce very little nectar, we had a Swiss type in the vine yard one year grew up to our knees flowers for miles, but no nectar, weather fine and sunny as well,
  5. Funny that, Ive had the same comment from a Lime grove I have bees in, fruit for miles they have never seen so much.
  6. collected our first swarm yesterday off a fence post, we are looking at about 2-3 weeks earlier than last year, two hives this week hatching queens as iam inspecting them,
  7. can i have mine back please, lol
  8. yep i got a hive full of wasps the other day, hive was very poor
  9. thats great to see, at least they are listening to the bee keepers ?
  10. what happens if we all refuse to pay this levy, i'am sure they haven't the funds to take us all to court, i for one have not got the money to help shin the bums of a heap of shinny arse's.
  11. framers market you will be looking at 35-40 bucks, most sold in 4 buck blocks for wraps,
  12. I voted yes on the poll, only because i am still a member-but not for much longer.
  13. yer 5 point some thing, centered picton way
  14. yer also meet mummzie yesterday,
  15. how do you manage to sleep 8 hours a night ?
  16. our local super value is not helping, honey has gone from the top 3 shelf's to the bottom 3 they don't seem to be interested in honey, the other day i heard of a north island super market only stocking there honey ( manuka) with empty jars, the full ones would walk out the door,
  17. we pack, sell and market ours, just the other day turned down an offer of $12.50, started to think of all the long hot days i had sweat running in my eyes, then home to extact till, 9.30-11.00 pm some nights, then back into it the next day, 12.50 nar
  18. going the other way, getting rid of the F/D's and slowly going all 3/4's, so much better on the back now that it's starting to play up
  19. alot of the hire hives we have now get two hives for the price of one, the reason for this is it is much easier two keep two hives going together than one on its own, One of the other options they get now is no retail cost if they have more than five hives on the site - they still get there free bit of honey thought out the year, any hive that dies is replaced at our cost, usually gets replaced with a yearling, any manged hive that dies in our care is also replaced, unless the owner has done some thing stupid like putting ant bate around the hive,
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