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  1. I know about 8/9 years ago there was a machine for making these for sale on trade me, all i know now is that it went to nelson,
  2. i have a 500 gm pot of Lavender honey worth $100.00 any takers, lol
  3. you still not said how many honey boxes are on each hive, if only one or two - leave them, why all the extra work fluffing around with frames taking them out and putting back in, work "smarter not harder"
  4. where is this fuel rail, have had alook but can't see much for the wopping great air cleaner on top, what sort of $$ do you think it cost to replace the fuel rail, i see the cam belt was changed at 166, now at 216 not sure how often that gets replaced, they gave it to me with no manual in it, steel plate in motor bay says 2008.
  5. you really need to pull out all frames when checking for cells, you will miss the ones they have tucked up beside the frames, if covered in bees shank them off, you will be suprised how many you miss doing it your way,
  6. how many honey boxes on the hives, if only one i would just put a strap around each hives real tight and do two trips, a piece of wind break is good to block the hive off with,
  7. same here, also an old steam knife, nothing bets a hot air gun,
  8. toyota now have the truck and are now putting it though the cert process, one of the requirements is that it needs a drive shaft loop/hoop. no biggie the truck they have given me to use is a toyota 3.0 D4D the last "D" is in red, has any one got one of these or know any thing about them, it seems a really great truck, although is a double cab like mine the deck is alot bigger, it seems to have alot more power than my old turbo girl which is also a 3.0, any comments would be great thanks
  9. up too 5 swarms so far, all been very nice and quite to box
  10. i take the old girl and two frames of brood, if good q cells and a few of them i will also take frames with cells on and make up nucs, i try to leave the oldest and biggest cell and may be a uncapped they can sort things out from there, brood frames with one cell on goes into a nuc and bees from two other hives are added to build up the numbers a bit, i have found that bees from 3 different hives will get along ok, but put bees from two hives and this seems to cause problems,
  11. Also seems to put them into a swarming mode as well
  12. I would have taken the old queen out and left a q cell in there, some times after doing every thing you did they will still swarm with the old queen, if you take the old q and some brood frames like you took out you are you are producing a forced/artificial swarm, but you must take the old girl
  13. well a little up date on this, Toyota are going to take care of this cert stuff and foot the bill, ya happy as,
  14. leg rooms ok, i'am bit over 6 foot, the worst part is that there is not alot of seat movement for adjusting.
  15. brought one of these as the light run-a-bout, its a little nissan clipper
  16. not even a 'yesbut' number plate !
  17. nar, put them in a bowl of beer batter and a quick deep fry, better than chips
  18. the turbo is a TURBODYN HI-TORUE Tubo seems Australian made as it has a stamp of Australia on it
  19. how gutless would it be just to take the turbo off, i often think the turbo dosn't do much, hard to tell,
  20. Took the 1999 Hilux in for warrant yesterday, it has a 501 motor and has a turbo, have owned this for some thing like 3-4 years, person before me owned it a lot longer, any way it failed seems like it has to have a cert for the turbo, Toyota has given this truck several warrants as well as the testing that failed it yesterday, any one know if this is correct, Blenheim Toyota is looking into it, have'nt heard back yet.
  21. Agree. some produce very little nectar, we had a Swiss type in the vine yard one year grew up to our knees flowers for miles, but no nectar, weather fine and sunny as well,
  22. Funny that, Ive had the same comment from a Lime grove I have bees in, fruit for miles they have never seen so much.
  23. collected our first swarm yesterday off a fence post, we are looking at about 2-3 weeks earlier than last year, two hives this week hatching queens as iam inspecting them,
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