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  1. i find it a bit strange that there is not a lot more beekeepers suffering these lose's that a few of us are getting, referring to the dead hives of cause,
  2. they will only buy a small portion of our honey and blend with there so called honey made from corn and sugar mixes and what ever else they can find to put in it and sell back to us when they can
  3. john are dead bees any good ? same thing hives heaps of stores, seems to be hitting the older hives - late summer/autumn hives seem to be getting though ok, i don't believe it has any thing to do with the varora strips as we used two different strips some times in the same hives, they still died. always seems to be the same thing, hive gets down to a little cluster of about 40-60 bees then they just get hit with the cold, in a lot of these hives the queen seems to disappear quite early on leaving no brood to come on,
  4. Snap ! us too who do we get to test bees
  5. can they be painted i like painted boxes ? also if i get full depths now and decide to go 3/4 can i cut them down to 3/4 with out stuffing them ?
  6. remaining hives are looking ok, possibly a bit lower in numbers than i would expect to see, don't think poisoning as not a lot of dead bees in front of hive. the few that are left in the hive some have there heads in the cells as though short of food, but are not they have food on the frames they are on,
  7. most hives, no bees and honey a bout half. a half cup of bees, dead and honey, possible a bout 40% of hives checked at this stage, more to check next week
  8. we are having pretty much the same problems frazzledfozzle still alot of bite in the strips, have found no queens in the small patch of bees left, the surviving hives seem to be a lot of the Autumn splits or smaller hives going into winter, i do not think the very warm autumn helped the strong hives much, they just got stronger, no hives have been short of food they have left with heaps still ready to eat, got me beat.
  9. we have had a few hives looking the same, strips all good, plenty of stores. capped brood, but in all the ones that did have a small hand full of dead brood there were no queens, no afb,
  10. yes i know of one of those bridge's a well
  11. that was great for a laugh, mind you i have had the odd one that doesn't play by the rules
  12. thats good, i saw the first one i ever seen in Blenhiem a bout 3 weeks ago, thought it looked quite cool
  13. yer i was in Ashburton at the time of those big snows
  14. you are right there, look at the gun buy back ####, not only electric cars, next the open and log burners will go and we will all have too have a heat pump ete, where is all this power going to come from, ?
  15. dam more stuff to carry, looks like i will have to take my two chocks on hive inspections now,
  16. I would have made try and breath a bucket of it, t.. .... ...e its bad enough trying to sale honey now with out his help,
  17. yes liked the look of those, so took heaps of photos-now cant find them ! that makes great honey boxes, dont have to do any thing with them
  18. thanks, now whats a good cheap stapler ?
  19. john what size staples do you use ?
  20. whats a set of moulds cost ?
  21. hi john ared you making your foundation ?
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