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  1. a lot of our hives seem to be very light, not quite how i would like them to be going into winter
  2. yes they are great, ideal for cutting around rocks and fence posts etc
  3. there would have to have been a small hole there first from the wasps, bees can not break the skins even on the softer types
  4. you are not on your own there,
  5. yes i do it, works most times, but needs to be fresh each time, lemon barm dose not, work nor mint or dill
  6. if its any help, i had a hives suffer from some thing like this for two seasons, this year it seems to have kicked the virus and has done really well, every time in the past when i checked this hives there where a large number of bees covering the ground, they lost so many
  7. as above the votes results for the levy, the no's won
  8. Woops to late i see there posted above all ready
  9. with 22 frames and a lot of bees I would get rid of the disc and make them a larger whole, with the hot weather they need to fan air into the hive to cool
  10. I've been asked if i want to put our Lavender honey in there,- haven't yet
  11. may be they have had a heads up on the way the voting is gong
  12. thats why we have gone to ply roofs, keeps them cooler in summer and warmer in winter, just need a coat of paint now and again
  13. i thought they already had it !
  14. has any one got any idiot proof mead recipes ?
  15. well i haven't said much on here for a while, but love reading whats going on, I'am with jamesec on alot of what he say's and i think the only way for alot of us smaller honey collectors to survive is to sell our own, market, package and to further process our honey. we are are putting up a little honey shack in the back yard and will be selling honey six different sorts, hand creams etc, soaps, honey powder, tablets, Also we currently sell at three different markets as well as online sales and return buyers, i for one know how i will be voting after spending all my spare time and then some on all things bee related, spending endless hours in the stinking hot sun stuck in a bee suit with salty sweet running into my eyes,
  16. all our hives get a strap of some kind, after having several tipped over by wind, cattle a few years back, as big hands said "at least they stay together"
  17. hi Lynne, have you got brood yet ? if not i sure i can find some,
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