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  1. I've mated with a queen several times and have no problem with things dropping off. lol
  2. If combs are good i leave until they are damaged, or become clod with wax, or frames become twisted or broken. unless they are really bad they are still kept and will be used on hiving a swarm that i think needs to be quarantined, i no you still have the problem of getting them out of the hive later, but you can do that before spring, if you have two brood boxes on. hope this helps
  3. Hi iam in Renwick, this side of Blenheim if thats any help, do have spare gear if you want to try some day.
  4. good on you Rob i to think i will give this bee feed ago this spring.
  5. fieldbee. no yeast added to mine,i thought at the time it might grow so did not use any, i will add next batch, dose it have to be salt free?
  6. could bee, thought i may try this this time round, 1/2 mix of water sugar, then add a little of some thing like cooking oil with a 1/2 lemon squashed into it, if not lemon then may be a couple of spoon fulls of white vinegar
  7. not sure but i think i used a 1-2 water /sugar mix and thickened with the casein till i had a soft pattie, then it went hard and no one wanted it
  8. Hi what do you chaps mix in with your casein, i made some patties last year, not sure what mix i made but they ended up very hard and the bees did not touch them, even the hens left them.
  9. i use the cheapest spray on oil and spray onto a square bit of core flut,( real estate signs )and put under screened bottom boards works great
  10. interesting, so i may as well take the wild hives put them into some old hives and see what happens, if good i end up with more or find a source of AFB, now if only i had some old gear,
  11. hi just wondering with all this AFB talk, do wasps carry or spread afb from infected hives, i know of three wild hives close to one of mine, just been thinking should i kill off those wild bees ?
  12. i used to use those porter escapes and now they are all just laying around the shed in bits and pieces, i use the round metal ones they work great, not sure what they are called
  13. nice hives tony, i too like the entrance above the QE, I believe on the bee source website people have done trails on having the entrance above the QE and yes you do get cleaner honey, but they say also you get better yields, i did try this on several hives last season and do think i had better yields on those hives i tried it on, I think on the bees point of view it makes sense for those bees not having any thing to do with the brood can go straight into the honey with hiking it though the brood boxes
  14. tony how many of you work these hives, your honey must be alittle expensive i think i sold some honey to people up your way not long ago
  15. good subject, i have for years debated over 3/4 or full for honey and brood, so i am sort of sitting on the fence so to speak, i run some hives with 3/4 brood( x2 )and 3/4 honey supers, full depth 1 and 2's brood boxes, most honey supers are 3/4 with 2 or 3 honey supers still needed to build replacement brood frames each year.i think as i get older the 3/4 boxes will win,
  16. kevin moore


    yep gotta love those straps, i use both m-lock and the ol ratched straps great for the piece of mind.
  17. oh i should have added once you have the bees coming and going though your brood box you can add you mite treatment
  18. OK if this was me i would not be to worried about the mites at this stage, now to get the bees out of the tree stump you need to block off all there exits and leave one that is easy to block off or insert a piece of pipe into to witch you have an old brood box filled with a frame or two of pollen, couple of frames of honey stores, but most importantly you need two to three frames with brood on them plus the nurse bees that come with it,attached to the end stump end, now you also need an opening at the other end of the old brood box so that bees can come and go,this is not a file save method some times it works, but it takes time, once the bees start to move into you brood box you need to put some sort or cone in to the pipe so as bees can come out of the stump but not return and thus take over your brood box, good luck
  19. tony how many hives do you run to get that
  20. just wandering where every one sells, gives away, or off load or how they further process there honey surplus,
  21. just a bit of useless information but blue borage is also known as "star flower" in the USA,
  22. good trading Janice, do you need more honey for say $13.00 a kg, I to us the nutritional labels from Ecroyds, here is pic of my current label.
  23. If you have two brood boxes and your frames you want to remove are in the bottom, then leave them there as bees will move up during the winter, other wise as you have said just slowly move them to the side, but as with bees and bee keepers you will get several different ideas, you do what works for you
  24. I have lost three hives in the last two months, mainly i think due to the fact they ran out of food in the area they where in and me not being about to check on them, but having said that when i opened the hive it had these big black wasps, not sure if these are native or not, won't be loosing any more, touch wood
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