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  1. my saw vi got for $40.00 it was sitting out side down the back of a cherry farm here, leather just let me know when, yer you need two holes, so much better
  2. thats better, yell out if you want to try abit of leather, i got a little saw bench like that, a great wee secondary saw for the smaller stuff
  3. I have used the old office paper stapler with no problems.
  4. bloody new neighbours always are a pain in the Ass, every time we get a new neighbour we always seen to get a call from the local council,
  5. replaced my vinyl with lamb skin leather, goes great, also added another inlet hole up higher and put a leather patch over it so it pulls in when releasing the bellows and pushes hard against the wood when pushing, the patch needs to be quite flexible to work, yell out if you want to try some leather Alastair, the battery powered smokers with the fan goes pretty good, just pain changing batterys
  6. well i was beginning to think i suck at beekeeping after loosing so many hives, things are looking better, i did think it was the oxy strips not strong enough, have put another round in as i think we still need to learn more about using them, so far all building up great, a little slow in some places, but thats to do with where they are, the hives that dropped out tended to be the older hives the newer splits bolted though, so not really sure what to think, i'am just glade theres a heap of honey still in the shed,
  7. if they keep returning to the site they swarmed to in the hedge etc i puff a lot of smoke onto the area to block any of the queens smells.
  8. I didn't go over I saw a post on face book and thought I think I know who that is, great wee set up with the cart and the bike, are you based round the fox river,? will get over to see you some time when I get the bus back on the road,
  9. Little bit of subject, but was that you at the Fox River Market?
  10. hi frazzle, yer no sample sent in just been waiting to see how jamesc's samples turn out, not alot of money in the coffers at the mo. the earler ones on the second round which only had a soft ball size cluster died, was talking to another beek the other day and he had some thing much the same, this he put down to lack of pollen, still had plenty of stores though. the dwindling or slow hives have come away but are slow to build up, these have both plenty of honey and stores, the hives that were ok have had split of them and are still going gang-busters, this is all happening in a
  11. morpork, Are you selling this honey, nowhere on here say;s what part of nz you are from, p.s if you want more i have some
  12. so is this honey passed over a hot surface like pasteurization, but not as hot maybe !
  13. If your keeping hives in town or built up areas swarming is the number one thing you need to be on top off at this time of year, a course that doesn't cover swarming i would very much dout the value of it. we have hives on peoples home sites right next to fences beside pathways etc never had a problem, noise not a problem, as some one said you do need to bear in mind where cloths lines are and the bees flight paths are not in direct line to where people are walking, also bear in mind the person mowing the lawns,
  14. have had 4 in as many days, only one from my hives, so all good
  15. Thermalised, now thats a new one i've not heard about, what is it and how is it done and what is the purpose of it pls
  16. yer,have not seen any other types of creamers so don't no any better ideas,
  17. It has no chiller and we have never used one, the honey is once creamed and package is stored in a cool room, we have only ever had one batch of creamed get the frosted look and this was bush for some reason, we are making a batch now and hope to do another couple before summer, we dont creamed in summer, it would be easy enough to add a few rounds of cooling tube around it if you had too
  18. yes pretty much just a stirrer with four bits of flat steel attached these are set a different angles to push the honey up and down, seems to work very well
  19. were those strips put in in early autumn or refreshed during the winter
  20. lots a good luck, not sure what your weather has been like over the winter, but we have had a lot of wet or cloudy days and found our strips got very damp and quite wet feeling, we had our strips in the corners by the brood, not cut across the middle like those in the pic, i have run out of ideas on these lose's it just seems so weird
  21. I think the oxy staples are ok for a spring/summer treatment and then go back to bayverol for autumn winter treatments, this is what we will be doing
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