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  1. they hold some thing like a bout 50 kg turn it on and it will run for 5 mins every hour and will keep going for 90 hours, you just stop when you think its ready, although theres been the odd time time we've got busy so its just a reset and let it run till we are ready, did hear of a person just kept theres going and had a fill your own type system going.
  2. We have one of theres it dose a great job, pretty much just set and forget
  3. Any way how are you going to stop the non organic bees flying in for a look, i had hives on an organic vine yard, had to use organic mite treatment, that didnt work well the weather was also cold and wet, lose to many bees so now its back to using what i want
  4. we were on the NP1 which did cost some thing like $575.00 ish, then after nine months we had to change to NP2 because we cream honey, but now we can make pickles etc, we weren't charged for the change
  5. yep both hives look normal to me, just need to build up in numbers, we still have all our entrance reducers on due to the large a mount of mice/wasps around still, have lost alot of good frames though mice damage being to slow putting reducers on, wildflower don't keep beating yourself up saying ur a poor beekeeper, look at is as a learning curve,, at the end of the day ur bees are going to survive so long as they have food,and varroa treatment and room they will pretty much do the rest
  6. yep they are good, i have one the same
  7. We are still getting a lot of wasps in some of our hives, every hive now has a reducer on, never stopped seeing wasps this year.
  8. theres always the packet of 2 minute noddles if you want a change.
  9. i find it a bit strange that there is not a lot more beekeepers suffering these lose's that a few of us are getting, referring to the dead hives of cause,
  10. they will only buy a small portion of our honey and blend with there so called honey made from corn and sugar mixes and what ever else they can find to put in it and sell back to us when they can
  11. john are dead bees any good ? same thing hives heaps of stores, seems to be hitting the older hives - late summer/autumn hives seem to be getting though ok, i don't believe it has any thing to do with the varora strips as we used two different strips some times in the same hives, they still died. always seems to be the same thing, hive gets down to a little cluster of about 40-60 bees then they just get hit with the cold, in a lot of these hives the queen seems to disappear quite early on leaving no brood to come on,
  12. Snap ! us too who do we get to test bees
  13. can they be painted i like painted boxes ? also if i get full depths now and decide to go 3/4 can i cut them down to 3/4 with out stuffing them ?
  14. remaining hives are looking ok, possibly a bit lower in numbers than i would expect to see, don't think poisoning as not a lot of dead bees in front of hive. the few that are left in the hive some have there heads in the cells as though short of food, but are not they have food on the frames they are on,
  15. most hives, no bees and honey a bout half. a half cup of bees, dead and honey, possible a bout 40% of hives checked at this stage, more to check next week
  16. we are having pretty much the same problems frazzledfozzle still alot of bite in the strips, have found no queens in the small patch of bees left, the surviving hives seem to be a lot of the Autumn splits or smaller hives going into winter, i do not think the very warm autumn helped the strong hives much, they just got stronger, no hives have been short of food they have left with heaps still ready to eat, got me beat.
  17. we have had a few hives looking the same, strips all good, plenty of stores. capped brood, but in all the ones that did have a small hand full of dead brood there were no queens, no afb,
  18. yes i know of one of those bridge's a well
  19. keep us posted as to how it goes pls
  20. that was great for a laugh, mind you i have had the odd one that doesn't play by the rules
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