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  1. looks big, how many frames in there ?
  2. i remember reading bees will chew though some thing like 6-7 kg of honey to make 1 kg of wax, I could wrong.
  3. Rubbish, hard work never hurt any one, its the way you go about it that makes a job hard or not, some employers never learn they are still back in the old days of doing every thing the hard way like there father before them did it, change is a good
  4. I have a whole box of white packing thingamy jigs. if you need, look a bit like big pea nut shells
  5. we already have one pink guy on here, has green shorts !
  6. I brought a branding iron but can not find cheap letters for it,
  7. why can you not get something like the micro chips they put in cats and dogs, you would only have to bore a small hole and bung it up
  8. where there dead bees in front of the hive or no bees ?
  9. save a lot on postage and would be a lot faster, instead of sending out reminders half way though the month which is a total waste of money cause you end up sending acc's to a lot of people that have already paid, an email you would only have to send in the last week payment is due
  10. Oh just went out to check the mail and b....me theres a reminder telling me I haven't paid, what a pack of fruit loops !!
  11. Funny that they still can't get it right, they charged me twice last year and now I get an e mail to say they have given every one the wrong bank acc number, missing a 5
  12. and I always thought PINK was his favourite colour, now its green, does not really go with pink !
  13. when you think about it, when waxing up plastic frames there can be a lot of places on those frames that end up with a fair covering of wax and yet the bees still draw out there comb as normal, this putting flat wax into a frame is something I am going to try this coming season to see what happens, I am sure over the many years of bee keeping some one has tried this any thoughts out there ?
  14. what sort of price did this cost you ,if you don't mind being asked ?
  15. if you have trouble with that one, there is one on trade me for $85 listing 890257796 with topmaq, you may as well have two
  16. awesome video, thanks for posting
  17. well after looking at that - who wouldn't want one !
  18. Great news, that 100 hrs should be helping a bee keeper with out a bee suit on and no smokers,!
  19. woops, yes, @yesbut if you like the feel of male hands all over you, join in
  20. Hi @WannaBee2 I will massage you some time over the next week, its really not to hard to get.
  21. yep - no actually doing the old pre winter check taking honey off and adding strips etc
  22. @Trevor Gillbanks no prob's will do, may be a day or so though
  23. what a awesome day, Just got my consents to process/pack and sell honey
  24. sorry to hear about the lost of your hives Stephen, hope they turn up still in tack and with your honey, all the best in finding the B.......
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