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  1. we have used the heat gun all season, very quick, less damage to comb, heated knife only been out of its packet once to trim over sizesd frames
  2. yep top feeders are good,I made several with wet/dry options, really like the idea
  3. History, the swarm came from under a road bridge, be side the road bridge is a rail bridge, we were looking at the swarm under the bridge and had giving up as a two harder job, too high and alot of water put us off, any way we were sitting under this brigde when the train came though, after the train had passed and right in the train path after the train there was this massive swarm, started heading into the vineyard next door, two people went off into the vineyard to keep an eye on them, mean while i stayed with the swarm, it split into two, one half went back under the road bridge while the other carried on and landed in a plum tree about ten feet up, cut away afew bits of tree and landed most of the swarm into the big plastic floppy bucket thingee i was using, worked great as you could bring the tops in together, the hive acted like they had a queen, but some were very stand offish, and took awhil to get housed, i thought about a laying worker, but if that was the case wouldn't i be seeing eggs in the empty cells, also would the grub still grow in the queen cell, i thought the eggs/grubs from laying workers just die off or come to nothing, I'am now thinking i will put these two frames into a nuc each and borrow a queen from another hive for a few days to see what happens, any thoughts on this any one ?
  4. no chance all new undrawn foundition,
  5. ok i'am at a bit of a muddle, caught a swarm two weeks ago, didn't see the queen, looked in the hive a week ago and there is 8 q cells. still no sign of a queen and no eggs etc. took top off one of these and there is a grub in it, has any one any idea whats going on with this hive ?
  6. its great for drawing in moisture, rots faster, dosen't even burn good, but nice to cut,
  7. that sucks i suppose they all had 3- 4 boxes on and full of honey
  8. yep thats better, i wouldn't want the bees having to suffer smelly arm pits,
  9. Hi Bron, still here, been stuck in the shed thought i had plenty of gear ready but no, so back to cutting and gluing, sawing and screwing, painting and wiring and waxing, got the picture, been agood season so far we are doing the grab and replace extracting this year soon as there is a full frame or two its taken, six reasons for this, 1) short of gear, 2) need the honey 3) combs are cleaner, 4) I believe the bees work harder and bring more in as they always have an empty comb 5) smaller amounts to extract, don't spend all day in the shed, 6) don't have to clean extractor out, unless we have a big break,
  10. yes have some, would you like some seeds, coming your way mon/tuesday
  11. never did hear anything about the hives missing from Methven,
  12. he only said they were under the sheets, Its a bit like saying i'am going out to water the lawn !!!
  13. Ah got it if it is dombeya tiliacea is also know as Natal Cherry, Wild Pear or Cape wedding flower, native to Africa, this one has a white flower, there is also another that is much nicer looking with a pink flower, its called Dombeya Burgessiea, but there is more a Dombeya natalensis
  14. yep i'am with the rest on this Dombeya plant, can't find any thing on it, Do you have any seeds or seedlings?
  15. now thats a good natural looking garden - dansar !
  16. Bees doing really great lots of full boxes, but very little capped and runing out of boxes fast, just hope the last few really hot days have helprd bring down the moisture in the hives, and the Lavender is some thing like 10 days behind last year !
  17. this is my first year using plastic excluders and are really begining to like them, the bees seem to put up with them, i've two different types and theres no difference in bee prefference, but as tristan said, you must keep the top of your top bars clean. the only down side is that i clean my excluders in the solar wax melter - not sure how this will work.
  18. Did he get pics of the neighbour towing the hive, could be usefull in court. but dosen't matter how bad things are that still was not the way to go about it.
  19. welcome, like your bee shed, got any pics from inside i always like looking though other peoples sheds,
  20. I t seems a big strang that no other details have been posted, how are we to help if all we know is that they have gone missing and from Methven !!!
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