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  1. yer got my first on Wednesday 4/10/17 last week, a bout the size of half a 10 litre bucket, it was a real sod a split swarm one half caught ok the other took off and came back latter as things got colder, no queen with this half, got two other calls but these were hives with bees just enjoying getting out of the hive.
  2. a lot of our hive visits we time to make when people are not home, mainly for the fact it takes to long and they all want to talk, the swarming is a biggey with in town hives and hives at schools people seem to get very upset when they see a swarm coming at them,, and so yes i agree as some one said on here the best control is to take a couple of frames each visit, this is also where you catch up on a little money making, we dont hand out buckets of honey, they get a pot every 2nd visit, used to give out bucket fulls but alot of people didnt know what to do with alot of honey once it
  3. yes we are still running a " hire a hive" just around the Blenheim area, we don't charge a lot to people wanting a hive, it is more of a service, they get a little honey though out the year and a bit of pollination, but i think the biggest plus is they talk to there friends about having a bee hive and how wonder full it is to go out and watch there hive, as well as doing there bit to save the bees, the down side to hive rental is the cost of running around for servicing only one to two hives in one spot
  4. any drones flapping around here, it would be like duck shooting all over again.
  5. same here $15.17 and $20.00 have been able to open both lots sent to me,
  6. I got 2 x 5 kg bags at countdown about three/four weeks ago for $5.90 each, went back for more, but all gone,
  7. now that is a cute wee truck, is it for sale ? the Treka I remember those, looked a bit like a kerosene can on wheels
  8. I would be very surprised if the fee is less than $40.00 by the time they have a person typing on keyboard, filling out bits of paper, driving around the town burning up gas, and then going back to the office and spending another hour pissing around doing menial stuff, all for some thing that really don't need to be done, john I will catch up with you shortly,
  9. interesting, when you come up with an answer let me know, I have had three hives do this this season. lots of stores, brood etc, all three hives once they got over this hic-cup boomed and did really well, hives both sides of these hives gave no trouble.
  10. hi Tammyw if you need some one in the Blenheim - Marlborough area for the year I would like to help.
  11. spread sheets, folder for each site, sheet for each hive, record Q, eggs, capped, condition of hive, honey off, number of fames removed, boxes on, boxes off, strips in, every thing is recorded, all boxes are numbered. the only thing we don't record is the age of the queen, which we really should get on to one day,
  12. I had bees feeding on figs, that makes a nice honey, if you like figs,
  13. interesting I seem to have had about 4 hives done that this year, bees dead but lots of food only a short walk from the dead
  14. did try a few last year with the little meat skewers, two per frame, going from the top bar to the bottom bar, worked well, extracted well, only thing is you need to bore two wee holes for them,
  15. try looking at tobacco leaves for varroa control on the beesource theres a bit about it on there
  16. yes read that to Robbie, not sure where it was either, from what I remember the treatments were quite close together and required I think a bout four smoking's, as I said not sure, was going to try it on the nuc boxes I collected a heap of leaves for this and as I write this I still have a bundle hanging up by the fire, thinking back its been there a good couple of months, gee time flys
  17. Life time ban although sounds good would be a waste of time, they only have to hive hives in a different name, or put out in the back blocks away from sight and more than likely would not be registered, and still won't stop them stealing hives for other people, naming and shaming with pictures of them on this site and the nba site would be a better option, any that's what I think some one may come up with a better way
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