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  1. when you think about it, when waxing up plastic frames there can be a lot of places on those frames that end up with a fair covering of wax and yet the bees still draw out there comb as normal, this putting flat wax into a frame is something I am going to try this coming season to see what happens, I am sure over the many years of bee keeping some one has tried this any thoughts out there ?
  2. what sort of price did this cost you ,if you don't mind being asked ?
  3. if you have trouble with that one, there is one on trade me for $85 listing 890257796 with topmaq, you may as well have two
  4. awesome video, thanks for posting
  5. well after looking at that - who wouldn't want one !
  6. Great news, that 100 hrs should be helping a bee keeper with out a bee suit on and no smokers,!
  7. woops, yes, @yesbut if you like the feel of male hands all over you, join in
  8. Hi @WannaBee2 I will massage you some time over the next week, its really not to hard to get.
  9. yep - no actually doing the old pre winter check taking honey off and adding strips etc
  10. @Trevor Gillbanks no prob's will do, may be a day or so though
  11. what a awesome day, Just got my consents to process/pack and sell honey
  12. sorry to hear about the lost of your hives Stephen, hope they turn up still in tack and with your honey, all the best in finding the B.......
  13. you could have sent it down here, !
  14. I placed a hive in a child care centre 2 months ago and have not had any problems, i was asked to place one there as they were teaching the kids all about bees and how to treat and respect them, Also have a hive placed in a little country school as part of there nature and garden studies, no kids have been stung yet, at the school they all came over to taste the real honey and handle some drones and to see what the inside of the hive looks like, you should have seen there faces when they dipped there fingers in the frame and taste the honey straight from the hive or had drones walking on there hands, priceless - will all be beekeepers in years to come.
  15. feel sorry for you mate, there are to many people out there that cannot see day light due to the fact they are to far up there .....................
  16. we have used the heat gun all season, very quick, less damage to comb, heated knife only been out of its packet once to trim over sizesd frames
  17. yep top feeders are good,I made several with wet/dry options, really like the idea
  18. History, the swarm came from under a road bridge, be side the road bridge is a rail bridge, we were looking at the swarm under the bridge and had giving up as a two harder job, too high and alot of water put us off, any way we were sitting under this brigde when the train came though, after the train had passed and right in the train path after the train there was this massive swarm, started heading into the vineyard next door, two people went off into the vineyard to keep an eye on them, mean while i stayed with the swarm, it split into two, one half went back under the road bridge while the other carried on and landed in a plum tree about ten feet up, cut away afew bits of tree and landed most of the swarm into the big plastic floppy bucket thingee i was using, worked great as you could bring the tops in together, the hive acted like they had a queen, but some were very stand offish, and took awhil to get housed, i thought about a laying worker, but if that was the case wouldn't i be seeing eggs in the empty cells, also would the grub still grow in the queen cell, i thought the eggs/grubs from laying workers just die off or come to nothing, I'am now thinking i will put these two frames into a nuc each and borrow a queen from another hive for a few days to see what happens, any thoughts on this any one ?
  19. no chance all new undrawn foundition,
  20. ok i'am at a bit of a muddle, caught a swarm two weeks ago, didn't see the queen, looked in the hive a week ago and there is 8 q cells. still no sign of a queen and no eggs etc. took top off one of these and there is a grub in it, has any one any idea whats going on with this hive ?
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