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  1. like all bee keepers and extractors is pretty much a given that you taste a bit on your finger when working honey, frames etc
  2. haven't seen it again, sure there is no lotus up there
  3. yes green grass works very well, cheap too
  4. yes i had much the same a bout two years ago, 6 hives and one had very yellow wax, this was in a semi bush block - honey was nice i could be wrong, but i always seem to get a darker honey from cats ear,
  5. yer we had one on the farm many years ago. only 10 amp plug, i would wield all day some times, things never got hot. they are a good old work horse as far as i'am concerned, i currently use a cheapee 130 mig, gasless this i find does alot of the wielding i need to do, keep this post going i'am finding it very interesting, your not alone there, some of my stick wields i feel a blob of bubble gum would hold and look better
  6. higher tax's so the govt can recoop some of the money they have given out,
  7. great to hear a bout the pending sale james, hope it goes though for you, i think i'll hold off on the shares for another month,
  8. i think it was sucking air in a wee hole in fuel line, so carby and every thing alse got a sort out as well, made cover for motor as the last dipstick to use it left it out uncovered, then thought i would wield some tubing for the indicator wires as well, then of cause it got a paint job,
  9. we have sold more bush this last few weeks than any other honey, our bush has a mix of manuka, kanuka and kamahe to 53% the rest bits of every thing, taste really nice
  10. its going now, only took two days, the last person to use it wont get it again, could hear some one a couple doors down banging wedges swinging an axe and i thought-poor ######, yell out if you want to use it,
  11. yer i have all the wedges, splitting axe etc, but by golly a log splitter is so easy
  12. any inside pics of this James ? hi no its all fresh as, well we have had a bit of luck, cleaned air filter out, not much dirt in it, shortened the fuel pipe a bit it had a slight kink in it, but noticed after it had been sitting a bit a dirty big air bubble appeared in the line, so chanced that bit the bullet put air cleaner and all on gave it a pull and started after 3 pulls which is about normal, little twink on the mix screw and all pretty good just need some wood to try it on now
  13. ok so have cleaned out the carby poked wire though and took out bits put back together and gave every thing a blow with the compressor, mucked around with the air fuel mix or the only thing i could find that i could adjust, still runs like ####, even if i just sit the filter on but not screw down it still runs rough, have cleaned filter but very little #### was in it, any other ideas, have reset spark plug gap, what should the gap be between the fly wheel and coil thingee be
  14. yer your right there they like fingers, crushed one last year
  15. ok not quite a shot of the whole shed, but cleaned out enough to give the log splitter a much needed paint job, was a dull faded green, after few wielding repairs it came up not to bad, then made a cover for the motor as well, i have now only one problem with it, when i had my op the person that used it left it out in the rain uncovered, managed to get the motor going but soon as i put the air filter on it seems to starve it self of air, any one got any idea what i need to do, thanks
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