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  1. got one last week, only one we've seen this year, any way i was setting out on the grass having a feed and then the buzzing started, oh cool a swarm, this swarm flew right into one of the boxes i had piled up waiting for swarms, just so easy
  2. no problem iv'e reposit it, woops deposit it, oh dratts, reposted it, yes got it,
  3. kevin moore

    Time for a coffee

    one of my fab spots,
  4. you've found a new word
  5. not sure how to shift it over to the contest, Grant are you able to do this or do i repost it, ?
  6. oh ok thanks, it was a big sucker
  7. any one use post haste ? do fastways " aramex allow you to print labels,
  8. have to agree about the wasps damaged or lost hives due to wasps, our total would only be 3 this year, but hive loss and numbers or low numbers in hives that where strong one month ago is climbing for no reason that i can see, strips in tons of honey left on and in easy reach of bees, there seems to be a big lost in hives that were left on straw berrie blocks and vege producing blocks!
  9. I think you are right a bout the drought, it would be the driest i've seen it for at least 12 years here in Marlborough, had a few hives with the start of new queen cells, one with a supersedure cell as well, seems the bees maybe thinking the same thing
  10. a blind man would be pleased to see it, awesome and even the rustic door stop.
  11. like all bee keepers and extractors is pretty much a given that you taste a bit on your finger when working honey, frames etc
  12. haven't seen it again, sure there is no lotus up there
  13. yes green grass works very well, cheap too
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