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  1. kevin moore

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    may be they have had a heads up on the way the voting is gong
  2. kevin moore

    Pollen and nuclear bombs?

    gun powder more fun
  3. kevin moore

    registration number format question

    K1762 in Marlborough,
  4. kevin moore

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    thats why we have gone to ply roofs, keeps them cooler in summer and warmer in winter, just need a coat of paint now and again
  5. kevin moore

    Varroa in Fiji

    i thought they already had it !
  6. kevin moore

    Air bubbles in thixotropic Manuka

    has any one got any idiot proof mead recipes ?
  7. kevin moore

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    well i haven't said much on here for a while, but love reading whats going on, I'am with jamesec on alot of what he say's and i think the only way for alot of us smaller honey collectors to survive is to sell our own, market, package and to further process our honey. we are are putting up a little honey shack in the back yard and will be selling honey six different sorts, hand creams etc, soaps, honey powder, tablets, Also we currently sell at three different markets as well as online sales and return buyers, i for one know how i will be voting after spending all my spare time and then some on all things bee related, spending endless hours in the stinking hot sun stuck in a bee suit with salty sweet running into my eyes,
  8. kevin moore

    NZBF Strapping hives

    all our hives get a strap of some kind, after having several tipped over by wind, cattle a few years back, as big hands said "at least they stay together"
  9. kevin moore

    Buying brood

    hi Lynne, have you got brood yet ? if not i sure i can find some,
  10. kevin moore

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    naked bee keeping then !
  11. kevin moore

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    I know about 8/9 years ago there was a machine for making these for sale on trade me, all i know now is that it went to nelson,
  12. kevin moore

    $1800 for 250g jar of mauka honey

    i have a 500 gm pot of Lavender honey worth $100.00 any takers, lol
  13. kevin moore

    Moving 30 double brood hives

    you still not said how many honey boxes are on each hive, if only one or two - leave them, why all the extra work fluffing around with frames taking them out and putting back in, work "smarter not harder"
  14. kevin moore

    Show Your Truck

    where is this fuel rail, have had alook but can't see much for the wopping great air cleaner on top, what sort of $$ do you think it cost to replace the fuel rail, i see the cam belt was changed at 166, now at 216 not sure how often that gets replaced, they gave it to me with no manual in it, steel plate in motor bay says 2008.
  15. kevin moore

    NZBF Heaps of empty cells in brood boxes

    you really need to pull out all frames when checking for cells, you will miss the ones they have tucked up beside the frames, if covered in bees shank them off, you will be suprised how many you miss doing it your way,