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  1. yes they are great, ideal for cutting around rocks and fence posts etc
  2. there would have to have been a small hole there first from the wasps, bees can not break the skins even on the softer types
  3. you are not on your own there,
  4. yes i do it, works most times, but needs to be fresh each time, lemon barm dose not, work nor mint or dill
  5. if its any help, i had a hives suffer from some thing like this for two seasons, this year it seems to have kicked the virus and has done really well, every time in the past when i checked this hives there where a large number of bees covering the ground, they lost so many
  6. as above the votes results for the levy, the no's won
  7. Woops to late i see there posted above all ready
  8. with 22 frames and a lot of bees I would get rid of the disc and make them a larger whole, with the hot weather they need to fan air into the hive to cool
  9. I've been asked if i want to put our Lavender honey in there,- haven't yet
  10. may be they have had a heads up on the way the voting is gong
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