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  1. got one from so called BNZ saying they will lock my acc if i did not do as they ask, had to go to some other site, yer no i don't have bnz acc's
  2. thats not to dark for cats ear, would have thought it darker than that
  3. you would have to have a NP1 cert or NP2 cert if you are going to cream it
  4. i go with birds and dragon flys also go after thwm
  5. yep its easier for those Idiots to legalise it than to control it
  6. we are now down to about 7 cherry orchards and a couple of apple orchards i think
  7. yer nar malborough although at this time of year there is always that ever present wiff of sulfur in the air.
  8. I am suprized they would even do them, can you not get hold of a small club extractor,
  9. any drawn frame is like having money in the bank, bees do not have to turn round and rebuild comb, there fore producing honey, we have have a few plastics but use and make all wooden, if you get AFB which you will some time a wooden frame is much nicer to burn than a plastic
  10. may be its time she moves on, dose not seem to do much for us little chaps, reading some thing some where last night they say that our neighbors over the dich could be looking at 50 -75% down on there honey crop, i could be wrong i stand corrected,
  11. still getting swarms here as well, there getting smaller in size now
  12. my saw vi got for $40.00 it was sitting out side down the back of a cherry farm here, leather just let me know when, yer you need two holes, so much better
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