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  1. I made a framing jig a few years ago as per Trevor Gillbanks design which was on the bee forum. Works well. I think he may have a newer model now but am very happy with mine.
  2. Happened to me last year. I don't think that I appreciated the destruction that varroa can cause in a hive.
  3. Thanks yes but. I thought it was pretty clean in there but obviously not clean enough. Will give the shed a really good scrub. I keep my brand new frames in a cardboard box. Do you think I should put them in plastic boxes with lids too? Thanks too j amesc and Tristan. I expect the bees are mine! Don't think I need anymore!!
  4. Hi all, I have a nice new bee shed, where I store my gear. I have a lot of bees all trying to get into the shed. This has just happened recently, I realise that bees have that 'robbing' drive at this time of year. I have plugged the gaps with expanding foam, sealed the door and keep used frames in plastic boxes. The shed is near the house and near to our dog run, so extra bees flying around is not going down that well. I would rather not have to relocate my gear, as this was the idea to have a nice secure shed to keep all my gear together. On hindsight this was not the ideal location to site
  5. Rubee


    Thank you!!
  6. Rubee


    Turns out to be 2 swarms each covering about about 4 frames. Checked hives 8 days after collection, spotted in each a teeny tiny queen. The next day eggs were spotted.
  7. Rubee


    Will do. Thank you
  8. Rubee


    Thanks Trevor. This morning, even after a somewhat shaky night, there do seem to be bees still in both hives. Too cold and wet to look, so I will keep an eye on them meanwhile.
  9. Rubee


    I was unsure quite what was going on here. This is only the 2nd swarm i have collected. We collected the bigger clump of bees. The little collection of bees on the fence sort of disappeared . The top 2 smaller clumps seemed to merge and a wee while later we collected that one. So we have 2 F/D boxes side by side. I imagine that if there is a single queen rather than 2 they will sort themselves out???
  10. Rubee


    Found this today at home.....one swarm or more????
  11. I have had the same problem this week with a swarm in a tall tree. The bucket and pole idea was suggested, but tree was too tall. It was also suggested to set up a bait box with some lemongrass oil on a cotton wool ball inside, with a couple of old frames with dark brood comb inside as well as new foundation. Unfortunately they didn't want to live at my place and about 25 hours after they settled they took off again, disappearing across the paddocks. I guess luckily they weren't my bees, and if I had caught them, not sure how I was going to explain another hive to the other half!! Good luck:)
  12. Thank you Trevor and thebird. Will go and move things around a bit.
  13. Hi, I had a swarm settle in a very tall tree down a bank near my house yesterday at 1200 It is not able to be retrieved. I put out a box on the bonnet of a truck under the tree to see if they were interested. They weren't, but I had a lot of interest in my bee shed.... starting about 4pm,in fact so much that I thought I was either being robbed, or the swarm was going in there. There was no obvious swarm clump, but masses of bees. They were not aggressive at all. I do normally get a few bees around my shed but not like this, so I assuming it is related to the swarm???. They went eventually abo
  14. Yes, I have done the agribusiness course too, great course, excellent tutor and met some really nice people!
  15. thanks Trevor, very helpful. Your extraction process looks very clean and efficient. When I extract I have honey everywhere, my feet are stuck to the floor with honey, honey down my clothes and through my hair, even the dog had honey on him last time. Not to mention the hordes of grumpy bees outside.......!!!!
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