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  1. Thanks so much for putting these videos together, [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] - they are invaluable learning tools. I introduced my first caged queen yesterday, and felt really confident (which makes a change)! I had watched your video over and over (and made notes, too), so didn't feel so daunted by my mission. Your videos are so informative and helpful - please keep them coming!

  2. Hi Trev - great video, thanks. Just some questions ... 1. Is the window purely for observational reasons? I really like that idea! Are they difficult to make? 2. When adding a new box, would you usually add 1 x frame of brood/honey/bees and 1 x frame of drawn foundation i.e. is that the best combination in order to draw the bees into the new box? 3. I like your gloves! Where can I get them from? Are they fairly sting-resistant? Thanks.
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