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  1. I am looking for a wax melter, suitable for small business. I would like a Finlay type but they are more expensive than I can afford. Any recommendations please? I would be pleased to buy a used one if there is one available. Thanks.
  2. Hi, would someone please explain to me whay the "rock test to see if ""they shake"" is? Jamo mentioned it in this thread. Thank you.
  3. Hi Dennis. Each hive takes approximately a minute. The new inverter has made all the difference as the thermostat now works. When I have time in Autumn and Winter I have treated every hive twice but weeks apart, not ideal. In short, I use it randomly.
  4. Here is a photo, the wrap is secured with framing wire.
  5. Hi. Those of you who helped with thier comments may like to know that the outcome of getting a new pure sine wave 1000w inverter solved the problem entirely. I also wrapped the heated bowl in heat wrap, one metre of it, $6 from repco. It now heats quicker, reheats faster and would appear to use less power. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that eveyone. My 600w inverter would appear to be the problem. It is a modified sine inverter, so....the temperature controller was not working until i plugged it into the wall as suggested. The heat kept going up and overworked the limited capacity of the inverter. Hopefully a new 1000w pure sine wave inverter will fix it.
  7. Hi everyone reading this. I would like to ask anyone using the provap 220 if they would please share with us how do they power it? I am experiencing difficulty lately with it raising the temperature, a problem that recently developed. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am looking for a honey packer, Matata / Piako, Hauraki or B.O.P. Districts. If anyone would like to recommend or suggest someplace I would appreciate it.
  9. Silver rocket. Seems as I took a photo anyway, here is the ute. For sale by the way. Great in the rough or wet terrain. See my listing in buy and sell
  10. Mmmm, are you Craig who collected cells on Friday?
  11. Did this every happen to any of you? Grafted into queenless shaker. Checked the next day, good take, only four misses. Rougue cell check four days later, no rogue cells but a frame of eggs! No cells were destroyed, I transferred the cells to another hive to be sure not to lose them. A couple of days later there were two frames with eggs. Now it gets weird, the finished cells were transferred to an incubator and the four misses from the initial graft have been started, nearly capped, there was a little larvae, about as old as one would expect had the queen laid eggs directly into the cel
  12. Who told you Steiner used mesculin?
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