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  1. Bees out of sorts

    The symptoms resembled karaka poisoning. I don't know of any nearby and besides don't think they would be flowering. I understand some varieties of kowhai have a narcotic effect on bees. My kowhai trees were certainly flowering but no idea if they are the narcotic variety. Also with three large Kowhai in full bloom I would expect to see more hives affected. Ultimately I will never know what they got into. I expect the source was some distance way away such that only two colonies got onto it. They probably lost a few thousand bees but you wouldn't think so too look at them now.
  2. NZBF Best Hive Inspection App?

    Nans are the best
  3. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    I didn't. But I agree with @yesbut
  4. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Hmmm you must have a strange relationship with your washes! I'm stoked to think that my washes could be 98% Effective. To me that is high confidence indeed.
  5. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    I don't think anyone was suggesting this. The question was what does a zero count mean and how accurate or reliable is that result.
  6. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Its a good question. An unanswerable one without killing a hive. I try to select a brood frame with about half uncapped brood and covered in bees. The colonies look healthy so I'm inclined to accept the result.
  7. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Zero in a wash means fewer than 1 mite per 300 bees.
  8. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    I've never found more than one mite among the washed bees. My method is consistent and repeatable. I'm comfortable that all my hives are one or fewer mites per 300 bees.
  9. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Finished my hives this afternoon. 100% success with Apivar this spring. Zero washes all round. Very pleased. Four queens marked for replacement. Three laying way too slow and a fourth has instructed her daughters to be kamikaze dive bombers. Heaps of drones and weather is kind. I'll do a round of cells next week.
  10. NZBF Best Hive Inspection App?

    We've all gone through what you're going through. Best advice is try a few and see what works for you. Highly likely that whatever you do you'll change it within a year. The learning curve is very steep at the beginning and your requirements will change as you gain experience.
  11. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    Got around ten hives before the weather turned cold. One supercedure in progress. All ten washed with zero mites. One queen slowing down and will be replaced. None looking like a big swarming risk. It's nice having all the hives at home. The old Fergie makes a good bee wagon.
  12. October 2017 Apiary Diary

    What a glorious day to be out amongst the bees.
  13. NZBF Best Hive Inspection App?

    Apps work well when you have few hives and can take your time. Step away, gloves off, data entry. I hate getting propolis on my phone.
  14. NZBF Best Hive Inspection App?

    3B1 notebook with a 2B pencil.
  15. October 2017 Apiary Diary