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  1. Rob Stockley

    Bavarol, is it still working?

    Here's a thought. Varroa mites vector viruses Viruses weaken bees Weak bees aren't as active Less activity means poorer transfer of strip active ingredient through the hive. The viral load on our bees is changing. It also varies by region. Perhaps that is why strip variability is increasing.
  2. Rob Stockley

    Super bright spotlight

    This feels like a trap.... yes, and yes. If the only thing stopping you grafting is an absence of light then this will help you see the light. Tool Shed and numerous wholesalers stock them round here.
  3. Rob Stockley

    Super bright spotlight

    @frazzledfozzle This is my new one for work. Has several brightness settings up to 475 lumens which is very bright. USB rechargeable. Price just north of a hundy bucks. I got sick of the battery compartments failing in the cheap ones. I could graft with this easily. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Lighting/Personal-Lighting/2111-21
  4. Rob Stockley

    Honey Nutritional labelling

    The NIP calculator breaks it down just like that, carbs, protein, sodium, etc
  5. Rob Stockley

    Honey Nutritional labelling

    https://www.mpi.govt.nz/food-safety/labelling-and-composition/applying-labelling-and-composition-requirements/ Near three bottom is a link to the FSANZ nutrition panel calculator. Create a recipe that is 100% honey. Voila! Can't get any more generic than that.
  6. Rob Stockley

    Document To Cream or not to cream

    I give up! I prefer runny honey to creamed.
  7. Rob Stockley

    Document To Cream or not to cream

    @cBank @Trevor Gillbanks refer to this post Moderation for bad language We're going to continue to let the bad word filter do its thing but warnings will only be issued by their tone. As an example He was a good ###### - would be acceptable not to get a warning Some #### #### just robbed my hives - would get a warning. Now could we please get back to topic - To cream or not to cream.
  8. Rob Stockley

    Feed requirements for winter

    I aim to leave them each colony with one box chocka. If the flow stops early I may feed to top them up.
  9. Rob Stockley

    Document To Cream or not to cream

    There what goes again?
  10. Rob Stockley

    NZBF Can an oxalic acid vaporizer get too hot?

    How much OA did you use? What type of vapouriser do you have?
  11. Rob Stockley

    NZBF Honey bound brood boxes

    I don't think you'll be able to do that. All surfaces have to be clean including the floor.
  12. Those are retail frames from https://www.beequip.nz
  13. Rob Stockley

    NZBF Selling honey

    Start with your council. Registration starts with them. Eventually you'll need to refer to the MPI website for guidance. It's actually pretty good. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/food-safety/food-act-2014/national-programmes/steps-for-national-programme-1/
  14. Rob Stockley

    January 2018 Beekeeping Diary

    It shouldn't make any difference. If a rob out notice leads you to be more vigilant.... then you probably weren't paying enough attention in the first place. It happens to all of us. Part of learning.
  15. Rob Stockley

    NZBF Selling honey

    My understanding is that you need National Programme 1 cert for (among other things) - extracting and packing honey - selling prepackaged food that doesn't need to be kept cold or frozen. It's mostly about process (including during storage) and record keeping so that, if challenged, you can demonstrate that the food is safe for human consumption.