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  1. August 2017 Apiary Diary

    Are you trying to wind up @frazzledfozzle?
  2. NZBF Bad Winter

    I've got two in triage that had good bee numbers six weeks ago then last week found them with queen and a couple hundred bees. Plenty stores. No robbing. Chilled, dead brood present. No AFB. Best I can tell the bees simply perished. I think that higher mite counts in autumn compromised the production of winter bees. The mild winter meant that the bees worked more than they should. Then we had two weeks of very cold, very poor weather. The older bees died earlier than they should have, leaving too few to cover brood. I expected this might happen and had a plan in case it did. Both colonies will survive. I added an empty clean comb, a frame of emerging brood including bees (from another hive) and a few frames of stores to a five frame NUC. I caged the queens for 24hrs since her kin would be in the minority. They each have several more frames of honey for when they need them. I won't feed as all the neighbouring orchards are all in blossom. So their demise began back in January when I committed them to an oxalic/glycerine trial. These two didn't do well. I persevered as far as I dared then they got Bayvarol very late. By that stage their troubled prospects were inevitable. This season I may mess around with mite treatment strategies through Spring and summer. Autumn mite assessments will be much earlier and more decisive. The lesson for any beginner that reads this far (sorry for the novel) is that the death of a colony is seldom quick. The warning signs often present many months earlier. The hope is that we notice and have a plan ready.
  3. polystyrene nucs

    Hmmm for 0.5mm slop you could cut adjacent ends and sides in one pass. They'd still assemble evenly as they datum against the base plate. Would save a lot of material.
  4. polystyrene nucs

    So it's a CNC hot wire? What is the cutting width?
  5. polystyrene nucs

    That makes sense. Perhaps annotate the end with, "two required"
  6. polystyrene nucs

    @Philbee I missed that if you section it through the box to show a frame then you wouldn't see any of the dove tail detail.
  7. polystyrene nucs

    Ahem? You still need two end pieces - one with and one without the entrance.
  8. polystyrene nucs

    @Jamo I think you missed the bit where
  9. Updates on Manuka - Standard

    Just curious. When you live in Putaruru, where is, "the east coast"?
  10. polystyrene nucs

    Nice work! You'll need a profile for the back without the entrance. Is the frame rest rebated into the end? If so you'll need to show that detail also. @yesbut a nice, free, autocad equivalent is Draftsight by Dassault Systems.
  11. Drones in Auckland

    Urban Hastings is producing drones already. Not every hive but confidence appears to be on the rise, even in the beekeeper.
  12. polystyrene nucs

    I'm certainly interested but my requirements are small. I'd go in with someone else on a production run if that was possible.
  13. Wasps already

    They were German wasps
  14. Wasps already

    I killed a nest in a woodshed a few months ago. Very satisfying to see so many dead wasp queens and knowing that they won't turn into wasp colonies.
  15. Big wednesday

    The heart icon, bottom right of post, expands out to include agree, like, funny, etc