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  1. Feral bees? When managed bees evolve tolerance for varroa then we might see feral bees. I would focus on managed bees not feral.
  2. Yes, but the problem would be proving it. Linking the loss directly to the offender.
  3. I've trialled double queen hives as FD QE FD QE then supers. They don't appear to fight through a single excluder.
  4. I inspected one recently. Five frame FD NUC transfered into a ten frame box. Bees doing really well and no disease. I despaired at the state of the brood frames sold to this poor beginner. Munted comb, loads of drone brood. Clearly culled frames flogged off to the first sucker to come along. Clearly no pride taken in the quality of the NUC. Fortunately the beek has joined our club and will get support to cycle those frames out quickly.
  5. Just catching up on this. Great reporting. Very interesting reading. Just a thought regards robbing. You described these hives as strong and yet they were robbed. Strong hives don't tend to get robbed. If you were inexperienced I'd suggest you had over estimated their strength. You're not inexperienced so perhaps something else is going on. Maybe the defining trait in these bees is low aggression. If they are less inclined to rob other hives then their opportunity to bring varroa back to the colony is also less. With fewer new varroa arriving the viral load on the colony should be more stable and the bees' better able to fight off infection. Lower agression might also mean less likely to defend themselves and consequently more likely to be robbed. Just thoughts. Unqualified thoughts at that.
  6. Proximity to competing apiaries also has a massive effect on crop.
  7. Same as anything else that is abandoned on public land. Eventually the regional authority contracts someone to remove and dispose. They may seek cost recovery if the owners can be identified.
  8. The rule should apply differently when the hives are abandoned. Consider if someone establishes a maimai on your property with permission then abandons it later. You're not obliged to leave it there indefinitely until they come back to remove it. They cede ownership when they abandon it. You don't like it, you tear it down, end of. If the landowner has made reasonable attempt to have the hives maintained or removed but the owner refuses then they are abandoned. They become property of the landowner for destruction or disposal as they see fit. In law I expect there are some formal notifications but regardless you can't leave stuff on someone else's property indefinitely without permission.
  9. I don't aspire to be an AP2 because I don't expect to acquire the experience to be credible inspecting commercial hives. It shouldn't matter, but to me it does.
  10. It's all on the AFB website in the menu under policy documents. http://www.afb.org.nz/Websites/nzafb/images/AFB Policy 001A.pdf
  11. I'm not implying anything. I thought AP2s were few in number and usually semi-retired commercials. You suggested that "most commercials" are AP2s. That implies to me a much larger number drawn from a pool of very busy beekeepers. Although I'd be surprised if many AP2s hadn't done time as a commercial beekeeper at some point in their careers.
  12. I would have thought most commercials are too busy to be AP2s. Shows how little I know. Great news if they're finally getting AP2 numbers up.
  13. As you pull each brood frame give it a half-shake. Field bees will take flight while nurse bees will hang on.
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