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  1. does anyone know the rough cost ?
  2. hi everyone just wanted to know people's opinions on what they think is the best out there thanks
  3. that's a shame if he's like that seems like a good system and I like to buy new Zealand made when I can
  4. hi everyone hope you have all wintered well was wondering if anyone has or uses this system and if it is still available I tried to call the number but it just keeps cutting off thanks and all the best with the season
  5. Brian


    Hi if you no longer use poly nucs anymore what are you using now ?
  6. Where do they hold classes for that ?
  7. Hi everyone Was wondering how you all set up your breeding yards to insure that your "pure" breed queens don't mate with another breed and start lay cross breed offspring ? Thanks again Brian
  8. Thanks Thanks for the honesty the good thing about this forum is we can all learn for others mistakes been a big help thanks
  9. Hi all season and no queens ? A system problem or lack of instruction? But I agree the do look like a great idea would you buy more or would you go back to mini mating nucs ?
  10. Hi all just having a look at queen mating nuc and was wanting an opinion on the q8 trchnosetbee from beequip is any one using them and how do they compare to mini mating nucs you can buy from other companies Thanks hope the season has gone well for you all
  11. Hi do you sell any kit set boxes ? Thanks
  12. Hi did my first C&S using two 20lt buckets I got from the local bakery so I know they are food grade and cheese cloth did 7 FD frames took half an hour very little mess because I used two cheep tarps to cover floor and table then put it in the back of my suv that had been sitting all day next morning all done I got 20kgs of honey EASY
  13. Thanks I'll have a look for that book / basic and easy that sounds like me
  14. Hi was wanting to buy a book on queen rearing and was wanting to know what everyone thinks is the best book to buy Thanks
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