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  1. Yes I am a hobbyist beekeeper , I put this post here as it not so much the selling of the second hand gear , more that there is a history of AFB in the area and any potential purchaser of this gear needs to be informed of this before purchasing.
  2. Not sure , I messaged them saying that and were they explaining to people about the risk of secondhand gear. They didn't seem interested.
  3. Sad to see someone selling lots of secondhand boxes with frames on Alexandra Buy Sell on Facebook!
  4. Haven't said bees have been poisoned (not that I know of anyway), its more that its 2018 and I believe these things should be thought of. Haven't heard back today, will follow up tomorrow.
  5. Thanks Trevor Have tried them , they put me onto Aspiring Highway(Fulton Hogan) as its not the councils area. Am waiting for Aspiring to ring me back , really just interested in others views.
  6. Just wondering on some thoughts/opinions , the side of the state highway where I live has been sprayed with presumably weed killer twice last week. To me it seems crazy to spray it while Vipers Bugloss is in full flower and the thistles which they presumably are trying to kill have already started flowering and seeding. Would it not be better to do it earlier or later in the season so as to reduce risk of spray residue getting into food chain as honey bees and bubble bees etc are busy working these at the moment?
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