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  1. Don’t panic I’ve had two this year. Look on it as a courtesy message to ensure you are being vigilant. Unfortunately there isn’y A lot you can do to prevent a hive getting it except having your hive as healthy and robust as possible and make sure you check your hive regularly and properly.
  2. The Nelson beekeeping Club meet at the racecourse and have their hives situated there.
  3. So why not put a pollen trap on one of your hives and produce the pollen for your friend? And if you want a NZ source for pollen try PollenNation - a Nelson based company.
  4. My good mate Tony Wytenburg engineered this machine - pretty slick and quick
  5. I cold paint as i buy my boxes. I use water base paint - undercoat then 2 top coats
  6. Awesome photo!! Thanks for sharing. If I'd seen this on my bees I would have had a heart attack and immediately presumed the absolute worst. Never heard of pollen mites nor seen them so thanks.
  7. Did anyone read this article and think 'over the top' reporting? I was concerned that they had been at it for an hour and hubby thought they were going to have to throw in the towel . . . I suppose trying to get a swarm to go into a sack from a tree branch could be tricky. Also surprised that they had been going to bee club for a year yet thought they were going to fill two hives . . . one swarm, one queen? Mostly it concerns me that stories like this that sensationalise a simple procedure gives the wrong impression to the public about bee swarms and bees How to catch a hive: Couple on their best 'bee-haviour' after swarm spotted
  8. I wasn't talking about your observation frame (which I think is really cool!!) but the frame at the honey place up the road. In my Telford course it is suggested the colony picks up very quickly the absence of the queen so I wondered how a colony where the queen was removed regularly for long periods? Curious as to how you clean your observation frame?
  9. Please excuse my stupidity but how do the other bees in the colony react when you take the queen out for hours at a time? I've wondered about the honey place up the road when they put a frame from the hive into an observation frame for the public to view - this happens five days a week so the rest of the colony are not affected at the lack of pheromone?
  10. Thanks for the link - good reading and really useful
  11. I've been approached for some support. A 'hive' was gifted to an older guy who is mad keen. He asked me to take a look and oh dear!! I'm thinking this hive belonged to a lid lifter and has been quite neglected.The boxes were rotten and so were the frames. some of the frames had collapsed foundation and the wax was dirty but amazingly there is a laying queen and brood. The guy wants to save the hive. I told him the first thing he needed to do was get some decent boxes and frames with new foundation. He's done this and keen to proceed but here's the problem. The brood comb needs to be attached so that the brood can hatch before we take the old dirty comb away - so I was thinking do I 'tie' the brood comb to a frame without foundation or what? I can't take away all the dirty comb as there won't be any brood in the hive. The existing frames are rotten and falling apart. There is a lot of misshapen comb but amazingly no disease and the bees are calm and busy and good pollen stores and honey stores. Advice really welcome.
  12. The marking drove me absolutely nuts - so much so that I kept one of the evaluation forms and sent it to Lincoln along with the ridiculous comments - feedback is important for the course to improve and be the most relevant for the students . . . and don't try to opt into the major project - I put my proposal in during January and got a response in May - not enough time by then :-( Despite the criticism I have learnt lots but feel the course materials could do with reviewing, updating, organising and including a contents in the readings books.
  13. I've just completed the Telford course - parts had little relevance to me as a hobbybeeker but I was determined to complete and pass and of course I've done DECA
  14. There are heaps of bees above the queen excluder and heaps of bees below the queen excluder and lots of brood above and below the excluder. So can I just confirm 1 I will put the 2 boxes that are currently above the queen excluder on a base about 5 metres from the original hive. 2 I will put a queen excluder on top of the two boxes and add a honey super 3 I will put a honey super on top of the original queen excluder 4 I need to make sure both hives have food and monitor progress? 5 I have Apivar strips on the two bottom (what I thought were my brood) boxes - do I now need to add strips to the new hive?
  15. Thanks Trevor, so best to do this in the evening or will stragglers be able to go into the remaining hive? Do you mean put one hive off the property? (I'm an urban beekeeper)
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