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  1. Hello everyone I am a Male father of 3, Geographer, Master in engeneering that as a good renegade became beekeeper in 2003 because of fighting corruption I lost my job and probably will never have a job again in what I used to do: Rural Services (water, electricity and the like). As I decided to became beekeeper when having wife, kids and a mortgage there was no way to start small and grow. So I decided to try a new model and associated with an avocado grower that need 1000 hives for pollination. Looks like I became a good beekeeper because I was invited by another grow
  2. http://apiaraucania.blogspot.com/2016/01/monoxalato-como-control-de-varroa.html http://apiaraucania.blogspot.com/2018/05/metodo-don-c.html if you which more info do not hesitate in contact me <contact details removed> I use it since 2014 at Chile and 2015 at Perú with excellent results ... Do not like the long turn that Randy did starting from me and Fernando's strip proposal the towel do not work and won't work better than strips btw I manage 4000 hives at Chile and close to 9000 hives at Perú
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