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  1. Blackwood Saftey have a nitrile Double Tough Long Cuff
  2. I have been looking on aliexpress for refractometer but not many have a bottle of reference oil to calibrate them. Is this important or will virgin olive oil be ok
  3. I was into my security hive yesterday with a few million bees flying around when a door to door salesman came down the path. Sad to say he didn't stop for a chat.
  4. Just thank your lucky stars that you are not in the USA where the Epipen price has risen. Here is an article U.S. lawmakers blast Mylan CEO over 'sickening' EpiPen price hikes "U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday blasted Mylan NV Chief Executive Heather Bresch for sharply increasing prices for the EpiPen emergency allergy treatment at a congressional hearing in which Republicans and Democrats questioned the reasons behind rising U.S. drug costs. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called Bresch to testify in the wake of public outrage over EpiPen, whose list price has r
  5. Those that work in the media have a saying "never let the facts get in the way of a good story"
  6. Great to meet you yesterday and hope the swarm settles into their new home
  7. Welcome to the forum, If you live in Oamaru, there is an article entitled "Keeping bees and roosters in urban areas and responsible cat ownership are just three issues the public is being asked to comment on during Council’s General Bylaw review" at this link Bees, roosters and responsible cat ownership - Waitaki District Council So it would be wise to see if indeed you are able to keep bees in town ,or generate enough interest to change the council bylaws Hope to see you down at a meeting if you cannot find a mentor in Oamaru
  8. Hi I have a couple of hives next to a path and vege garden. The 2 meter high cloth makes them come and go above head height. Works for us
  9. These peltier plates work by transferring the heat from one side of the plate to the other. Usually one surface is mounted on the inside of the box and the other on the outside. With the polarity of the 12 volts one way they will heat the inside of the box and if you swap the wires over, the box will get colder. with the plate put inside the box say the top is hot, the bottom will be cold, so cold will be coming up the sides. If the peltier plates are wired in series, if they are the same wattage, they will each be only getting 6 volts, witch will not be enough to have any effect. Resisto
  10. "It's actually a fridge over freezer". I tried this by using a TC-1000 but when I set the temp in the fridge part to 16 deg c to cream honey, the freezer part thawed out as they share the compressor. In heating mode and a light bulb in the fridge part works fine, but you just have to ignore the freezer.
  11. ERIC PATON LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) ERIC PATON LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) | Gerry Rea I googled them but sorry they seem to have gone
  12. Videos There are some videos on this site worth watching as well as reading the yellow book Cheers and good luck
  13. I left the swarm I caught a week, then put in a strip as i did not want any varroa to infest my hives. After day 1 I got 582 on the sticky board. then 122 , 63 , 23 , and today 2. Well worth doing in my opinion
  14. I collected a small swarm on wed 11 nov and let them settle into a hive , and monday 16 put in a Bayvarol strip. On tuesday (30 hours later) counted 582 mites on the sticky board. I hope that is all of them, but will check each day and count them. Is this a normal mite load for a swarm, and probably the reason for swarming. There are none with deformed wings, but I expect they are not able to fly too well.
  15. Hi Justint there are pleanty of these removals on youtube, looks like it is worth making or borrowing a vacum system to suck up surplus bees and to rubber band the comb into blank frames. Either the inside lining or outside cladding would need to be removed. Seems like a great challenge.
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