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  1. Hi @Timw I wanted a TBH to start - knowing nothing about beekeeping and so that is what I did. Yes everyone advised against it as they do but each to their own. I have just realized that in a few weeks I'll be into my 3rd year! Crazy!. Yes there have been challenges. Yes they are "out of the box" but I love my TBHs and wouldn't have wanted to start any other way. @ChrisM has sound advice, as always :-), and so if you go that route just be assured you can always change. I agree that joining a club is an awesome way to get experience. Finding a mentor, as well, worked for me and the club we hav
  2. Cold fingers :rolleyes:...lol..
  3. OK so interesting results when I checked the hives today....head to my journal for further details...I'm not sure how to link it but assume as @Dave Black has done it above you'll end up at the right place Hive Journal: - The Valley TBH Buzz
  4. Hoppers at my place for about the last week. Tauranga/Lower Kaimais. Have one sitting inside my bedroom window at the moment lol.
  5. My first queen was Liz. Didn't know she'd been superseded until a mated queen brazenly landed on the bar in front of me during a hive check with @Judy K . We called her Latifa as she has such a presence of sass about her. My newest nuc has Mary in it. I have left her unmarked and constantly think 'Mary, Mary quite contrary...where the heck are you'. Yes they're all queens of a sort. Queen Latifa being my fav. I mucked up marking her and she's got red paint on her eye but she's a survivor.
  6. Hi @Woodie . There is a great bop group in tauranga. Very welcoming. @Judy K runs the newsletters and Facebook page. I'd definitely drop her an email. Welcome.
  7. Hi @phil77 , I agree that you'll need to break a bit of comb to check it all out. If they've combed to the sides then it's easy enough to run your hive tool down and separate the comb from the wall. If they've combed the bars together then careful handling should result in minimal damage but they really must be separated. You really do need to be able to remove the bars for inspection as per the legal requirements. I'd suggest getting a TBH beek/mentor to have a look with you. They'll be able to help reattach any broken combs and also inspect the hive with you. Welcome to another TBH owner tho
  8. I am happy to host a meeting whenever you think is the best time :lol. I can't do April as we are not in town at that time and would prefer to not do the last meeting prior to winter and the first meeting back lol :whistle:. Only have 2x TBHs so the bigger number meetings wouldn't really work.
  9. I panic at 8 days so you are not alone . When I read your title I thought you had glanced into my current busy schedule! As a beginner/not quite beginner I worry about queen cells at this time and I secretly think it's becoming an addiction :whistle: for me (the worrying that is :rolleyes:). I am sure wiser beeks will give reassurance and advise that all is well. There should be a fine patch of weather in a day or so. Fingers crossed until then.
  10. Yes shame the Stirrer button has been removed . Was definitely an easy extraction from that hive lol. The meeting was great. I was pleased with the interest shown in the TBHs and am actually looking forward to hosting a meeting in the coming year. Seaside bees has an awesome setup there.
  11. I have a Redwood roof on my new TBH. Was filleted for us at the local mill and we were advised it wouldn't split. Unfortunately not all the timber received that particular memo and some have split. It's very thin though. We had it recommended to go with the macrocarpa we used for the main body of the hive. The bits that haven't split have worked awesomely and I would have no complaints with it. Lovely to work with too...
  12. Awesome thread..sigh :rolleyes:..I love the forum ... I'm off to check out my queen and drone pics!
  13. I have my smoker sitting close to my hive (generally hooked onto the open lid (TBH) but never smoke the entrance or the bees directly unless I'm being buzzed. When I need to move my girls out of the way I tend to gently blow on them lol :whistle:. No idea on why I tend to avoid smoking them other than that I cough like a freight train myself so imagine it's not pleasant...OK :rolleyes:...and I also love the bee movie and imagine Barry frowning at me...I ADMIT IT!!!!! :eek::oops: aarrgghhhhhh!!!!! :notworthy::censored::whistle::bee:. I'm still a beginner with only a years experience but I like
  14. Welcome @Jamie . Nice TBH and awesome to see a fellow newbie TBHer. I started out last November with just one TBH and am loving it. Yes I also received the obligatory Lang advice but figured I would start out as I intend to go. I do intend to fill a nuc this spring and get a second TBH going as 2 hives seems the way to go with one supporting the other if needed. Keep posting so we can all see how you go . Hope you find a mentor close to you but in saying that there are some awesome TBHers and non TBHers here on the forum with a wealth of knowledge.
  15. Ooo..lets hope they're not interested in the bee Larvae :eek:... I too have noticed a rise in the earwig population in my hive....
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