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  1. CraBee - why don't you get the frames pre-waxed from the manufacturer? Saves the manual labour. I bought mine from Ecrotek last year and am very pleased - I think also Ceracell pre-waxes theirs but don't know what the quality of the finish is like.
  2. Hi there - has anyone tried one of these? I am wondering if the bees will propolise the vents/gaps in the floor -thanks
  3. I buy my frames from Ecrotek (Beetek and Ecroyd merger) - you will find them on the web
  4. I am a part-timer, and a new-bee, with a business background, so I am observing this industry evolve with what I think is an independent but commercial viewpoint. On this basis, in the context of some of the comments from the cynics regarding the money-grabbing packers, it is interesting as to how the links between beekeepers and packers are developing....obviously many commercial BKs are keen on making money as well... 16-01-29TransfertoCustodial.pdf 16-01-29TransfertoCustodial.pdf
  5. thats the way I see it Dennis, coming into the industry from years on the outside....an industry body that represents all participants is important if we want a cohesive approach to addressing issues that affect the whole industry. A body that represents just those of us beekeeping is not representative in my view...if only will serve us, and not the industry as a whole. I like your point that "I get my enjoyment out of beekeeping but my income from packers." I think that many on this forum (apart from those of you who are hobbyists) need to reflect on this point a bit more. I have been in
  6. why is that? We would have to assume that there are some smart people in that group, so hopefully we would get some good ones voted onto the board. I think we are naive if we think all the intelligence in the industry sits in the BK side alone....
  7. I think thats an error, but its not really relevant as he's obviously only there until the new board is set up.
  8. Chris he is the chairman of the interim board, as I read/understand the documentation online. So if he has a financial interest in the industry then he would not qualify for the board of the new governance body when it is established.
  9. deejaycee - your post is an interesting view, however you are making an incorrect and misleading statement regarding the "packing sector controlling 45% of the vote". If you read the proposed constitution, Section 11.1, it defines the Market Sector which will control the 45% vote at board level: (Marketers of apicultural products, processors and packers of apicultural products, exporters of apicultural products, food manufacturers using apicultural products, health product manufacturers using apiculture products, suppliers of apicultural equipment, services and support products, landowner
  10. My logic says that the NBA is about beekeepers only, so if we are looking to have an organisation that represents the whole industry, then the NBA will therefore cease to exist in its current form. However my reading/understanding is that the NBA will morph into the new body, and that its constitution has been used as the basis of the new one. So I see it as an evolution rather than destruction
  11. thanks John - isn't the new board exactly what you describe? cheers
  12. I am a new-bee into the industry, but have years of experience in the "corporate world" in the distant past, plus with SME businesses. My view "from the outside" is that the industry we are involved with is not just beekeepers - we are just a segment of an industry that includes equipment suppliers at one end, beekeepers producing the honey in the middle, and honey marketeers at the customer end. Without any one of these groups, the industry would not function. So I think its an old-world/myopic view that the industry is solely beekeepers. On that basis a body that represents the full group o
  13. they do drone on a bit, however....
  14. I called Ecrotek this morning to ask about pricing in Hive Dr products - they have this now on their website. Looks like no change from what I have paid in the past which is good.
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