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  1. Does this not pose an afb risk open air liquid feeding like this?
  2. @Rob Atkinson take the day off to chill out and come scan our goats for cloud bursts. Bring that cool truck of yours. No way I am lifting your scanning setup into the sheds anymore now I know you have a crane.?
  3. It appears you need more that just clover flowers for a flow. Ground temperature and air temperature also seem to play a roll in nectar production. If someone know more about this I would love to know.
  4. @dansar do you think the rain will restart the flow seems very early to be finished on pasture?
  5. I could be interested just waiting for my sub to go though so I can message you
  6. The weather seems to unsettle the girls had a few hives trying to rob each other out over the last few days. Little mongrels. Trying to keep the peace.
  7. I thought that exporters had a 6 months grace to export Manuka under the old standard. So by the release date by MPI of mid December 2017 will cover this seasons crop to be extracted and sold.
  8. Hey hey that is going to help plant more Manuka trees so as to save the site shortage. Be a believer Trev .
  9. I have been following one in Canada called Tweed listed on their stock exchange out of interest. Never made a profit, apparently worth hundreds of millions. Ridiculous valuation. Stock price higher than their customers.
  10. I was reading a report an they describe anyone in NZ with over 3,000 hives a Mega Corporate, of which there is suppose to be 23 of you as at 2016. I am guess that is you.
  11. Interesting dynamics going on too, while it may appear that farmed Manuka would be an attractive option, the price of lamb has increased dramatically thanks to China whom have come from 10% of exports to 70% within 2 years and push up prices. So maybe we will see a surge in interest in farming sheep. Perhaps farmers will begin to spray out low grade Manuka/kanaka again.
  12. I see it as there are an over supply of beekeepers and hives and an under supply of sites. Prices will keep rising until they balance out. The tricky thing is yield, this part is highly variable and allows for interesting numbers to be calculated in a spreadsheet. Thing is the next year could be the big year, do you really want to miss out? Beekeeping is like playing lotto. You have to be in to win.
  13. Could you explain why? You get a higher moisture content harvesting early or the bees are not going to eat it? i though capped honey was capped. Can it still lose weight when capped?
  14. @Kiwi Bee I am no pro at this, however perhaps they are removing them because they are damaging or died.
  15. It is an 'aspirational goal' like 'lovin it'. I am not always 'lovin it' when I eat a Big Mac..probably my favourite john key line
  16. Have you found the towel in rolls yet? Or are you just buying u New World like a cleaning freak?
  17. Yeah whatever you used. The thing I like about you @Philbee is u are always learning. Always pushing the envelope
  18. @Philbee think back to your autumn treatment with OA and the cloth. I recall you posting losses of 25%+ , u alluded at the time it may also have been from a late treatment. I hope the above is correct, sorry if it is not. My point - if an experience beek had a proven successful OA plus cloth method. What would that been worth to you in saved losses? I do get your point of click to buy however
  19. The price of certainty. I make hundreds of nucs a month, if I get it wrong it will be an expensive lesson. Or I could just pay for the knowledge and experience. 'Price is what you pay, value is what you get' total bargain at $310 ?
  20. I was aware of Afghanistan to some degree, that country is a mess. Interesting Trump has gone back after vowing to intervene less in world affairs. I agree it is is a big problem in Korea. My gut feeling is go in, the longer it goes on the worse it will be. And I hate war. To me it is boring it is so predictable it always ends in peace. Pity so many have to die to get to that outcome.
  21. You really think Trump is going to pull the trigger? I am 50/50
  22. I am to polite to demand @Philbee did you end up picking up any comvita shares? They did not get low enough for me to swing at them. @yesbut do you still own them? Or puke the low? And yes puke is the technical term used in trading shares
  23. Thanks @tristan I seriously doubt anyone can really back that up unless they are in dense natural bush
  24. Almost brought your nuc box off trademe @Philbee just to get thouse mite strips, and the info behind them. I would have let you keep the bees.
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