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  1. I am really surprised people winter down hives so early. Last year I feed into early June. But am self taught and never worked for a pro before. I find it hard to believe you can leave bees to it for 5/6 months.
  2. When I think mean revision theory I think long term Capital management and how close 2 noble prize winner came to collapsing the global financial system.
  3. @werdna how do you work this all out? How long have you been modeling? Do you use this skill in your day job? Just interested if you would please expand. Cheers
  4. I have only even brought new gear the risk of getting afb is not worth it for me. It is interesting how many companies are buying to tack on to there existing portfolios. Makes sense if the bees make a loss in a particular year just write it off against other profitable income. Given the scope of wild swings in production/prices this makes sense. There is no doubt there will high numbers of bees for sale and the price will reflect that. Will there be any demand? Time will tell. Comparing to cows the price can vary between $1200 to $3500 based on how the economics of
  5. I read economist article a few years ago regarding counterfeit goods. They were saying that it is a major source of funds for organised crime groups for eastern Europe and Russian mafia. Larger than drugs and weapon sales combine. One of the products they were doing was fake Manuka honey. They were taking dark honey of any origin and labelling it Manuka and selling it. The standard was also brought in to stop this. Thinking that this is a nz based problem is missing a larger part of the picture. Probably more fake Manuka honey produced overseas than from nz. It goes well beyond blending
  6. Due diligent would be hard. Earn out bonus based on returns achieved would be a smart way up cover yourself in most business acquisitions. The seller is always in the posiion of power through knowledge in any dealing.
  7. Also you are comparing to different sample methods. Sugar shake for one and alcohol wash for the other.
  8. Another explanation could be a lower does rate per bite. @Philbee appears to use a lower ox/gl rate and a bigger surface area than @Lindaloo26. Perhaps at a lower level encourage bees to remove it. To toxic at higher levels?
  9. They taught bubble bees to play football. Surely we can teach bees to groom. It all about education.
  10. Mine are looking similar. Honey above the brood box, no stores around the brood comb. Brought 5 tons of sugar today that will fix that.
  11. Have you reweighed any @Lindaloo26?
  12. Starting to look like a pro @dansar
  13. Yes in a fish bin @Lindaloo26 I am soaking them for 48 hrs not 24.
  14. Hi did 200 in one batch still had liquid above them after 36 hrs. Did a double batch. Will be soaking them for 24 hrs as I am at the cricket and forgot to take them out.
  15. Made my first batch today 200 cardboard strips, same as @Lindaloo26
  16. Grated cheese is easy to make at home. Big seller at the supermarket though.
  17. Really so the current standard is a practice standard. When will this all end??
  18. Apparently missing cells every now and then is by design. The bees heat themselves up 1st, by dislocate their wing muscles from their wings; beat away before duck down into the hole and heat up all the brood around them. Clever little critters.
  19. Being a shareholder in Comitia you have also benefited from the "shemozzle", but I'm sure you know that already
  20. So could someone please define the market. Is most of honey produced in NZ multi flora bush? Or is it clover. Are the shed full of what? Bush? Outside of honey dew and Kanuka I would be surprised if science will save the day. The key is branding for all NZ honey. What do we have? Isolation, beautiful environment, antibiotics free, tasty honeys, anything else I missed? That is enough to build brand around, but who will do it? ? My pick is if has to be a big player. Eventually 50-80% of the NZ honey industry will be owned by the the top 10 I
  21. @Maru Hoani the price depends on demands and supply. It changes during the year and year to year. Check out trademe for prices on bee hive/nuc sales. Everyone comes with a different setup and strength. Some people think 7/8 frames and a feeder is a hive others have 10 frames. The strength also varies a lot so that is important to. As well as gear quality, some go for as cheap as possible others gear a commercial beek can use for years. The price for a single a hive or nuc can be quite low sometimes if it is a small time seller. Their consideration is simply to get r
  22. Freeze dry it and keep it as art. Looks so beautifully done.
  23. If you were feeding a large number it could be worth it. I am considering doing it
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