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  1. As for sorting out bee industry it is simple. Limit the number of hives, allocated registration spots and hive numbers there, strict enforcement and control production. If we have a backlog of honey do not make more, just nurse the bees through to next season. We put all honey though one sales desk that is branded and beeks own. The govterment is going to have to come to the party and sort out the laws to make it happen. There will need rationalisation of hive and sites by all beekeepers, we will all have to shrink in size to make it work. It will not happen though. So we blood on the flo
  2. From my experince in the goat industry is that practical research is best done and directed by thouse at the coal face. Beekeepers will find solutions to diseases problems and productivity improvements than any well funded goverment/industry initiatives. It just blown money.. for the goats the spent $7.5 million over 5 years and achieved nothing. So what did they do decided to spend another $40 million to have another go. I know this because most of the research is done on our farm and when they did the launch for the new round we hosted the minster for primary industry and the big wigs fr
  3. Only ox/gly strips in cardboard. Although i thinking about taking @Philbee ones for a spin for my summer treatment. Did not bother doing a spring one just left the autumn ones in. Only had to treat 1 hive that was a triple with new strips as varroa was in the drone brood between the boxes.
  4. I am referring to getting the industry organised so we move in 1 direction, own the brand's and expand globally. With the beekeeper getting part ownership of the enterprise and the benifits directed at them. As for synthetic free. Yes we will nail this. I have been free for 1 year now.
  5. @kaihoka yes very true. The brand owners always make the best $ over say a 10 year period. There are times where the commodity producer does well however higher prices always lead to a supply response that kills prices again. I can not see how team nz can not develop a brand overseas and sell our honeys for a premium like we do with other nz foods. Being antibiotic free has to be a major selling point. Along with the fact asian think of nz as organic and clean and green. I also think was can ban the use of synthetics for varroa that would also be a selling point f
  6. You got so much honey last season that i doubt you need honey until 2028. ?
  7. Went out to one of my site yesterday to find them completely full of honey and trying to swarm. They have destroyed the brood nests, will have to go through and open them up again. Problem is i have run out of boxes and hives are already full of honey and flow has just started. Which would be fine but pasture honey is not worth extracting. So i am facing the problem of hives full of honey and no bees.
  8. @M4tt why not just leave them in ? Hammer the varroa year round. I left mine in over winter, did not treat in spring
  9. How long is buttercup season? Start and finish dates. I know i should know...
  10. We have in alot clover flower now. The barberry hedges are also doing it. I have never seen the two flower together. Clover is so early this year..hopefully that does not mean a drought for both the farmer and the beekeepers.
  11. I begining to think same thing. If a hive gets hammered by oa this there is an underlying problem that it just exposes. The healthy hives can handle the treatment fine.
  12. @Philbee I am really loving your innovation and effort here. I am sure there is another topic on this somewhere but does the government give the bee industry any money to conduct reserach? If so how much and who administers it. I am thinking they could run some trail work on this for us. If we were to nail it and go synthetic free it would be a boast to our international reputation.
  13. The transfer rate of ox is the next important thing to consider. It appears to me through the cardboard strips that alot of ox is delivered to the hive at the very begining and then dropping away. If it was modeled it would probably look like an exponential decline. What would be best is a constant release throughout the treatment period. This is where I think drier strips are better than wet ones. It will be interesting to see which delivery material deliveries the ox at the most constant rate.
  14. I found my 1st mites of the season 2 days ago in drone brood. They were in a 3 box hive that had 4 strips per box. The interesting thing is that i put these card board strips in around March/Apirl. They have lasted in the hive for around 6 months. Most of them were in tack. I did a tougue taste test on them all and about half had no ox in them. Half had a tiny amount and 1 had a good amount on 1 side. So I conclude that most of the ox has been absorbed by the hive and the cardboard strips out lasted the treatment. This is a good result for a strong 3 box hive. I could resoak
  15. We need to define the type of card board. The type i used was the same as @Gino de Graaf it is a type used in book binding i think. I find it takes a long time to dry in air.
  16. Hi all. For me I think the key to successfully using ox acid strips is dryness. When i put them in in autumn they were 2 wet. This results in high transfer rate. I observed this with my gloves when i put them in my leather gloves has holes in them in no time. Now when i insert dry one no problem. So from now on i will make them and let them dry for a month befofe use. I used cardboard ones and my ones are still going. I am not bothering to do any spring varroa treatment as the autumn ones are still there. Have not seen any varroa in drone brood and no sign of viruses.
  17. I did a triple. That is intesting to hear. May have to relook at my method/cooking bees certainly did not want to go near my cardboard strips. Never saw one on it.
  18. Hey team been away from here for a bit. I am just sharing my experiences. If my hive dies then it is my fault. I do not think i have lost any hives just nucs. Like all treaments the hive/nuc has to be strong enough to force the bees onto the treatment, sometimes they just move away from it. I was also late on my treatments/splits (march/april) because of my broken hand. So that no doubt cost me. I think the cardboard is good. I also put laminated gib tape in 1 to trail. Both lasted in a strong hive.
  19. @Philbee how did treatment go on the 20 mite hive? I lost nucs to high varroa loads with @Lindaloo26 strips. So i am not sure about ablity to pull back higher lvls. Assuming of course my prep per strip has be done correctly.
  20. True I have not done a detailed costing
  21. I am keen to bring in shipping containers of sugar. I think it is 20 tons per container. Alot cheaper than buying it locally.
  22. @jamesc You south islanders live the good life with your honeydew flows. Us beeks up in the north need to feed to survive.
  23. Yes that may also not be a bad thing. Cashes them up so more money to invest in their business and spend on future honey. Plus it will get their bank manager happy and allow for more credit in the future. Everyone needs to have a turn so we can all thrive longterm
  24. Boo. I am still mating and growing my hives.
  25. It has definitely got warmer over the past 30 years around were I live. I remember been able to stand to ice on water trough in winter now days no ice at all.
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