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  1. 40 minutes ago, Philbee said:

    5 years

    That is a long time.  Given the finincal incentive i would have thought they will crack it before then. 


    I got in trouble last time i mention this area so i will not bring it up.  However i am collaborating with the cheese maker and a chef for a dessert goat cheese for the 2019 cheese awards.  We are infusing honey into the centre of the chève cheese.  Because i want to use different honeys for around nz and want it to say liquid i need to stop it from crystallizing. To do this we need to filter the honey to remove the pollen. 


    Filteration of honey in nz is not a common practise.  If they thought about it abit more it will become alot more common. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Corban Borrie said:

    HI Flash4cash and others off topic,

    I'm not sure of your intention here and won't join in some sneering reponse. I only trust you put greater effort into loving those around you, rather than tearing down those who might have a different world view than yours. Sincerely, Corban

    I was just interested with the benifit of hindsight has your viewed changed? Bill English voted against it and so did Simon Bridges, both have since repealed their organial opposition.   It not very often that you come across someone that feels so strongly about other peoples choices that they would make a submission to limit their freedom and human rights. 

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    28 minutes ago, cBank said:


    Or swarms, or temporary one, or ones that aren’t in the main apiary. I do need to sort this out though.


    Genuine question, what makes a colony a nuc? The box? Does a queenless new split count as one? 10 frames in a single box with a newly laying queen but only a frame or 2 of brood?

    Too me a nuc is any thing that you could not pull a frame of honey from without indangering it life. 


  4. I am also not sure if in the big hives that pulling strips made any difference to hive build up to be honest.  Next time I think i will just leave them in.  The ones i left with strips still in are pumping.  As long as they are not being a fence for the queen it is not problem. 

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  5. One downside i am finding is where the strips were and the bees draw the comb around them after taken them out the bees have decided to make the strip area into drone brood.  So i have scraped it clean and told them to improve their behaviour. 

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  6. 22 hours ago, Philbee said:

    Ive just gone back and found your post about your treatments this season.

    Cardboard and they went in in Autumn with no spring treatment

    You've done well to get to this point with few Mites  IMO.

    Can you tell us a bit about your cardboard strips, e.g what cardboard, what strength and how many strips etc

    Cardboard was one used in book binding.  40% ox soaked for 48 hrs.  4 strips per box layed out in 2 ways.  One across the middle like you every 2 frame  and the other as a cross patern.  Both worked.   I did put 2 into my 5 frame nucs and killed some.  Only 1 into my 3 frames nucs and they were ok.  However they may have been different batches so maybe that was the reason.  Sometimes i overheated the mix past 70 degrees as i went and did other things. I also used an aluminum pot so maybe the early ones were affected by that killed the nucs.  In hindsight i took a hit from ox strips by losing nucs.  However it was a learning curve and i move on. 


    I did not treat in spring as i saw no point. I pulled strips about 5 weeks ago to speed the hive development up.  In the 3 frame nucs they can act as a fence so i took them all out.  Of the 2 hives I have found varroa in 1 it was a strong triple out of spring that had used up all ox based on a tongue test.  The other which was a double the other day was a nuc that i pulled the strips on september when i transfer it to the box. 


    So i am going to treat again now.  I aim to control my varroa all year round as i want clean hives that are super healthy.  I only sell bees so it is important when they go to customers they are in tip top condition. My buyers have been very happy with the bees, they look great and expand so fast with no signs of viruses. 


    I am keem to give your ones a go @Philbee so i can compare.  Both full size double stich and the thinner ones.  Thouse thin ones look similar width to the ones i used. 

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