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  1. Is it possible to have 2 registration numbers? One for the business and one for yourself.
  2. @Corban Borrie i would like to know if the change in the marriage laws has impacted on you in the manner you outlined in your 2011 submission to parliament? And if so how are you 'coping'?
  3. This rain is welcome to farmers anything thhis time of year is good. Should get us through to the new year. Not so sure however for clover flower. This could put pay to a flow for a while.
  4. @Markypoo it is a moot point. We are not 100% sure yet. Some say it does not matter, others it is better drier. IMO it is safer however i am not expert on the subject.
  5. Too me a nuc is any thing that you could not pull a frame of honey from without indangering it life.
  6. Dry them out. To me if they have a transfers rate that eats through gloves then the transfer rate is to high to the bees. You want a slower release rate imo.
  7. Ox is 60 times more toxic to mites than bees. So dose to kill mites but not to strong as to kill bees. Weaker/diseases bees probably die easier. Thats a good thing as they are liabilities in a hive.
  8. I am also not sure if in the big hives that pulling strips made any difference to hive build up to be honest. Next time I think i will just leave them in. The ones i left with strips still in are pumping. As long as they are not being a fence for the queen it is not problem.
  9. One downside i am finding is where the strips were and the bees draw the comb around them after taken them out the bees have decided to make the strip area into drone brood. So i have scraped it clean and told them to improve their behaviour.
  10. Cardboard was one used in book binding. 40% ox soaked for 48 hrs. 4 strips per box layed out in 2 ways. One across the middle like you every 2 frame and the other as a cross patern. Both worked. I did put 2 into my 5 frame nucs and killed some. Only 1 into my 3 frames nucs and they were ok. However they may have been different batches so maybe that was the reason. Sometimes i overheated the mix past 70 degrees as i went and did other things. I also used an aluminum pot so maybe the early ones were affected by that killed the nucs. In hindsight i took a hit from ox strips by losing nucs. However it was a learning curve and i move on. I did not treat in spring as i saw no point. I pulled strips about 5 weeks ago to speed the hive development up. In the 3 frame nucs they can act as a fence so i took them all out. Of the 2 hives I have found varroa in 1 it was a strong triple out of spring that had used up all ox based on a tongue test. The other which was a double the other day was a nuc that i pulled the strips on september when i transfer it to the box. So i am going to treat again now. I aim to control my varroa all year round as i want clean hives that are super healthy. I only sell bees so it is important when they go to customers they are in tip top condition. My buyers have been very happy with the bees, they look great and expand so fast with no signs of viruses. I am keem to give your ones a go @Philbee so i can compare. Both full size double stich and the thinner ones. Thouse thin ones look similar width to the ones i used.
  11. Oh and do you take high quality pasture honey as payment ? got boxes full of the stuff and need to do something with it. I think one of the benifits of ox is it also attacks the nosema C.
  12. What about my crystal on the surface question? Do you have a flashy brochure? One of my hives today had mites in it, almost had a heart attack.
  13. @Philbee do you think single stitch will hold up in thumping triple hives or am i going to need something more heavy duty? Which ones are you using?
  14. If ox crystals form on the outside of strip are they still ok to use?
  15. Right well it seems like all we can do is hang tight, try and under cut the next man to be the cheapest producer of honey so we can sell it the cheapest to the brand owners who will cash it.??
  16. As for sorting out bee industry it is simple. Limit the number of hives, allocated registration spots and hive numbers there, strict enforcement and control production. If we have a backlog of honey do not make more, just nurse the bees through to next season. We put all honey though one sales desk that is branded and beeks own. The govterment is going to have to come to the party and sort out the laws to make it happen. There will need rationalisation of hive and sites by all beekeepers, we will all have to shrink in size to make it work. It will not happen though. So we blood on the floor 1st.
  17. From my experince in the goat industry is that practical research is best done and directed by thouse at the coal face. Beekeepers will find solutions to diseases problems and productivity improvements than any well funded goverment/industry initiatives. It just blown money.. for the goats the spent $7.5 million over 5 years and achieved nothing. So what did they do decided to spend another $40 million to have another go. I know this because most of the research is done on our farm and when they did the launch for the new round we hosted the minster for primary industry and the big wigs from MPI to much media fanfare. I bet they blow it all again...which pisses me off as I have to waste my time with these muppets and as a tax payer I hate to see that much money wasted.
  18. Only ox/gly strips in cardboard. Although i thinking about taking @Philbee ones for a spin for my summer treatment. Did not bother doing a spring one just left the autumn ones in. Only had to treat 1 hive that was a triple with new strips as varroa was in the drone brood between the boxes.
  19. I am referring to getting the industry organised so we move in 1 direction, own the brand's and expand globally. With the beekeeper getting part ownership of the enterprise and the benifits directed at them. As for synthetic free. Yes we will nail this. I have been free for 1 year now.
  20. @kaihoka yes very true. The brand owners always make the best $ over say a 10 year period. There are times where the commodity producer does well however higher prices always lead to a supply response that kills prices again. I can not see how team nz can not develop a brand overseas and sell our honeys for a premium like we do with other nz foods. Being antibiotic free has to be a major selling point. Along with the fact asian think of nz as organic and clean and green. I also think was can ban the use of synthetics for varroa that would also be a selling point for an educated consumer. Who will do it though??....probably no one.
  21. You got so much honey last season that i doubt you need honey until 2028. ?
  22. Went out to one of my site yesterday to find them completely full of honey and trying to swarm. They have destroyed the brood nests, will have to go through and open them up again. Problem is i have run out of boxes and hives are already full of honey and flow has just started. Which would be fine but pasture honey is not worth extracting. So i am facing the problem of hives full of honey and no bees.
  23. @M4tt why not just leave them in ? Hammer the varroa year round. I left mine in over winter, did not treat in spring
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