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  1. Eventually some businesses will end up in the hands of receivers. Who will take all that honey and dump into the market to get rid of it at any price. Problem with honey is it last forever.
  2. There is definitely merit is doing the exact opposite. Boxing clever. I not so sure people are not stockpiling though. After taking to Rob from NZbeeswax it sounds like people are pulling the honey and putting it in drums.
  3. DGC is successful for 4 reasons 1. They own all the brands. 2. They only produce milk they can sell. If we do not need the milk then we do not produce it. We have a quota system. 3. They have identified a high profitable product to produce that they have a competitive advanatge in. 4. They do not get sidetracked making anything but that 1 product. Fonterra is largely commodity business it share of branded products as a % of revenue is less than when it was formed.
  4. I agree with Jas here. Stockpiling just creates an overhang the depresses prices for longer. It also ties up valuable cash in inventory. @jamesc had the right idea the best thing for nz beekeepers to do if maintan the hives and do not pull honey crop.
  5. But the beekeepers has not yet figure out that owning the brand is 90% of the requirements to a successful and sustainable profit. Until they do they will continue to be divided and conquered.
  6. What price point are you thinking? I am with you on the market lead supply approach. Flooding the market with honey only halves the price and increases the costs per kg.
  7. There must be in incresse in hobby beekeepers getting onto the game now the price has come back. Bees are pretty cheap now. Should also put and end fo hive theifs, as they are not worth the time to steal.
  8. He would likely condemn the bees since they are Italian, being inferior to American worker bees. While at the same time employing their services since they are cheap labour.
  9. Ok also long as there is no jiggling going on.
  10. As a farmer I not sure I am allowed to say this on the 1st day of summer, but..I am sick of the rain. ?
  11. I think trump will hold the line on north korea. He has already claimed victory so backtrack will be embarrassing. It is one of his key foreign policy wins. As long as there is no new nuke and ICBM testing he will be happy with that. Trump is USA first, however most large US companies draw over half their earning abroad so it is a balancing act. There will no doubt be turbance in the future however predicting when and what is difficult. On balance growth is a more likey outcome than contraction so optimisms is a better mindset than negativity/or delayed while trying to acheive perfect timing.
  12. To further the point lets look at the infant formula game. DGC which we supply sell the worlds most expensive infant formula. The Chinese are big buyers. We have companies in NZ that see what we do and want a piece of the action. So they go to the market and undercut us on price. They consumers do not buy it and they go broke why?... Because people want the best and the 'best' cost the most. No one want to think they are 2nd rate so they pay up. Research shows that the more people spend on something the better they think it is/taste. The mind plays tricks. It has a higher feel good factor. In our case who wants to think their one and only newborn child will start life 2nd..? No way their child is a winner, Number 1, and only the best for their baby..the more we charge the more they buy it. As a side note out biggest market is Russia. Their economy tanks it all the time including their currency , it does not affect sales one bit. The rich just keep trucking.
  13. The top 10% have 90% of the discretionary income spend. If the economy tanks it is the bottom 90% that feel it first and the hardest. The 10% at the top will want to make a point that is it not affecting them so will keep buying to save face.
  14. Status symbols are always in vogue. I would not be concerned with that. Only if Manuka lost it status. Which i doubt as it has now become rarer.
  15. What is that never heard of it
  16. I have already started one fire this week i do not think i need to start another one.. i end up under moderation
  17. That is a long time. Given the finincal incentive i would have thought they will crack it before then. I got in trouble last time i mention this area so i will not bring it up. However i am collaborating with the cheese maker and a chef for a dessert goat cheese for the 2019 cheese awards. We are infusing honey into the centre of the chève cheese. Because i want to use different honeys for around nz and want it to say liquid i need to stop it from crystallizing. To do this we need to filter the honey to remove the pollen. Filteration of honey in nz is not a common practise. If they thought about it abit more it will become alot more common.
  18. Is it not so cold over there that alot of hives do not survive winter anyway so no loss?
  19. I am surprised the Canadian market can still afford to buy nz bees at world honey prices.
  20. Thanks for you feed back. I want a few hobby hives outside of the business.
  21. @Corban Borrie welcome to the forum ? I love a good debate ?? I thought your open questions were great. I am interested to see what the pros have to say.
  22. I was just interested with the benifit of hindsight has your viewed changed? Bill English voted against it and so did Simon Bridges, both have since repealed their organial opposition. It not very often that you come across someone that feels so strongly about other peoples choices that they would make a submission to limit their freedom and human rights.
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