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  1. Lots of people are into there protien shakes. Just infuss bee pollen into it. Does not even have to be much just a characterisation product. 


    Does not even have to make a difference.  Like iso whey...what does that do..nothing..did not stop isogenix build a multi billion dollar company out of it. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, Philbee said:

    Interesting opinion
    Im of  the opposite view.

    Protein is about growth and sugar is fuel
    Whats the future about?, growth or sustenance.

    Sugar is cheap to produce, it is the protiens that are expensive.  When we buy in animal feed it is protien that cost us. 


    How much pollen does a hive collect in a year? 


    Can we turn bee pollen into the next health craze? Flag the honey

  3. If nuclear war does break out at least all nz beekeepers are good to go with all our surplus honey. 


    Hard to know of what i will die of 1st. Type 2 diabetes from all the fructose or live damage from all the mead. 

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  4. 16 minutes ago, kaihoka said:

    only if you did not want to eat the honey , so i have heard.

    does anyone know what it tastes like.

    Not great from what i hear.  This is where a united voice for beekeepers would be helpfully when they make people plant their waterways and drains there recommend flax.  Problem is it could taint all the other honey and make it less valuable to a beekeeper.  They are planting it of course to support the bees. Kinda right. 

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  5. Yes i saw that, do not know much about it.  Lets hope it is not a Franz Ferdinand moment.


    Longterm manuka will keep trucking. It may well get caught in a cycle as demand matures, however it will still be no 1.


    I am not as concerned about global events as you are.  Im no good at prediction that sort of thing,  to complicated for me.  I am bullish on Philbee Staples however so if you want to sell and hunker down in a nuclear shelter you got my number ?

  6. 5 minutes ago, Philbee said:

    Hadn't thought of that but just looking at the numbers
    If every hive from every operation that has 500 or less hive was removed from existence and this includes all hobbyist hives, the total number of Hives would decrease by a mere 200000 or 20%.
    Take it one step further and remove all the hives from the 500-1000 Hive operations which would leave just 180 Beeks standing and the total number of NZ Hives would still be 560,000

    Thats about the 2016 level

    Yes there are a few that are causing all the problems. I expect they will increase the concentration with time. I could see the top 10 with half the hives soon. 


    In regards to this levy it should be 1 vote per registration number.  It is the only way to stop a takeover by the big boys. 


    In the goat game each shareholder gets 1 vote regardless of shareholding size. It makes for a fairer outcome and a wider range of concerns addressed. 

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  7. Interesting I thought they would collect sales at he till.  I know they track each sale in each store per week. 


    It may not come under export data as i understand they break it down to 2/3 cans per shipment and send it in.  This way there get around the system and they do not have to pay import duties. 

  8. One potential area where there maybe sales that are not recorded is the grey trade that people buy from supermarkets and send oversea.  It is possible to buy large qualities if product direct from Countdown and ship it. I know this is happening to goat infant formula as one of my friends who use to work in head office told me.  One customer was moving about $6 million a year that way.  DGC did not know about this when i told them. 

  9. They could both be right. That packer could be doing really well for themselves. 


    If these figures are correct 8,000 ton export and 5,000 ton domestic so 13,000 vs 27,000 production then wow that is a massive overproduction. How has it got this big? 

  10. We need to sell a solution to a consumer need. Maybe that solution could be pure honey.  Syntheic and antibiotic free from one of the most clean and beautiful countries on earth. Appeal to consumers who will pay the privilege of this. We need too tell our story. 

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  11. @jamesc i am confident you will find a solution to your mountain of honey.  For someone whom was smart enough to pioneer use sniffer dogs to destroy to your afb issue, to the point of not having to burn a single hive this season you will find a way.  Just use that same brilliance to sell your honey.  You can do it ?

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  12. 27 minutes ago, BeeGirl said:

    Back on topic. It looks like most of the country's experiencing good weather today, so the bees should be making the most of it and getting out and about.

    Im not ready to talk about sunshine yet..to afraid we will scare it away. ?


    Love seeing the bees busy, having something else to do than sting me. They can be moody in bad weather.  Still checking for swarming.  They are still trying.  


    Noticing more hives with varroa in drone brood and some PMS.  So am going to treat the lot. Philbees Stapes trail are only early days however I am going to pump them all with Philbee Staples EP Thins I think.  I like them easy to insert.  It will be a good test for them in stong hives in full swing.  

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