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  1. @Trevor Gillbanks request: can we please have longer to edit posts? Say 15 min instead of 5? Plus I thought the mods proof read the posts for thouse of us that can not spell ?
  2. Dear Sanata Can i please have sunshine and 30°C for the the month of January? I know i have not been as good as i could be... but I was better than last yeat so that has got to count for something. Your Favorite Fan Flash
  3. It being caused by Trump and his ability to piss off every world leader, both friend or foe. He had mistaken American first for America only. The combined force of the world is more powerful than America by itself. You and I could debate this forever ?? i am enjoying it..not sure about everyone else ?? You may be right..however i have history on my side. The nineteenth century saw a range if life changing events and problem yet look how the world prospered. There will be bumps but overall the world will keep truckin along.
  4. It great you are thinking about it. It is what happens to the honey once it in the drum that will make the real difference to the return received. One of the keys to making high valued added returns is to have your base product to be very little of the final product. As James say most beekeepers are individuals and do not want to cooperate so a co op is pretty much a dead duck. I predict a few large corporates will take over most of the game and the smaller players will be forced out. They will be able to offer more for manuka sites as it is more valuable to them as they derive an income for more parts of the food chain.
  5. Great stuff @frazzledfozzle . It is interesting that they are now collecting export data on which honey type since june 2018. The other interesting thing is USA is a far bigger buyer than China
  6. A trade war is always a threat. I see the opposite as USA retreats from the world. China is smart enough to engage it. Look at the silk road intivite. This is China moment to shine.
  7. Should have got a video of the action
  8. Probably got a pole dancer as the main eye catcher pic. Fits in well with the honey hunter bramd name theme.
  9. It should be apparent now to the industry that power of being a brand owner that is has pricing power vs being a commodity producer of honey. Even Manuka is a commodity, well paid at the moment. However think about, how much money produces are leaving the table.
  10. @Adam Boot mentioned that there are around 200 different manuka brands in the market...that alot probably to many. There will be alot of market development and marketing money going into it. Not very efficient way to spend the money. It would be alot better if they was one strong brand.
  11. Interest take on things. Most people do not want to invest in rebuilding comb..lost honey. Site extraction may no make the cut for export requirements
  12. They are out there though a few of my customers have mentioned they belong to them. Unfortunately i did not enquire more at the time. Are they mostly conected to Maori trusts?
  13. So philbee mentioned honey Co-ops. Who are they, what are they about and can people join them? Any info?
  14. You should not underestimated the importance of distribution. Getting supermarket retail space is a slow go. There are lots of new products wanting to make the shelves only so many can go on in any give week, there is a waiting list. Some times of the year like now they simply will not launch a new product. It could easily take a year from start to first sale. Then they will want to trail it in a few stores 1st to make sure people buy it before role out. Even then most supermarkets make their own decion on what to stock so you will have to deal with them all individually. The logistics involved are also challenging when you want to move the volume you have got.
  15. @Adam Boot how would you define a brand in 1 sentence? My attempt: "The implied trust and emotional connection to a product or services"
  16. Lots of people are into there protien shakes. Just infuss bee pollen into it. Does not even have to be much just a characterisation product. Does not even have to make a difference. Like iso whey...what does that do..nothing..did not stop isogenix build a multi billion dollar company out of it.
  17. Sugar is cheap to produce, it is the protiens that are expensive. When we buy in animal feed it is protien that cost us. How much pollen does a hive collect in a year? Can we turn bee pollen into the next health craze? Flag the honey
  18. Out if interest how much is pollen worth and is it easy to sell? The future is proteins not sugars
  19. If nuclear war does break out at least all nz beekeepers are good to go with all our surplus honey. Hard to know of what i will die of 1st. Type 2 diabetes from all the fructose or live damage from all the mead.
  20. Not great from what i hear. This is where a united voice for beekeepers would be helpfully when they make people plant their waterways and drains there recommend flax. Problem is it could taint all the other honey and make it less valuable to a beekeeper. They are planting it of course to support the bees. Kinda right.
  21. Got any more pics? Give it the full csi treatment. When i found out your name was Honey Hunter i was you ####### that is an awesome company name, so jealous. You could definatly build a brand around that name with clever marketing.
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