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  1. That's is the way they are cut. Most farmers want them trimmed in winter thus no flowering. I hold off our contractor to early December so after flowering. That way they get all year to grow and have bumper flowering.


    I am aware some berks are not a fan of barbery but I need the food for the girls before the clover kicks in.

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  2. Hi @ChrisM I will watch out for it. Got about 50 stings at once with a cheap aliexpress bees suit. Decided I need to upgrade and now I have a professional suit and only been stung once.


    Do not really mind been stung however on that occasionally my arm started to swell up and I was itching on my feet. Thought I better go to the hospital just in case. All good though anti histamine did the job.

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  3. Hi everyone.:) Long time reader 1st time caller..

    Our farm is covered in Barberry hedges. I am interested to know how much pollen it produces and what quality/quantity it is protien % amino acid profile etc.


    Have searched Google high and low with no luck.

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