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  1. Just a quick update. Checked today and the queen has sorted herself out (y) and fully laid out every cell on the 2 frames. I will find her some workers and merge her back to the big league.
  2. I think hatching them into a hive makes a massive difference, mine were all brought commercial and probably hatched into an incubator and then sent throw the post. The candy also appeared to be quite soft. Not that I am an expert on the subject.
  3. Thanks @frazzledfozzle I was not aware it had been tried before. You are right there is so many challenges that are unique to bees. Bees without boarders and low barrier to entry are major problems. Even if the government got involved and tried to regulate hive site the property ownership right would still sit with the land owners who could just put them out to tender each year and cream most of the profits. I love working with bees not so much the industry that is wrapped around it.
  4. Woohoo I have waited a long time for a thread like this. We'll done @jamesc for laying it out there. This is what need to happen. People need to decide to come together and set up a co operative. To succeed these things are not negotiable: The co op must own all the Brands in the markets in which they sell. Supply must be demand driven. The co op will only accept more honey if it can only profitable sell it. No one is allowed to supply honey outside of the co op. For ever 1 kg of honey supplied to the co op you must purchase 1 share in the co op. It can be done and i
  5. So which bank is best for beekeepers? I understand this is a bit of a loaded question. I would like to go with Kiwibank as I like to support nz not sure for business through. Does any commercial guys bank with them? Are beekeepers under the agribusiness banking arm? ANZ is probably the next logical choice for me.
  6. It is a good point in may not be the same queen. I am just assuming since she is a very large queen and I would expect a supercede virgin to be smaller. The hive is just 2 boxes. And I found her in the bottom box , free range. Did not recall seeing queen cells a couple of weeks ago. If I did I would have split it off I am sure. Flow is good. I have raided pretty hard maybe 2/3 times taking out 5-10 frames and replacing them with undrawn frames. Probably taken out a few frames of capped brood and shook the bees off to boost other new nuc as well. Have split her into a 2 frame nu
  7. I have had 2 hives now that are full of bees, honey and pollen as well as what appears to be a fat healthy queen. Both have no brood at all. There is no brood disease as the frames are all hatched and she had room to lay. Has the queens just run out of eggs? Both were laying really well and I was continuously raiding them to make splits. Do all queens become drone layers when they run out of sperm? Or do some just quit? Both were virgin mated this spring.
  8. On the postive side demand is increasing with diabetes and an aging population world wide with bed sores. :giggle: Not to mention a complete misuse of antibiotics producing super bugs. :rolleyes: I hope they do go with the name "Active Jellybush Honey" worst brand name ever. Sound like the sort of thing developed by a committee.
  9. Yes John I have to agree. That sort of behavior goes on all the time across many food manufacturers here. Sad really.
  10. I think they can, through country of origin laws. You have to apply for it which I think they are. Trademark registration will not work as Manuka is to generic a name and could not be claimed by 1 company.
  11. I brought a few boxes of pre waxed frames from ecrotek recently. Picked them up and saw the guys doing the waxing. Interesting machine and it smelt fantastic. I tried to buy prewax frames off nz beewax as they have opened a hugh warehouse in Hamilton. Only to be told they are not doing prewax plastic frames as all the wax is going into their wooden total frames... This lack of wax situation is a bit of a concern.
  12. It would be an epic fail if the New Zealand bee keeper community and/or the government does not protect the 'Manuka' brand name globally.
  13. Has anyone tried those ventilation suits? Any good?
  14. I have done beekeepering during the day it is hard work. Now I just wait until 5/6pm when the sun has eased back a bit and it cooler. I heard of commercial guys starting early at daybreak and trying to finish by mid day.
  15. I respectfully disagree. You have a far higher water transportation rate to the air with grass than with mowed paddocks. Of course leaving clover around to flower is good for Beekeeping. We regularly mow our paddocks and clover loves being mowed as opposed to grazed. New flowers that sit just below the cutting high (8cm) blooms within 1 week after 2 weeks there is alot of flower, 3 weeks and it is thick.
  16. The AFB board seems pretty toothless from the stories I get for my mentor who works for them as an AP2. They very rarely taken action and if they do it takes forever to move once the start the process. The laws give to them by the government to operate under need a major overall haul.
  17. Thanks @dansar we replant about 10% of the farm each year and want to choose the right ones.
  18. Sorry I did not @Kiwifruiter was not meant to be a trail. Yeah compared to cells would have been the way to go. Nothing can be concluded from what I did accept to note the outcome. Given the costs compare to a cell I doubt I will use them again. It should be noted that this is the 1st year I have done serious splitting so my poor beekeepering skills is also a factor to consider. I started with 1 hive 2 1/2 years ago and have split that into 85 queen right ones now. I am still trying to refine my splitting skill.
  19. Anyway of knowing whether the clover seeds are high nector? Any brand names? I'm in the Waikato and clover is flowering well at the moment. Almost seems like perfect weather for it so far.
  20. I ventured into the world of virgin queens through the post this year. received 120 only 1 died on route. Overall I was not convinced this is the way to go to have switched to trying queen cells. I took them over 4 shipments with success rates between 30 to 60%. All nucs were queenless for 4 days. Interesting I did one lot by just smoking them in and got similar results to cage release. 10 of each. They were also the most successful shipment (60%).
  21. Thank you all very much for your replys @Jake and @M4tt. cheers
  22. They have got room for barberry I will just give them another box. Itching for new season honey :honeypot:
  23. Ok thanks means I will have to wait another month before supering up .
  24. Does barbery honey have any commercial value? Our farm is starting to flower for clover. Can I mix the 2?
  25. That's is the way they are cut. Most farmers want them trimmed in winter thus no flowering. I hold off our contractor to early December so after flowering. That way they get all year to grow and have bumper flowering. I am aware some berks are not a fan of barbery but I need the food for the girls before the clover kicks in.
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