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  1. Input please on favourite air freshener, I tried 'spring' by Pams and the bee hate it ? Maybe they just do not like choice or perhaps I use to much.
  2. I hear want to u mean. My take on things is that brood comb will not be able to be used in suppers to stop varroa treatment residual getting into honey. No more sugar feeding with suppers on. So a lower c4 level, not sure what that would be but sounds like less than 8%. As for tracking for honey, I agree they have to do more here is it is not going to fly as is will not work. With manuka do not really have a comment as I am not part of it. In the end I expect some winners and some losers. But overall should be about the same.
  3. I went to the hamilton meeting. It was an opportunity for beekeepers to give feed back and express concern. Overall I found it useful. While no one like new rules it must be understood that MPI is just doing their job. They are trying to keep market aceess open. We just need to comply, even if we do not like it. Non tariff trade barriers are used all the time by countries and we need play the game. It only takes 1 to cause trouble. In the infant formula game for us it is Russia. All the staff are trying their best to help us so please try and be nice to them. I am sure they ha
  4. So saw this article. A little concerning. Looks like it will make it here for sure 1 day. Deadly myrtle rust endangers manuka and pohutukawa
  5. This may not really add to the discussion however my mentor who is an AP2 and does alot of hive inspections says he sees many hives where synthetic strip have not been place correctly. They either place them all together in the center or right on the outside away from brood. Hard to see how you could get it wrong however people do. The other common mistake he sees is not thinking there is any brood in the 2nd box and they have place no strips in there. His view is it not the products but poor application that then gets blamed on the products used.
  6. I have asked msugar this is what they said: For 1000L, they use 875kg of sugar. @ 67 brix
  7. @tommy dave Thanks for taking the time to look at that. We are on the same page here. Net realize value is not something you want to see them value it at, as it is a fancy term for write down. Unless of course as you state it has a high level of certainly to be sold at that price such as government contract or offset on a futures market with a count party and a clearance house. It would need to be trade on an exchange for this. I am very impressed you took the time to read the IAS standard top work (y)
  8. It certainly better for you than refined white sugar
  9. Funny I was wondering the same thing. I usually do not subscribed to conspiracy theories so put it down to MPI unable to get organized.
  10. Yep that is definitely the elephant in the room. I would have thought they would be as close as possible to knowing the standard as much as anyone given they are a big stakeholder. They would have had a seat at the table during consulting. Comvita probably thought they could buy and move the lower grade stuff before the new standard came in. China's crackdown on the informal trade may have caught them out. They could be left swimming naked here.
  11. Inventory is valued at cost with allowance for any value added to it such as package. This is the case even if it sits in a warehouse in china ready for sale though Tmall for example. I am sure of this as I have a degree in accounting. Retail price is only appears on the cost flow and p&l. It has no bearing on the balance sheet.
  12. Only if they brought it, if they produced it themselves then in would be the internal cost to produce it, plus the allocation to overheads. They have significant scope to change profitable in an given year based on whether they choose to sell their own or brought in. Consider the following if they had very little inventory that would also be of concern as they would be a forced buyer. Personally I think whatever is classified as Manuka by the new standard will increase in value not go down IMHO. Withstand all the above you make a very interesting point. The conference call to inve
  13. No the power of brands. In this case Comvita. Nobody in China knows the others. This is why Comvita will probably win the manuka game. They can sell the same jar of honey for more so they can afford to pay more for sites and honey.
  14. All NZ honey has a premium value. Why? it is from New Zealand. We are the number 1 most trusted country brand in China. Although Fonterra does it best to destroy that. :mad: We are a beautiful country miles from anywhere free from GM and most heavy industry. That goes for all our horticulture and ag products. I am Uber bullish on our future for the next 50 years. (y) Sure there will be tough times like this year but on balance there is no country I would rather be a supplier from.
  15. Once the new standard is set that will be that. No one will force the consumers to buy it. Nor is anyone forcing people to collect/package/market it. If it really rips you undies apart do not get involved.
  16. All I can say is I hope all the smart cookies on this forum have never brought anything that is anti aging..
  17. I think most people generally look for an alternative approach to cancer treatment when chemo and radiation fail. At that point they are terminal and to be honest it more about the feel good factor. It gives them hope and a postive mindset which is important even until the end. Unfortunately with my time at canteen I have experienced alot of people dying of cancer.
  18. While I do not condone fraud it should be pointed out the many health supplements have not scientific backing. People choose to believe. Interesting there has recently been a study for back pain where people were told they were given a sugar pill and they took it. Even when they knew it had no health benefits 30% still reported a reduction in pain. The mere fact of physical taking something trick the mind into thinking there was a benefit. It is truly remarkable really. The human brain is a complicated beast.
  19. You would be very surprised how little space they need on the entrance. I had a solid base with the front closed of to 1cm. They grew from a 5 frame nuc to 3 boxs over a couple of months and full of honey. Think how long they spend in the field collecting honey vs another 10 sec to get in the door.
  20. Just export it to yourself, after of course passing it through the Cayman island to capture the value. One of my summer jobs at fonterra was getting around tariffs and import quoters. Customer in the states wanted cream but fonterra had no export free quoter left so we just put solid salt blocks in the middle and 'made butter'. They just took them out at the other end. Saved fonterra $ 14 million. There is always a way.
  21. I supect they will just export it as bulk bush honey and then repackaging overseas as Manuka. Consumers will still buy it off the UMF label as that is what they understand. Even if they could not call it manuka they could just call it manuka plus with a UMF on the label. I doubt most food standards in most countries will care once it is in the country. Just have to get it through the customs process. They will only go to the shelves and test it if they are look for a trade dispute and have beef about something we may question like Chinese steel for instance. Although they may get a
  22. Does anyone have understanding of the distrubtion that is collected out of hives regarding UMF manuka collected from hives? For example if 10 is the cut off what % sits above or below this? I know it would change year to year.
  23. I agree the handling of this is very very poor and will cost people money while disrupting markets.
  24. Hive doctor have brought out a new bottom board call 'smart bottom board'. Anyone had experience with it?Thoughts? Here is info on it Smart Bottom Board Information V3.pdf Smart Bottom Board Information V3.pdf
  25. I would dump that hive further away then 3 m. Do it again this time try 30-50m. There are many laying workers in a hive perhaphs hundreds they will kill your queen if there are still some there.
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