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  1. I am surprised @M4tt that it is not going strong already. We have all of December even the cow farms around here.
  2. I totally agree that is not red clover that we have
  3. There is a new red clover that has been hybrids into white clover. Suppose to grow and be very similar to white. I think we are going to trail it.
  4. Probably slip over on all that clover @M4tt has got.
  5. That is going a bit hardcore. Image them starting out here is 50c for the weeks dishes - tax of course/ACC levies/ union membership/KiwiSaver. There you go 20c
  6. Not sure I understand this. Are you suggesting that if they lose half there sites then and they made $x from it that would be the cost of access? I think a lot of people would lose a site if they tried that.
  7. The way I see it if I understand it correctly, the chemical markers can be brought online and added. Then you just need Manuka pollen, whip that all together and hey presto Manuka honey. I could see the value of Manuka pollen going up a lot. So just put pollen traps out the front and catch that. Feed protien paddies the whole time to feed the new bees, so they will not eat the valuable Manuka pollen. If you need a bit of 'active' Manuka then blend in jellybush. In in the end where there is a will and $$ there is a way. I think there will be a reduction in Manuka honey volume but less that people think. The limiting factor is really Manuka pollen.
  8. With things getting drier I was wondering does it make sense to put water through the feeders, to give the be something to drink?
  9. U not worried about the new paper clogging the queen excluder, or are u just going to clear up the mess latter?
  10. Yes actually I was looking at that yesterday, part of me feels I should do some honey instead of just sell bees so I feel like a real beekeeper. Has MPI brought in there hive/frame tracking rule? That puts me off doing honey if they have
  11. What is this? Never heard of it
  12. Interesting you put them above the queen excluder instead of straight into the brood nest. Yeah was lookin at NIWA summer forecast this morning hopefully that does not happen for Canterbury. I would have thought with all the irrigation down there it would be clover everywhere
  13. Ok thanks I think I have got it sorted now. Do we leave of pollen clogged frames in a hive for the bees to eat later? I have move mine to the outside of the brood box. I thought bees were supposed to be smart why would the pollen clog the middle of the brood nest? Very frustrating.
  14. I guess they would not need genomics on bees as the turn around for breeding to observation of outcome is so short. I not that that up to play on bee genetics, it does concern me that NZ could be narrowing our genetic pool by seeming very few breeders and open mating. I can not see how we will not end up with everyone having the same and what problems that my cause.
  15. So sorry maybe we could pull it out an stick it into genomics on animals. My fault.
  16. Read Frank Lindsay article 'Six frames of brood will produce about 25,000 bees' so his allowed for the frames of cap brood to have honey and pollen along with undrawn cell. 25,000/42,000 = 60% brood per frame or 3 1/2 solid cap brood or a lay rate of 25,000/12= 2,000 a day that sounds about right compared to randy writes
  17. Hmm that is not sorted. There is only 1 answer. I can hook her up with some top goats for nothing. I spent $20k the other day to test 48 goats for genomics testing. Not sure if I trust the test at this stage, be interesting to see if it matches what I think are superstar goats. Hopefully it works and that will be my new path for the breeding program.
  18. Thanks @dansar mine have that. He is a whale ? in the game and I was not sure at the time. To have 6 frames of solid cap brood is 42,000 cells over 11 days so laying 3,500 a day (assuming they all grow from egg onwards) the best I can find for a queen is 2,000 a day. Even then the queen can not keep it up forever.
  19. @M4tt did your daughter get here ? Sorted?
  20. Hi @Lucy Tasker not directly related however I see the new stamped frames for 2018 are not really that easy to see. Maybe the stamp could be a little deeper. Not really a big deal just given feedback.
  21. I wish I was smart enough to understand what you are try to say. 'Every hive is different'?? Or perhaph it is hard to judge the output of a hive by looks alone. On on a side note Mr Jones advice turned out sage. Demand still there and prices same as last year. ?
  22. To make the situation even more complex at least in my case and that of a new bee keeper I am growing the hive using undrawn frames. So one needs to have enough flow/sugar for the bees to draw, but not to much so they plug existing drawn frames and thus slow the queen down. And then balance that with the weather and change in flow rates. Really understanding local condition is vital to great build up. Something I have learned from @john berry though his posts over time. Thanks john
  23. Yes it helps abit. To get a colony to peak in terms of egg laying it requires quite a bit of skill. You need to have enough nectar/pollen but not to much or it will slow her down. Almost like controlled starvation they do in merino sheep to get the finest micron fibres. For a queen to achieve 6-8 frames of solid brood her lay rate would have to be extremely high per day. Here is is the link http://scientificbeekeeping.com/understanding-colony-buildup-and-decline-part-4/ fasinating reading
  24. So I have seen serval definition on here of what is a commercial hive going into the flow. I would like to know if terms of brood and bees. I look at randy olivers work and it does not seem to stack up with what people claim here. I wonder if outliers are being quoted to the norm. I have no doubt that some hive can be monsters. I turned down a sale recently because the buyer wanted 6-8 frames of capped brood per hive. So roughly 11-14 frames of brood including uncapped in a double hive. If they are solid slabs I can not see how that is can be done. Mine are not that strong even though they are boiling with bees and hang out the front on hot days. What am missing?
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