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  1. Since you do not use synthetic mite control does that qualify you to be organic? Was at beeswax in the Tron the other day and a guy had organic on the side of the boxes they were making him. not sure what the technical definition is for organic honey in NZ.
  2. I just went and looked at my nucs. They are going backward, will have to start feeding. Long way until winter
  3. Jez you go away for a few days.. This forum is s great place to learn @PhilEvans many of the best members have taken the time to address things regarding your concerns. People on this forum have read what I wrote and understand that it is without malice or intended to commit fraud. I was thinking aloud and discussing like you do on forums..Turns out that Manuka pollen would not come in on pollen traps, a point made by other members thus my original thought was wrong. So the standard is more Robust than it 1st appeared. For the record I have never done honey and only a
  4. Your not going to make it, your bees will probably fill that in a day ?
  5. That is very kind of you and if we can get it to work I will definitely take you up on that offer. For the record I am not making the cheese, Albert the ledgend from Mercer Cheese is trying to get it to work. I just need to get some more honey from the girls this year so we can try again. My PM does not work yet as I have not brought my sub yet
  6. Probably just to piss you off ? It has to be hot enough, capping has been early this season usually happens later
  7. I just have clover, maybe not even that probably just field honey. I liked the idea of going full circle. Bees get the nectar and the goats eat the flowers, combine the 2 all from the same farm. I do like the idea of also using other honeys to with time, if we can get it to work. Anything to move up the value chain for all of NZ honeys which I think are great. We should appreciate and value what we have and produce. It is world class something I think we NZers forgot sometimes. They just have to be marketed well and make sure the primary producer can share in the value created
  8. I certainly would be interested who and how they will decide. There is a real opportunity for the bee industry to get a win/win here. Especially for trees that help with shoulder season to the main flows. If they are interested in bee health than that would really help and provided cost savings to beekeepers. I would be surprise if if they get much achieved before the next election in terms of trees in the ground. Governments move so slow.
  9. It is actually a lot easy to remember names than numbers. Maybe I should name all my hives....Dorothy, Rudolf, meatball...yes these are goats names we use.
  10. The compliance cost would be high, not a single drop of C4, completely no mixing of different honey types even though the bees do this themselves. You are asking to much. Remember it has to be easy understandable by the consumer. It has to be pragmatic. Close enough is good enough
  11. Was that sheep farm Nedoft? I use to love their cheese. Yes that is 1 of the cheeses I will give them. We milk 1500 goats and they all have names..
  12. When I was younger I did indeed refuse my degree based on my opinion that they taught us to make rubbish. Now that I am wiser and older unfortunately I understand gaming the system is everywhere and through all aspects of life. For the industry to pursue perfection as you put it will send most of us broke, the bees will suffer/die and nobody including consumers will win.
  13. We need to stop savaging our industry, to try an aim for perfection is misguided. I have a degree in food from Massey University and I can info you that we about 1/3 of the time was spent teaching teaching us how to cheat.. by that I mean how do we bulk out products with either water or air. If you want to go after the honey industry go after the entire food industry then watch the price of food inflation soar.
  14. Since I like going off topic. What do we think the chances of the government planting 1 million tree that thouse trees could be Manuka? What would be the cost/benefit vs say pine trees which is what I assume they would plant? Would we not get a faster return on Investment. Makes sense to me
  15. Sorry to misled you @dansar that is a figure I read somewhere some time ago. I have never had my honey commercial extracted, which is why I'm interested on the in and outs.
  16. Thanks for the feedback so far. I see the price of clover was around the $6 mark back in 2013 so it was not that long ago, people survived then. If you put wets away for the season do you have to put them back on the hive for the bees to clean them up first? The residue honey in the comb would ferment would it not?
  17. Do you think you could handle a piece of this @kaihoka ? Cold Manuka Smoked Goat Gouda made by Meyer Cheese. supreme winner at the 2017 NZ cheese awards beat out 377 other cheeses ? we supplied the milk. Trying to make a honey cheese but at the moment can not get the honey flavour to come through to the cheese.
  18. So I look at this beautiful white clover honey and then I look at my honey , with the best I can get is a light golden colour. Does it go whiter when creamed? Is my honey even clover? I assume it is as I have a lot of clover and no bush around me. If I was to sell my honey would they just test for pollen count to determine what type of honey it is? Does the colour really matter. It taste great for what it worth. The other thing that makes me wonder what to do is what happens if it comes back as multi floral, and only worth $6. I have no idea
  19. Oh and some I am giving free nuc box of bees to get their hive up and going again. I now have 3 appreciates ? I will teach them what I know. It will be the blind leading the blind ? I like the idea their bees will come from me as I know they are disease free. And with the price of bees now days the most expensive part is the cheese ?
  20. To be fair I do not know the beekeeper involved and they may be under financial pressure, so I apologise for calling them 'an idiot ' As a thanks to my site owners I give them honey ? and cheese ?
  21. It is a clover site and no they did not receive a site fee
  22. I picked up a site today because the current beekeeper decided to not give any free honey anymore and instead charge the landowner for any honey from his own farm. What an idiot! Now he is going to have to moves his hives just as the flow gets going. It is a mint spot to with basically year round food for the bees.
  23. I was thinking more about this today. For it to be be classified as Manuka does the pollen count have to reach a certain threshold or is it % based of total pollen count?
  24. No sorry not my department. One of the staff mentioned it
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