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  1. Nor do the customers care whether it is internally source manuka or brought off the market. All the customers care about is the brand name Comvita. The prestige and trust that goes with that brand.
  2. They can not make a profit in beekeeping owning hives. They can make an awesome profit in brand sales of honey. They realise this which is why the want to exist the beekeeping part of the business. No one suggesting they sell the Comvita brand.
  3. What we have going on right now is desperation. Most beekeepers are dead financially. It makes it make no sense to be another brand selling honey in a jar. Do not do that; that is dumb. Race to the bottom. Building a brand require significant financial investment and time. It takes years. I disagree that the supermarket is the most powerful player. Comvita has the best brand for Manuka. If the supermarket does not stock it then they lose sales. That why they can charge the most for the same product in a different jar. International customers want Comvita, not Bo
  4. I'm in the Netherlands at the moment. We went to a supermarket. In the fruit section there were 2 kiwi fruit for sale. One was green the other gold. The green kiwi fruit had no brand name and the packet was filled with fruit from south America. The gold kiwi fruit was packed and owned by Zespri. So the supermarket brought the cheapest green fruit yet had to pay up for the gold fruit. As a kiwifruit grower which coloured fruit should I grow? In nz if I want to buy a 1ha plot of kiwifruit which cost more to buy? The gold one because they are the brand owners and p
  5. Yes however the beekeeper needs a direct stake in the brand without the brand they will always remain poor, with no long term security. The brand owner is always the most powerful player in the game. It means sweet FA benefit if midland's honey has a strong brand. Their owners, who ever they are will want all the benefit to go to them. Until beekeepers smarten up, they will go round and round in circles.
  6. Will this not end up like Wagyu. The nz rip off version is called Wagyu Beef. 99% of consumers will not be able to tell the difference. I know I got fooled at the restaurant. So nz will call it Manuka Oz will call theirs Manuka Honey They will win
  7. You will be sexy before you know it My view is this the future need to be sold like this: 1. Sugar is empty calories. Honey is not. It is the healthier sugar. No one is quitting sugar unless they have too. Why because sugar is a drug. 2. The future is protein, forget about making honey and make pollen instead.
  8. Hi Team been a while..so I have my hives on maintenance mode. Leaving all the honey on, most roll as triples. I was late treating in June and have only just treated again now in November. Do not autumn or spring feeding sugar. I used Philbee staples the narrow ones and put in 4 per box. I find they work sweet as. Hives are pumping. I have only used ox for the last 2 year nothing else. That's my update. I like them. Most of the June staples are still intact in the hive when I replace them. I could make them myself however I like Philbees service and it hastle free. I drain
  9. NZ should include protection of the Manuka brand during negation with the EU over trade
  10. Wonder If you could put that on a packet here. Be a clever way of getting around the rules.. most people would just see the word manuka honey. So just slip in Australia above it.
  11. There is a mushroom extract that can lower virus loads in bees. Sorry can not tell you more than that. Read it somewhere
  12. I agree. Unfortunately not everyone makes the best decisions under pressure. It easy to become overwhelmed by the whole situation they find themselves in.
  13. Ok it looks like I am just farming standard ants. They are heavy in numbers under the lid. Going to have to nuke them.
  14. So what is the solution? I have taken up ant farming at one of my sites.
  15. I think the prudent thing to do for the next year or so is just do near continuous treatment
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