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  1. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    You are being to näive. Everybody would love to only have half the hives in NZ. They just want everyone else to be the one to take the hit. The bigs boys get that way because they are aggressive. If they can use compliance cost to crush their competition they will. Look at the board members there are the big players on there. They would love to crush the small players and remove them from the market, more money for them.
  2. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    What i think Ali is trying to say is that while we appricated the reasearch and science side of things..it feels like that is the decoy to a side agenda of control of the bee industry in nz by this organisation. One area I find interesting is market access. So it could used by speical interest group to reduce competition by making the complicant cost if producing honey so complex and expensive that small operators can not compete.
  3. flash4cash

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    Take out a few frames with wet honey in them and shake it horizontally onto a lid. If nectar fails out then it was collected in the past day or so.
  4. flash4cash

    January 2019 Apiary Diary

    I have had quite a few hive swarm on me in January. Took my eye off them for a few weeks and bam. I expected that once i was past the longest day i would be ok. I wonder whether the philbee staples mid season treatment contributed to this ? however I think it more a case of just running bees in doubles that got me...ran out of boxes
  5. flash4cash

    What is an acceptable margin

    Wow!! Got a pic of the the finger before reattachment? I love how in the heat of the moment you though...need pics.
  6. flash4cash

    Is the Waikato clover yielding?

    I agree things have really dried up. 3 weeks ago I was sick of rain...now where is the rain..aye the life of a farmer. We are getting patchy regrowth on our paddocks now.
  7. flash4cash

    What is an acceptable margin

    @Philbee OMG. Try to find the right emoji but i could not find one.
  8. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    I know that is why i do not say anything to them. I just buy them direct from China myself. I was suprised at how well they were doing in terms of year on year turnover. It was down but not nearly as bad as I would have thought. I would have pick double what it was. Not helped by me so far i have brought 1 pair of new gloves this season that my total spend. Plus some Philbee Staples.
  9. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    When I mentioned to a certain manager about the competitors catalogue he said he had not seen it. Interesting it been out for weeks and you have not looked at your major competitions price structures...this is after they change them...no need they already know what the prices will be ?
  10. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    @Alastair just look at how they all market up the price of the imported pieces. Take a j hive tool. They buy them for US99c each from china and sell them for $13. How is it they all have exacatly the same margins on them all? It is classic price fixing. Same thing across most of their products.
  11. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    So for us that sux at maths are you saying a mated queen is worth $18.18? (10/2.2) x $4 = $18.18
  12. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    I do not think so i would alleged that there is price fixing going on by the 3 main supply companies. If the commerce commission investigated I say there would be some hefty fines given out.
  13. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    What i find interesting is the price of mated queeens and queen cells has stayed the same or gone up. So I guess that is one of the best places to make money now.
  14. flash4cash

    Marketing honey

    Sometimes the supermarkets will put no market up on some product lines. That may be the case here.
  15. flash4cash

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    This levy should only be on manuka honey. They were the major benefactors in the last round so the should pay the good will back and fund research into other honeys. All the money raised should go on market development. We do not need to learn how to produce honey we need to learn how to sell it. .