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  1. Mmmm. Our bees are going crazy over the honey dew on the willow leaves. Hope it's not the giant willow aphid again.
  2. Wait until they are all drunk, then they will be easier to get into a hive.
  3. @Sebastian you don't need to stand around trying to stamp on them. Just do the easy Vespex test paper, then make sure they are feeding on protein by using the approved fish based catfood system, stick up the Vespex bait station and let that go to work. Easy peasy.
  4. Wow. After 15 minutes of good rain I got out of bed and put the bung back in the downpipe. I wanted to flush the crud from the dry gutters. 3mm in the gauge! This morning dawned fine again, but with 53mm showing in the rain gauge . A quick calculation shows (if my maths is correct) that we have received 13,000+ litres into the tank. Now the kikuyu lawn will jump away again, flowers will bloom and my hive will hum with hunny.
  5. Wasps needed. I just read an advert in the Northern Advocate newspaper - Large active Wasp Nest Wanted for research - Free removal. Phone 0800 - 54 55 56 - if anyone can spare one! :cool:
  6. The 18th to 26th Feb is Wasp Wipeout Week. See Wasp Wipeout if you want to take part.
  7. Who can mow lawns, ours are crisp. Although there are some white clover flowers that are struggling and the bees are enjoying them. Got to watch where I walk in the bare feet :eek:
  8. Mmmm. When I walk on the lawn now it is starting to crunch under my feet. The ground is starting to open up in big cracks. Rainfall for Dec has been only 8% of normal. Nearly used all of the first water tank - one to go. We shower daily in a bin and give the water to the plants - 20 litres per day. Even the willow tree is going yellow and shedding leaves. Heard the bees working in there yesterday, so I guess that the aphids are back making more honey dew. Wasps will be next, must order the Vespex. This year I will give no quarter. :devil:
  9. We're getting a few more around now, some are pretty big, possibly queens. Also, more bumble bees which is good as they make the hole at the base of the flowers on the cigarette plant and then my bees can get their tongue into the nectar.
  10. After my last post I found a Queen wasp in the lounge! R.I.P. Also, not too many bumbles around yet and no sign yet of fluffy bums - we call them V-bombers after the Vulcan, - if you're young Google Vulcan. Last February we were down in Nelson and Murchison regions on holiday and couldn't believe how many bumble bees you have down there, although they seemed to be smaller than the ones here.
  11. I was just chatting to another beek friend today about the honey flow and remarked that the last wasp I saw and killed was about two months ago. It was eating a dead bee in front of the hive until I fixed it with my special wasp stamper squashy thingy. :rofl:
  12. Sprinkle icing sugar on the bonnet and leave a note under the wiper telling him the error of his ways - and that next time he stops it will be borax!:mask:
  13. I'm new to this also, but I presume that the C4 test makes sure that the honey water content has been reduced by the bees, that is to say, the sugar content up. If this is what you are trying to achieve, then you need a refractometer that has a scale relevant to the normal sugar range for honey. Perhaps one of you Commercial beeks can enlighten us on the C4 test.
  14. Are you sure that it's measuring the water content in the honey? More likely to be the sugars level. Ours is dual purpose and has two scales. One to measure the Brix level in % and the other to measure Specific Gravity Wort. The Brix is for sugars as in kiwifruit harvest testing or the ripeness of vegetables etc and the other for the wine making (and honey mead ). The Brix scale is from Zero to 30 and the SG is from 1.000 to 1.1200. We saw it advertised on a USA beer making website, but couldn't find one in NZ so we had to order from Amazon. When you buy one the scale in the viewfinder is rel
  15. Mmmmm. So! We seem to have established that A to Z is appended to the application according to where you apply from - then you move and take the Number with you to the other end of this manuka patch called N.Z. Now where does that leave us? :geek:
  16. If you can move the hives anytime you like, and don't need to advise MPI unless they have been there for 30 days - then how will they be found at their 'permanent' registered location for a disease check?
  17. It pays to be a pensioner, then you can fit your day around reading all these posts. :rofl:
  18. Great! So if every hive in every registered apiary is moved within 30 days to a new location, there is no obligation to tell MPI anything at all about any movements. Seems to make a mockery of the need to register an apiary.
  19. Mangrove honey? What does it taste like? I've always regarded them as a curse in every estuary.:mask:
  20. Hope they are going south. We have enough hives around here already. :mad:
  21. Being able to face your Bank Manager because the manuka flow started :rofl:
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