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  1. Hey, for those that are not a member of the "Commercial beekeeping New Zealand"* Facebook page or are but missed the post, there was a member who was advertising wax for sale in NZ, available in a few months from a Chinese source. This person was very quickly reminded that it was illegal for very good reasons, after a lot of heat the member deleted the post. I don't want to name this person but thought it's worth a mention here so people can be on the look out, in case it is imported under the pretense of non beekeeping related use, such as for cosmetics or candles but then used for waxing fra
  2. As I mentioned elsewhere on this forum, we are very lucky to have beekeepers like Glynn around who do go out of their way and look after the new vulnerable hobbyists. Thank you, Christchurch is a bit cleaner because of your efforts.
  3. Someone else local who I can't mention is doing the hard work cleaning up a particular area, someone who is a brilliant beekeeper and although he is extremely busy with his own hives, he still goes out of his way to get the situation under control, so all credit to him. If it wasn't for people like this, who genuinely care, set a good example with maintaining healthy strong hives and helping others, I think we would get no where as official channels seem to be very limited.
  4. Sorry Trevor if my comment is out of line, feel free to modify or delete. But I feel people have a right to know the context of his complaint. No I have not personally contacted them as I have no evidence of disease nor can I admit to even touching his hives for obvious reasons, this is all hearsay. From what I understand, the agency is already aware.
  5. He probably forgot to mention that the hives in question that are being checked are due to series concern from both local beekeepers and his hire a hive customers from either being dead and/or neglected and right next to critical commercial sites that produce nuc sales for around the country. I'm not sure how many calls us local beekeepers have had from concerned customers now, but it's been a lot. We getting a bit over it! @Beesmate, how about you look after your hives and stopping ripping your customers off and least get back to them if they try to contact you if they are concerned! It's no
  6. I would like to know what the case is if a hive is on public/council land?
  7. That does not stop towing companies removing your car or clamping it (when on private property, such as a carpark). To me this seems like a grey area.
  8. Isn't possession of a hive ownership? Therefore if a land owner gives you permission to check it, you have every right too?
  9. Such a hyped story, why do people like this end up in the press for doing not much? I've had 10-20 hives on an empty section in a small island of houses within the red zone and another just down the road for the last few years. Plus with 2000+ hives in chch city, I think the red zone is well covered.
  10. I suspect the La Nina we had over summer might of played a role.
  11. *Sorry late season nucs not last. An observation between a site that has the most brood vs a site where they off the lay appears to show a correlation between stored pollen and brood, could this be a factor?
  12. Yep, I've been scratching my head for about 2 months now wondering what's going on. The nucs were the first off the lay about 2 months ago, then some were back on the lay briefly with a stim feed, then soon stopped after the next cold snap, now half are off the lay and dwindled down hill fast as they were last season nucs. About a month ago many of my main hives went off the lay. Its weird, I only seen this during winter last season, the previous 2 Autumns before I had to problem boosting up late season nucs, even with April matings. Weirdest thing is the mini's, queen mated, refused to lay
  13. Not necessarily, Fipronil is extremely potent, all it might take is one or a few trips by a robber to take out a hive. I heard a story where someone sprayed fripinol on an ants trail, but unfortunately the ants started to go into a hive close by, so the amount on their bodies was enough to take out the hive. @frazzledfozzle Is your beekeeper friend up the valley there ok? Sounds like he might be the one that lost 80 hives.
  14. We found a dead bee in a direct line to the beach from our home hive about 300m away, I wondered if they drink salt water and if that's actually a good idea since they dilute honey with it and feed it to their young? However it's one of my strongest hives, so it can't be hurting that much.
  15. We have had this debate before, but in my opinion, medium size cells or large cells there is little difference if there is excess royal jelly. Then there is what we can't see and that's the quality and nutrition of the royal jelly itself. Easy to get large cells with plenty of food or a flow, but I think other unseen factors are tricky to control. I've seen good queens from emergency cells and they are not typically large.
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