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  1. I made some inquiries a few years back, to re-enact my brothers trick with a golden Syrup can, spark plug, coil, carbide, water and the neighbours outdoor goldfish pond, unfortunately (or should that be fortunately) I was left minus the carbide. Totally agree with you PK, the worlds way too PC, small explosions are a great learning experience for all ages
  2. PK for more bang for your buck, how about carbide and water in that balloon and a naked flame at the end of the pipe ?
  3. Afraid I was slack there PK, went to ground, side tracked by many things, hoping to get back on it over winter ...
  4. Now this could be interesting, PM sent Frazz ...
  5. Have had a couple in Hive Dr Nuc boxes this summer and can't say that I've ever noticed an odor however they certain don't have the complexity of smells that a beehive does ....
  6. @@Grant (Just to get your Attention)
  7. Hi Grant, Happy to help, can you please PM me contact details.
  8. Nah way too much like messing around on roof tops, looks like someone could get hurt :eek:
  9. You have to learn to appreciate the nuances of how wind flows over ridges and outs crops on cliffs and enjoy the lift or the turbulence when it's encountered, the disappointment when you miss the lift or the elation as you catch a thermal or ridge lift, it's magical stuff, it's the closest thing to being a bird in the sky, makes you realise us Humans are severely limited in our simple abilities ....
  10. I think subconsciously there's an element of that in bee keeping, it's quite a buzz (pun intended) holding a frame packed with Bees, knowing any one could do the damage, a bit like parachuting, I think it should be compulsory to both jump out of a perfectly good plane and also hold a frame bulging with Bees at least once in a lifetime ....
  11. Yes we do ... In my case I had a full on anaphylactic reaction to Bee venom some 30 yrs earlier, having in the intervening years then survived the Scuba Diving, parachuting, flying anything that took to the Air, paragliding and a whole lot of other things that my Mum was sure was going to kill me, I figured I was now bullet proof and decided it was time to keep bees, much to the disgust of the now aged mother. The most recent trip to A&E, the other week, after possibly sting number 13 (or so) over the last two years, brought many I told you so's from both Mum and the Missus, and
  12. Akin to Lion Taming without a Whip or the key to the door, there's always gonna be that one time you wish you had the lit smoker close by .........
  13. Cypress Sawmill up here sells rotted Mac sawdust by the trailer load or Truck load, seemed to do the trick when we got a load.
  14. For resizing pics the Windows Powertoy Image Resizer is amongst the simplest Windows XP downloads - Microsoft Windows
  15. That's likely a last thought of many a Drone :eek:
  16. Hang on, let's just pause a minute to consider a Drones life prospects ....... Right, and you lot still want them to get out working, moping up and feeding ? Sheesh is it any wonder they just want to rest up for the ultimate Sacrifice :eek:
  17. I'm thinking Merk should send Janice some seed, i'm pretty sure Daley will ensure a few ripe Melons make their way home and I'm also sure that Janice would let us all know come Bloom time .....
  18. Definately warrants the purchase of a new gun, a 410 is good fun if you don't wanna go the 12 guage way, just make sure you shoot across the entrance :whistle:
  19. Also agree with Trevor's advice, of ten Nucs we made up with Queen cells there were two that I was convinced hadn't raised Mated Queens, a couple of weeks after the others showed eggs, these two followed suit and now have normal brood. Plus you'll find that even though they don't have a Queen they will still be bringing in nectar and pollen, so they won't suffer from a few more Queenless weeks.
  20. I think it's simply a case of the Titebond 3 being a far nicer product to use, perhaps the secret to Gorilla glue is to minimise the amount used ?
  21. In the interest of science, I revisited Gorilla Glue to assemble some boxes that had shocking rebates, forget propolis, if you want something sticky that ends up on every Surface within 10ft of the boxes then Gorilla glue is your best bet. If your assembling Woodware and want excellent adhesion, easy cleanup and very little mess then Titebond 3 would be light years ahead of Gorilla glue.
  22. I decided we would get one just for a point of difference, don't bother stick with a Langstroth, so much simpler.
  23. I use Tightbond 3 with staples for frames and with Brads for boxes, so far nothing has shown any signs of movement over roughly 2 years, early days I guess ...
  24. Mind you Pbee 3.7 litres of Tightbond is gonna make one hell of a stack of boxes.
  25. A Tightbod for $126.40 Pbee ? Trevor's Missus will be buying him a carton for Xmas
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