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  1. Alex

    Stolen hives

    It's been reported to the police and they were marked but it would be easy for them to put them in wooden boxes and chuck away the plastic ones. On the same place I had 2 wooden boxes and they didn't take them. Next year I'll have to consider an insurance to provide pollination at the same orchard because it's not safe
  2. Hi, last night 45 nucs that I had at an orchard in Brown Rd Te Puke were stolen from me. This is a very bad thing as this is my first year as a full time beekeeper and I needed for everything to go according to the plan. They were in white corflute boxes. If anyone hears about something I'll appreciate the help. It's sad to think that other beekeepers who know how hard it is sometimes decide to do something like this. Cheers and thank you.
  3. I have one of the "mesh" type fully ventilated and found that it is only cooler if there is a breeze, otherwise is heavier and even hotter than the normal one. I also have one with ventilation in the chest and back that I would recommend
  4. You can suscribe to MPI on this link and you'll get the updates directly from them. Subscribe to MPI
  5. Alex


    Try again Philbee I've bought a few things from them, all good.
  6. That's very sad news, he was a really nice guy I even borrowed his suit while I was waiting for mine. May he rest in peace
  7. Yes, no worries I've wintered around 20 last season.
  8. Hi, Next time I'll be more sociable, I thought you wouldn't even know who I was I didn't want to bother it was a busy schedule.
  9. I went there on Sunday and enjoyed the talks and the trees for bees workshop, the stands were very interesting and it surprised me how many were offering hive monitoring, the future seems to be there but it is a bit expensive for me at the moment. I only recognized Trevor from the videos and I thought about saying hi but I felt like a beekeeping groupie and just walked away hahaha
  10. I also went only for Sunday but I listened to her talking to another beekeeper, I don't think think that their explanation about bees mortality in covered orchards is correct, they say that using smaller hives will result in less mortality but I think that the ratio will be the same only that you'll have less dead bees because the hives are weaker.
  11. At the conference I heard the Zespri lady talking about a trial with an artificial pollinator and she said that it was too effective and that wasn't that good for the plant but probably in a future someone will come up with a good system. I don't know if the pollen supply will be enough for everyone to move away from bees though.
  12. That sound very interesting and it's of the alternatives that I'm handling, this year for me is about recovering the investment and keep growing,so, I need something that provides an ensured outcome such as pollination, I know that there is a bit of risk associated but I'm prepared to take it and at the same time explore other alternatives without taking any risks. I will also sell nucs and hives like last season.
  13. Thanks anyway, I am aware of the risks but I will give it a try this year and see how it goes, it is a profitable alternative if you don't have access to manuka.
  14. Hi, I am going to do pollination for kiwifruit orchards in the Bay of Plenty and it would be very helpful if someone could tell me about the current rates. I've been told that for non-covered orchards the price is $210-220, is that right? Also, I went to the conference and saw the Zespri stand about the pollination of netted orchards using small hives with 4 frames with bees and 2 frames with brood only, someone has an idea of how much to charge for this service? Thanks
  15. Sorry, I couldn't find anything about the use of glycerol with oxalic, I just thought that the information could be useful. There is really good information on the forum about the use of oxalic, if someone is interested in a different application it could help regardless were its been used. I've found that some information about the ways of beekeeping in some other places is useful here.
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