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  1. That's what I worry about, on the Eaton or detroit site they day it does not effect on road or towing. Mat get a quote on one of them as well. Apparently can sense corners and disengage. Only locks up going straight. Will copy paste During straight-line driving, the Detroit Locker captures 100% of available torque and sends it equally to both wheels. In turns and maneuvers, the internal components unlock to allow one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary (free wheel). When the vehicle returns to a straight-line driving path, the components re-engage and provide power to both wheel e
  2. It's a Ra Rodeo 4wd double cab. Not my forever ute bit my here and now ute. Replaced the injector pump recently so have keep it for a while now. Looking to make a few improvements. I was looking at the lokka's
  3. Yeah cool, that's as I understood. Makes it a bit clunky and noisy round town and have to relearn how to drive it a lil bit. I think I can deal with that, I suppose it come down to is it worth it in terms of traction. Reality is I'm not going to spend upwards of 2.5k on an air locker at the moment but could get talked into an auto 800 - 1000ish fitted. I have also looked at getting the lsd re shimmed and beefy springs put in for about the same price.......but a lsd is still an lsd any thoughts on that tristan?
  4. In the rear, danger of what your saying is in the front with autos. Need to be able turn off/on in the front so it's locked when you want. Have read on 4x4 forums putting on front and having lockup when you don't want. Putting in the rear seem to me like a lsd on steroids.
  5. Do any of you have experience with lokka's? It's the auto difflock. Accelerate locks the diff, take your foot off and opens the diff. Significantly cheaper than an air or E locker. Looking to put one in the rear of my rodeo.
  6. I have had this happen before as well, was pretty upset at the time.
  7. Open air feeding is a bit naughty isn't it?
  8. Your first statement sums up were I'm at exactly! I have had carni x for last 5 years or so and just got an Italian that I just grafted from and we'll I'm pretty impressed. Might be able to work with no gloves after all lol was just my cross eyed queens messing up my day
  9. And I was hoping for a season I could redeem myself on last year's mistakes........wrong. At least all my bees are looking happy and healthy. Things could be alot worse
  10. Hmmm, that's not good at all!
  11. Hi, all sorted for this season. Thanks for the offer thou. Cheers
  12. Fair call guys, all my hives are up the back of large farms and none visible from the road. Was just a thought for the locals but yeah, not really gonna work is it unfortunately.
  13. Unless everyone with hives in the area gets familiar with each other. In this example I drive thru glen murray at least 2 times a week and my wife 3 times. But I couldn't tell you who owns what hives or what their vehicle looks like. To be fair, never passed thru as anyone's working their hives. Maybe it's time to make an effort to meet your neighborhood beekeepers....
  14. I wonder if there is any cctv in mercer? I saw a boat that got pinched identified behind a ute as it went past a petrol station cctv. Might be worth the question, good chance they went that way
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