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  1. Hi Ben, so how often do you vaporise. i.e. 1) how many times a year 2) How far apart? 3)Have you ever lost a hive to PMS (Varroa)
  2. Well I just got sucked into checking their website, didnt see any.
  3. So far my O/A treatments have shown that I had to learn how to use it and the hives do well on it. Can be knocked back if the hive has a very high mite loading, however with the sick bees gone it has a good recovery chance. In which case if the losses have been to high add a couple of frames of brood and it will do good. My opinion a good product to learn to use and necessary in our choice of products to use. I am very happy with the results. Was talking to a beek who only put in half the necessary staples and lost a lot of hives. My suggestion same would have happened if he had used synthetics.
  4. I was told just before lock down that councils have identified areas for mass graves, diggers and lime. By someone in the know. anyone else heard that.
  5. They have a plan. Shed is not in use so goes the shopping for 3 days, if it can be washed with soap and water it will be, they have set out protocols for washing closes self and everything when they come back in the house. Hubby has health issues, their aim keep their father alive. When the son gets to the house clothes off and into the open washing machine the he into the shower. that is after gloves and mask off at the shed and hands washed in soap and water there first. Thankfully they are dead serious about it. They know my story from when I was nursing and on night duty and had my first case of norovirus and how virulent that was.
  6. I understand Bron, 3 adult sons living at home told us we are over 60 so not allowed out. Only they are doing the shopping. All good I always keep a good pantry and the preserving jars are all full. But I am more than happy to let them take control with the shopping. Enjoy
  7. So we have a company and hubby and I take drawings and pay wages to staff. Down to 1 full time about to be made part time. The other day accountant said if we were ellegible could claim for the 3 of us, however she wasn't sure that we fitted the criteria. However today my staff member pointed out some jobs he would normally be doing that would bring in revenue, but cant be done if we are going to be complying as much as possible with directives. And only doing essential work keeping hives going.
  8. Thanks @Maggie James very helpful, my big problem is I havent been able to buy hand sanitiser or masks and only have limited gloves, which are for the household, 5 adults with health compromised hubby. I am getting to the conclusion that because of Covid19 we have to be in isolation because we cannot keep safe enough therefore should be able to apply for the subsidy and be able to keep some money going to the staff member. 80% it looks like if we get the subsidy. still looking for opinions
  9. I think I saw somewhere else @jamesc that your staff are getting paid. I had a couple more weeks work for mine (1 Permanent, casual finished couple of weeks ago) I had figured that then that member would be put off (end contract) and I would have to worry about spring when I get there. (Find more staff). Now this is a most rotten time to do to anyone. Can I apply for the subsidy, I should be looking for more pollination but cant because of the lockdown. so I can expect less earnings because of the virus. suggestions. And yes @dansar, I saw that form but we are small enough not to need to complete it.
  10. I know we are an essential service. Therefore we can in theory keep open and working But what is everyone doing with their staff and proving they are taking measures to see them safe. And how are you keeping staff safe? Under Health and safety and from Covid19 cant do 2 staff in 1 ute so either send out on their own or 1 staff per ute working a site, 2 staff and 2 utes per site but keep your distance. I cant get alcohol hand wash Oops I tell a lie son saw the last 30ml bottle at the chemist, he had my bank card getting something else, knowing I was complaining bout no hand wash he got me Ethyl Alcohol Hand Sanitiser .... for....wait for it....$5.90 remember it is only 30ml bottle. Umm cant really afford at that price (stay home and use the soap and water) for 2 months cant get masks Our work is nearly done and can be put off for a few months. Others thoughts and ideas and practices would be interesting Spent the day looking at the government package for help with wages and businesses, cant see how we can apply for wage help even phoned the accountant not much joy there, even though helpful.
  11. Its always good to know someones reasons for things and hey we could all learn something. Find with bees I am always learning, sometimes unlearning and relearning (if that makes sense)
  12. Hi @Alastair My opinion but I am keen to see the results of this because it would save me work. With so few bees I would put honey from the top box on each side of the brood, and get rid of the top box, this will do two things in my opinion. 1) less room for so few bees to warm, therefore less stress on a weakened hive. 2) because of the high varroa loading and capped dead brood I would (if it was my hive) assume high virus loading maybe even corrorapa, therefore by taking those maybe diseased frames out and replacing them with honey from the top box I would be lowering pathogen/virus levels in the weekend hive and give the hive a better survival chance. The above would be my plan of action and because of past experiences I would be making some assumptions. Therefore very keen to see your results. Oops also because I class those removed brood frames as diseased I would put them in the to be water blasted pile.
  13. So @Stoney has I got this correct you are only using Phils staples each treatment since harvest? Also do you put the staples down the centre as Phil suggests of do you alternate them side to side? Are you finding the bees are removing all the staples or do you have a lot that you have to remove. I put the spring ones alternated to the side, a lot of those stayed quiet in tact especially the skinnies. After having read everyone's opinions over the summer, I have come to the conclusion that one of my problems with staples has been putting in staples far to wet. A few days ago i had some at the bottom of the barrel that were wet, I hung the over the side of a bucket in clumps and it dripped off and they were dry enough to use in two days. By dry enough I mean dry. Our main worker dislikes the staples immensly, he has allergic reactions ends up with days off work and sinus infections. So I bought a lot of conventional ones for prewinter treatment. But hubby and I have been running around doing some hives with staples. My thoughts, I like the state of the hives from what I have seen, in hives that were treated last autumn and this spring. I want to keep perservering with learning how to use Oxalyic. We had big die off of bees, with the spring ones.
  14. I think Philbees staples can be classified as organic, not sure about the cardboard types. Guessing it depends on what they are made of. But it sounds as though treating our hives could get cheaper with the cardboard and some of the posts here, just have to find how it works best for us. To eliminate the die-offs, Am also seeing too much re-infestation, which may be location, neighbours, or just need to treat more often. Oh and for the record I would like to add that I have only found Phil very helpful, answering my queries. Giving me logical reasons he thinks I may come unstuck if/when i have deviated from his suggestions. And then still answering my questions.
  15. Yes we had the same problem lots of spring dwindling after strips put in but after a few weeks they did well. Big die-off. my main staff member has bad reactions of OA and ends up with days off. So I have gone back to old ways for the autumn but will still do some with staples. Am also wondering OA about getting too hot in or on the vehicle. Very interesting thoughts in light of what was posted earlier about the changes with heating
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